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Sony A6300 4K 100mbit 14 stops DR little monster, official topic
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  • @Scot maybe the conversation was private or sounded shitty, so he put a hgher quality track in the background. Whats the big deal?


    I've given up my hopes for a hybrid.

    This thing does not look like it could be a good A cam for anything out of tripods and low light.

  • FS7 = 8000 usd, 4096 x 2160 sensor, also 3840 x 2160

    FS5 = 5600 usd, 3840 x 2160 sensor

    both not hybrid, video oriented.

  • Any detailed tests considering overheating?

  • Lots of people reporting overheating issues, I'm still waiting for my pre-order. I wish I had waited a bit more to pull the trigger. I guess that I'll have to learn how to live with that for now...

  • @conscius: Btw. - A correction to my hint / info two pages before:

    The A6300 is NOT scaling 6K to 4K in 25P mode - It´s using a tighter crop like with 30P and 100/120P. Was confused by the fact that it´s showing a Super 35 logo beside the menu setting (and as it´s only offering 25P in PAL mode there was no direct comparison possible according the angle of view).

    Though: It´s better that way anyway. If you need the best possible quality, just use 24P (with 1/50 shutter in PAL countries) - And live with the way higher rolling shutter (for example if you´re shooting from a stable shoulder rig or on a tripod). Or the other way round -> Stay at 25P or 30P (also with 1/50 shutter indoors) with a tighter 4K crop and way lower rolling shutter (for "run and gun" and gimbal use for example).

    Sorry for that confusion. You can find the info here (if you´re german speaking):

  • OMG, one of those Sony manual translations… Are you sure that's German? Never ever read the word "Menüpostendetails" before!

  • Holy motherf... the AF its awesome.

  • In terms of image quality, don't expect a huge step-up from the A6000 nor indeed most other 24 Megapixel cameras with APSC sensors. I'd say the A6300 is slightly better at very high ISOs compared to the A6000, but not enough to upgrade. The bigger issue for image quality is the lens you pair the camera with. That of course applies to any camera, but it can be a challenge for Sony's APSC models as the two most common general-purpose zooms, the 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 and 16-70mm f4, don't make the most of the sensor especially at wide angle.

    If you're filming 1080p, there's also not a great deal of difference between the A6300 and the A6000, but switch the new model to 4k and you'll enjoy considerably greater detail. Down-sampling 4k to 1080 also produces great results and is the preferred route for Full HD projects, although doing so limits you to the maximum 4k frame rates of 24, 25 and 30p.

  • Sad news about overheating. And no mic socket.

  • @Glenn7 It has a microphone jack. It does not have a headphone jack. You can get hdmi to trs adapters though, or if you have a monitor they usually have headphone jacks.

  • mine arrived today. After first excitement I realized there is no raw conversion yet neither in Adobe nor in PhaseOne Capture1. What a bummer. What does Adobe with my subscription fee?

    Sony Image Data converter is one of the worst piece of software I have seen in this decade. I bought it first of all for aerial photos :-/

  • @peaceonearth Use this in EXIFtool:

    exiftool -SonyModelId="ILCE-6000" -FileFormat="ARW 2.3.1" name_of_file.ARW

    You'll be able to open the RAWs in any Adobe editor.

  • The A6300 have silent shutter?

  • @BlueBomberTurbo thanks I will give it a try. Is this a command in console? Is there a batch for a folder too? Thank you!

  • @Manu4Vendetta Yes, though it drops down to 11+7-bit compressed RAW recording. Standard shutter is 14-bit compressed. Using burst also drops the bit depth down.

    @peaceonearth You can use EXIFtoolGUI for batch editing.

  • @BlueBomberTurbo EXIFTool Gui is unfortunately Windows only.

    I tried to convert in terminal Warning: exiftool -SonyModelId="ILCE-6000" -FileFormat="ARW 2.3.1" _DSC7744.ARW

    Error Code: Can't convert IPTC:FileFormat (not in PrintConv)

  • @Tscheckoff , thanks for the update! In that case I will only use 24p for filming.

    I Took the a6300 with me for a weekend at sea. Took some raw foto's. But my mac (foto's) and lightroom doesn't recognise the a6300 raw files yet :(. So, I have to be patient :)