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GH3 user reviews and opinions
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  • Here is behind the sense of my short Sci if film Clandestine. I used the GH3 and love it.

  • @Tscheckoff: sorry about that. Now fixed!

  • @AronJAnderson i just posted a comment on Vimeo under your movie :D (not Behind the scene but movie)

  • Ok thank pind.i will go check.

  • Very good actual usage notes about GH3 (in Russian, use Google translate)




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    Photo details: Camera Maker: Panasonic; Camera Model: DMC-GH3; Focal Length: 35.0mm (35mm equivalent: 70mm); Aperture: f/2.8; Exposure Time: 3.200 s; ISO equiv: 500.

    800 x 600 - 44K
  • I originally bought the two GH3s for my video projects but they've grown on me as still cameras. I didn't find any situations (other than the lack of a super wide lens...) that made me want to grab another camera at any time during the whole shooting assignment.

  • Mount Doom and the Eye of Sauron all in one. What an incredible shot. Wow!


  • Definitely an eye-catching shot! Great job!

  • I have had GH3 about an year now and I think it is time to share my experiences.

    At first I can say it is a workhorse. It has been served me very well and I am generally happy with its ergonomics and photo/video quality. There are of course cons and pros. We all know good things so here are some problems:

    Build quality: Loose mem card door, loose LCD almost broken now, EVF ocular scratched (very soft coating), Grip slippery with sweaty hands in summer events, Front wheel not working properly (not responding all times, rolls without doing nothing), flash sync cap dropped, AF malfunction with lenses. Info icons burnt partly in OLED EVF. Pro quality?, not really.

    Ergonomics: Hand grip could be bigger for my big hand. Video button too deep in its hole. WB, iso, ev buttons uncomfortable placed and not differing in feel. Many fn buttons hard to find. Mode roll could be lighted- hard to see in dark. Playmode button hard to press when filming-need left hand off objective and often to look where it is. Generally still one of the best ergonomics of all cameras.

    Operating camera: Panasonics own very STUPID PASM logic. Shutter speed and/or aperture follows you everywhere when you switch to various modes. So when you shoot stills at 1/2000 speed and switch to video you must also shoot video at 1/2000 unless you furiously roll back to 1/50 or whatever you want. And then back to stills-same problem backwards. Even C1-C3 cant save exposure values so no wonder if my front wheel is soon broken. There are several Fn-buttons but you cant program all important functions to them. I wanted to use picture control and autofocus control (video) with Fn but that is not possible. Why all menus cant assign to Fn buttons? In fact 6 of my favourite menu items could not be assigned to Fn. Then EV-button on top. In a year I havent found a situation when it is needed. One of the rolls always controls EV. So It could be Fn-button instead.

    Other findings: -SH burst mode is useless because it uses video scaler so why not use 60fps video instead. SHburst jpegs are no better than video frames. -PAL/NTSC swichability is my first wish to Panasonic, Vitaliy, Santa or somebody. Even Sony has got it now. Please we live in global world. -50Mbs mov is way better than AVCHD- (levels 0-255 vs 16-235), no little "flies" everywhere, even plays better in players. -Natural (contrast-5, color 0) best profile for me (video) -Sharpen -5 best (video). Normal sharpening creates disturbing thick halos or black sharpening outlines. Fine detail thickens and resolution becomes uneven. Better sharpen in post (Potplayer sharpen is very good) -Noise reduct. -5 (video) better results in post. -Resolution is not fullHD, maybe 85% of ideal 1920p. (Still better than Canons or Nikons or Sonys (60-70%). -Dynamic range in video is almost same as jpegs with same profiles and close to raw when using artistic filter "High dynamic". It is handy in some situations (sunsets, city lights etc.) but it has strange color profile and horrible standard sharpening. But you can handle these in post. -Sound quality and stereo surround feel is quite good and balanced. Interiors are realistic with good audio surround system. -Croma quality and resolution seems to be better than other 4:2:0 cameras. I cant say why but my eyes says so.

    Despite all these issues I am very happy with GH3. Hack would be nice christmas present. I live in Finland (Europe) and I would like to have 60P because it has so much better motion handling than 50P and some extra bitrate would be good for 60P also.

    Thats all for now Vesku

  • I Dont know if this video had been post, but it is very cinematic, one of the best I've seen.

  • Hello - first post on here (or anywhere) since getting a GH3. Been using it on and off for a few months now and have finally just about found some settings that don't make everyone look like they're claymation. Was absolutely gutted for a while with the quality I was getting, but happier now. Most recently, shot all the training scenes in this (on Noktor 0.95 17.5mm and 42.5mm):

    It's largely ungraded (these are speedy turnaround projects) and there's a lot of nice stuff that is on the cutting room floor too... But still, I was pleased with how the camera held up on a very fast shoot. Few niggles (some of which may be unfamiliarity) but hopefully I'm getting somewhere with it now.

  • @MikeLinn,

    Good footage example, thanks for posting. Interesting that all slides were to the right, no to-left, up/down, or diagonal examples. Wonder which slider they used ... and manual/motorized ...


  • @Vesku

    Check this for the monitor issue:

  • @heradicattor

    Thanks so much for this screen fix tutorial. Just went through it, and my screen is like new again. It was getting REALLY bad!

  • So that’s my current thoughts on the GH3 after using it for nearly a full year. It’s an amazing camera on it’s own and as a system it’s even more impressive. When I think back to how this all began I find it hard to believe how quickly Panasonic has joined the digital photography game and how far they’ve come in such an incredibly short time.

  • That Maui home video was GH3?

  • @MikeLinn Thanks for linking it @filthy I shot that vid. Only water and steadicam were GH3, I carried a GoPro Hero 3 BE, non plus version with me and a Steadicam Smoothee for it.

    The GH3 was with Panny 12-35mm most of the time along with 35-100mm and SLR Magic 25mm F0.95.

    Seriously an awesome camera with superb colors off the bat and amazing battery life, only had one spare with me recharging everyday.

    Only had probs when I tried to match this with Canon's and Sony for paid gigs. Sold the entire setup and was hoping to get a GH4, but went another route for now. Love the cam still and may jump on a gx7 or similar if a good price came abouts.

  • Here's a wedding video shot on the GH3:

  • As for me, it's not bad.

  • I recently used the GH3 to make a short film about despair, hope, and redemption. Very pleased with the results - the 12-35mm lens with image stabilisation worked a treat for mounting it to the exterior of a car when driving down the motorway. I was using it with the Sony A7S which is better in low light but in daytime the sharpness of the GH3 made for excellent results.