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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • @MikeLinn congratulations! you used only gh3 for this? which lens? thank you

  • Here is a short we shot for the SXSW Films for the Forest competition. (Richard Linklater is on the panel!) We used a GH3 and an SLR Magic anamorphic adapter. Enjoy.

  • Does someone has now after 2 years of use a fully working GH3? Mine is in very bad condition. The quality of that camera not is representing its very high price. EVF is smudged, LCD almost off the camera, wheels rolling empty, loose mode dial, loose memcard door...

  • @Vesku, two years of hard use in any critical condition (water, snow, mud, wind)...perfect, as new.

  • Mine's been used on the Oregon beaches ... wind, spume, and horizontal rain all of course salt-laced; snow, and other cold situations down to -10C; dusty dry fields & desert with blowing stuff in the air; on a tripod in streams (though naturally, above the water ... hee hee) ... and is in near perfect shape. My wife however could have used it and it would have been in rather less than perfect shape. Her camera's always need repair and "renewal" where mine rarely do ... partly it's in how obsessive one is in gently moving it about no matter the condition ... and partly what happens out of one's control when in bad conditions ... and partly in the fact that build quality can vary a bit part-to-part in things built in factories.


  • This is my last video with GH3.

  • Mine is in good condition except for the floppy LCD ...but I baby it because it's a Panasonic consumer camera backed by Panasonic consumer grade service. I passed on the Gh4 for that reason and will never own another one unless they bump them to pro status.

  • @KayJayButton Loved your short, great idea!

  • @AndreHW Amazing quality! I'm convinced that with some hack, GH3 would be a top cinema camera!

  • @lumixmaxgh3, I don't think GH3 will be hacked. I don't have the GH4 and will likely pass on it. Pansinic might bring what I'm looking for in their next GHxx as I don't think GH4 will be improved anymore with any new firmware. I have already made enough money with my GH3 that I'm looking to buy something better. I have set a budget of $4000 and will carefully consider what will come to market in 2015-2016. But I don't think any hack will come to the GH3.

  • @Vesku, I have had zero issues with my GH3 (other than the less than perfect EVF with the fuzziness if not looking straight on). But, everyone has that. But, no other issues, and I'm tough on it. I carry it on my weekend morning runs (with a Black Rapid shoulder strap just in case I would ever lose my grip). It's been out in all kinds of rain/snow/salt-water-splash, and temperature extremes. Zero issues. But, I only rarely use the LCD, mostly I use the EVF, so, I am not too often rotating the LCD screen open, so, I don't stress the hinge as much as others.

  • The gh3 is well built, but it isn't a tank, and I was never THAT expensive. Mine looks like new but I am fairly careful with my equipment.