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Sony A6300 4K 100mbit 14 stops DR little monster, official topic
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  • Im a little concerned about the level of noise even after grading with slog3 at 800 iso. This is a 100% crop on 4k from vimeo footage after simply applying an slog3 to rec709 lut in davinci. Pretty bad luma noise, and some chroma splotching, check out the water. Wasnt expecting this. I do believe this shot was a bit underexposed, so hopefully thats all it is. Love the colors though.

    ( @Vitaliy_Kiselev can you remove the .bmp attachment? )

    1059 x 595 - 2M
    1059 x 595 - 223K
  • I'm a bit concerned this is aggravated by the fact that such a wide DR is squeezed into 8 bits. A mix of banding, noise and compression, probably. Plus, 100 mbps is not much for 4K. Would be a great camera if at least the output would be 10 bit 422. But not from Sony, who need to protect their higher priced models.

  • I also downloaded one of the hotel S log 3 originals, this one with a lot of blue sky, put it in Sony catalyst Browse, where it was recognized as S log 3, and applied the official Sony REC709 Lut. The resulting video contained a conspicuous large band of blocky chroma and luma noise in the blue sky. It was horrible. No pixel peeping needed. The colors were fine, but this was totally unacceptable.

    The camera outputs 4:2:2 uncompressed, but at 8-bit, same as the A7x II series and the RX100 IV and RX10 II.

  • Yes, even in this clip with a very mild application of LGG and contrast I immediately noticed the chunky compression and noise in the sky. Looks like slog2 is probably a better choice.

  • imho slog2/3 on a 100/50mbps basis is mostly marketing as manufacturers nowadays cannot afford to introduce a camera without slog feature. It's not suitable for professional purpose. From my experience of the a6000 you get great results with a flat standard profile (-3, -3, -3) which gives you a little headroom for post. Nail your exposure and settings close to what you want to see in you final image and it will be great. 8bit and wide dynamic range is a contradiction by itself.

  • thanks @Manu4Vendetta for post this youtube video.

    I like the results, I remember that this kind of dynamic range in the scene with the computer in the table and the window could only be achieved using magic lantern hdr video with 5 fstops difference in exposures.

    Maybe it will have issues due to 8bit grading but for a consumer camera this is very good. Can help very much for people who do web videos for vimeo and youtube.

    Maybe someday a new consumer camera will record slog3 10bit 4k internally, I think this will happens due to bluray 4k.

  • Leica/Panny are already doing it, for a price. If you need that, just wait.

    But that little Sony is still a very capable camera, remember that we are talking about a photo camera doing some video too. DR is real for photography in RAW.

    Like peaceonearth arguments, I'm normally not using Log even with my A7S, the Cine profiles are much better in most cases. The rule is simple: with 8 bit, what you see should be very close to what you want to get!

  • Very impressive, amazing what a jump in sensor tech and resolution can do for noise levels in just one generation.

  • A6300 with Beholder DS-1 (3-axis gimbal)

  • I did a look in the waveform monitor, the slog images use a range from 40 to 230, aproximately a 192 range, 7,5bit. Can be enough for a good quality final image. If someday it records to 10bit it will be 160 to 920 range.

  • 1080p is another point where the Sony a6300 fails. The camera can shoot in full HD resolution, but the image is very soft and dirty in terms of aliasing. The Sony a7S II is much closer to the quality of the original a7S.

    The Sony a6300 can shoot slow motion up to 120fps in full HD. A crop of about 80% of the sensor is used in this mode. Unfortunately, the quality is almost identical to the one observed in HD mode at normal recording speeds—and in both modes, low light performance isn’t great.

  • Saw this earlier, such a shame. I wish they would have used a tighter crop in order to get less pixels to be able fully supersample the image instead of line skipping 20mp. Id rather deal with a crop than with mushy footage.

  • So don't use S-Log3 then. Of course S-Log3 is way too spread out for 8 bits. Even S-Log2 is a stretch. Cine1 (HyperGamma 4) is much better suited for 8-bit recording, with no compromise in the usable dynamic range.

  • They (in video above) mentioned that the noise performance is excellent in 4k 24p, but in 4k 30p it is about a stop worse because it is not downsizing 6k. I didnt even consider this, kind of a bummer, but it is still decent at 30p. 1080 will be fairly noisy too, and my God it is soft at 120 fps.

  • Is it only downsizing 6k in 24p?

  • Yes. And it´s also scaling 6K to 4K in 25P (in PAL mode).

    /EDIT:/ Wow - Just read the Cinema5D article (A6300 vs. A7s II): The rolling shutter is even worse than on the Samsung NX1. According their measurements: GH4 - 14ms, A7s - 24ms (full frame mode), Samsung NX1 - 30ms, A6300 - 34ms. Plus it has noticeably higher base noise levels with S-LOG because of the smaller sensor (compared to the full frame models for example) -> It´s also there in the sampe clips btw.

    Sure - Nice AF, acceptable price, good stills camera and it´s coming with good image quality.
    But the cons are REALLY annoying - It seems the GH4 is staying for quite a while ^^.

  • @Tscheckoff About the noise, Slog3 is just too much for these 8 bit "low" bitrate cams. While slog3 can still be usable, the slog2 clips look better to me. The noise levels are really pretty good for what it is, Im pretty happy with them. Images look excellent.

  • wow...the g7 is looking like a steal !

  • Well, I'm not gonne sell my A7S yet :p. But The a6300 will be my still picture camera.

    @Tscheckoff thanks. Cool that 25p also scales 6k to 4k (i'm from europe and 25p is my most used framerate).

    It's pitty that de 1080p100 is soft. And weird that the rolling shutter is so bad, this will not be my hand hand filmcam. But hell, we can't have everything. I keep my A7S en will buy a new cam for video in de next 2 years or so.

  • @conscius

    Always remember three words - "Its a Sony!". Sony makes some wonderful cameras and most of them have some strange shortcomings or some unusual omissions.