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JVC 4K cameras, including GY-LS300 - 4K for $2995, GY-HM200 and GY-HM170
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  • The LS300 (and IME the GH2-4) is far from an ISO queen like the A7s or a Nikon. On my hacked D5100, I can set auto-ISO to range from 100-6400 and shoot freely in virtually any sort of light. The LS300 is totally different, it starts at ISO 400 and I normally limit it to 1600 max. It is acceptable up to ISO 3200 with noise reduction in post. I always use Neat Video anyway, to selectively sharpen and reduce noise at the same time. The LS300's Detail control ranges from +10 down to -10, or you can turn it off completely, which is very soft and produces virtually no visible artifacts. At ISO 400, no noise reduction is required and Neat Video can create remarkable depth with its separate high, mid, and low frequency spatial sharpening controls.

    With the LS300, you shouldn't use a high ISO setting for a slow lens, it's better to boost gamma and black level instead (it has manual controls for this in Rec 709 mode). What works well for stage lighting is to set ISO 1600 max in auto-ISO mode. That enables the LS300 to dim smoothly down to ISO 400 in response to unpredictable lighting changes, and you can choose how quickly it does this with the fast, medium, and slow AE setting. On slow AE it looks just like you dimmed the exposure steplessly by hand after the lights changed.

    I no longer have an AF100, so I can't do a direct comparison, but it was always a bitch dealing with blown highlights on the AF100. The LS300 was originally hard to judge exposure, but the tweakable zebra, histogram and spot meter in the new firmware have completely solved that problem. It's not perfect by any means, the colors on the LCD and viewfinder look like shit but focus peaking is very precise. You definitely need an external monitor to judge image quality, but since V-Log technical specs are undocumented, it's anyone's guess what a proper LUT would look like.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev You might want to update the topic title, the LS300 is no longer $4500, retail price currently ranges from $3500-4000.

  • What do you think about pairing this m43 mount with a FF sensor? Do you think other manufacturers will develop cameras around this concept?

    I have invested a lot in m43 lenses but am not sure what to do at this point: sell them all off and invest in a different system, wait for more choices besides the LS300, or just buy a LS300 and settle for the limitations.

  • I have invested a lot in m43 lenses but am not sure what to do at this point: sell them all off and invest in a different system, wait for more choices besides the LS300, or just buy a LS300 and settle for the limitations.

    I know that to do. Go and shoot something with that you have. Looking at thousands of videos and talking with many people I can say - almost all limitations lie in your head in last years.

  • Thanks, Vitaliy! Good to know that my camera not having XLR inputs is due to my own mental limitation ;-)

    But, seriously, I like a lot of things about the LS300 and see it as a nice way to keep using my Voigtlanders and upgrade from my GH2. But, when dropping $3500 for a new camera (or anything that expensive) I like to consider what options are available and what may be coming in the next few months.

  • @saltherring

    What do you think about pairing this m43 mount with a FF sensor?

    The MFT lens mount opening is just barely wide enough to support the APS-C sensor in the JVC LS300. A full frame sensor would be vignetted by the MFT mount. Also, MFT lenses would not cover the image circle needed by a full frame sensor.

  • Some shots with the firmware upgrade.

  • And some more J-Log footage from Fred Blurton. Apparently he shot all of this footage at 800 ISO with a Zeiss 50mm/1.5 lens.

  • Is it just me, or does noise look insanely well handled in those last two videos that saltherring shared? I'm really impressed with the images coming from this camera when shooting j-log

  • An interesting video showing over/underexposure and dynamic range in j-log:

  • Radical thought: I hope BMD is saving all the reject 4.6K sensors (which I believe are just ever so slightly too large for the m4/3 mount??) to instead deliver a cut down 4K version of the 4.6K sensor in a new URSA Mini 4K (with 4.6K DR & ISO) MFT! :-D

  • Ursa mini 4K is Canon EF and PL mount only.

  • Low prices in the UK too: around 2400 pounds (ex. VAT) but with 500 pounds credit against other purchases from a number of suppliers

  • It sounds as a new JVC camera launch...

  • Or maybe not: JVC are still working on updates to this camera, including 120 fps in FHD, according to a JVC US rep

  • Full HD Video at 120 fps might be the tipping point for me.

  • Has anyone used a SpeedBooster on the LS300? Is it possible to use one while in s35 mode?

  • @RRRoger Yes, a 0.7x SpeedBooster works great on the LS300, so long the image circle of the lens is wide enough to cover the S35 sensor. My Nikon full-frame lenses all work well, APS-C lenses not so much. Rokinon f1.4 85mm, 50mm, and 35mm lenses all work as well, but the Rokinon 24mm doesn't quite make it.

  • I wish this CamCorder was not so close to what I need. I had "Hands On" at NAB last year and really liked it.

    I came home and ordered an A7s because I needed better low light performance. I don't like anything about the A7s more, except it's ability to shoot in the dark. I had to get an external battery, 4k recorder, and the 28-135 Cine lens just to make it work.

    Now JVC is tempting me again with firmware updates and a $1,000 price drop. Are there any recent low light (ISO 6400) Video reviews? That is what I will probably have to shoot at most of the time. Are there any good 24-120 (FullFrame equivalent) range native s35 AF Zooms for the LS300? Otherwise I would have to use my 17-35, 28-70, and 80-200 Nikkors with SpeedBooster in manual mode.

  • The price of this lens is starting to look very appealing for my documentary work for next year. For those who have worked with this camera, which other camera can I pair it with that they cut well together? I did prefer something with good low light as for this particular project light will be a challenge.

  • Finally spent some time with this camera... the form factor is pretty sweet - if I had to ask for anything else in it, it would be a rotating grip like on the EX3. All the external controls are exactly as I would expect for a camera like this... really tempting at the new price :)

  • @RRRoger - With a Speedbooster and a Rokinon f1.4 lens, the LS300 is literally a dream come true - an f1.0 parfocal 2.3x zoom with rocker switches and remote control. J-Log1 works exactly as advertised at any exposure level, allowing you to defer all color and dynamics grading to post, or you can dial in custom gamma and shadow boost settings of your own. But high ISO shooting, that's the main thing this camera does not do well. ISO 200-1600 is fine, 3200 is acceptable with noise reduction in post, but anything higher is toast.