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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • Also as I use mostly old cinema glass - not the new sharp panny stuff - should I be using a sharper matrix patch too ?

  • my face when I'm shooting firt time with T8 with only panasonic 14-42mm glass. It's really cool and sharp ! Tommorow I will shot a battle t7 vs t8.

    1920 x 1080 - 802K
  • Woow, Moon T9 is coming! Is it based on the upcoming PTOOL?

  • guys, I just bought my third has a Valkyrie hack on it. On my other two GH2's I installed the T3 hack. I need the same hack on all three cameras so I was thinking...stick to T3 or use T7, T8, Valkyrie, Intravenus... I know this question was asked before and there is not THE solution but which hack do you guys recommend when reliability (when I push REC the recording must fill my 64gb 95m/s Sandisk card without errors or stopping) and concert shooting at lowlight / not so good light is most important? Thanks for any recommendations

  • @olli66 I'm testing T8, for me the image looks really cool, filmic and sharp. But this hack is not stable. I had a crash and errors so If you are filming concert keep the T3 or the new hack from Driftwood 'Space' decicated to documentary shooters.

  • @rezyserzycia how about the Driftwood ClassiX patch? no one seems to test it, althou it sounds like a hybrid between "space" and "moon" might be just the right thing for long recordings + low light.

  • @olli66 I've shot a lot with Intravenus v2 with almost no errors, and I've done shots as long as 15-20 minutes. But you may also want to look back through the Moon threads as I think there was discussion of reliability difference between T5 vs T7 etc. Also, Moon and Intravenus v2 have different looks, so test to see what you like.

  • @matt_gh2 thanks and merry Christmas! PS: I still stick to the hack you recommended me once, reliability is the most important thing for me so with "alsmost no errors" I cannot live, the recording needs to run for hours without errors and interruptions any of the T5 or T7 hacks can do that?

  • @olli66 Merry Christmas! Glad that previous recommendation was helpful. I fully understand need for 100%. I'm not familiar with Moon T5 and T7, as I haven't used them. My experience with Intravenus v2 was "near perfect". I shot a feature film with it, so we did 20 days of shooting, plus some testing prior to. During the testing period I had one "can't playback error" which I believe I caused by forgetting to record a short clip after shooting any long clip. (Tips like this are in this site's FAQ section). The footage was still on SD card when I checked it on computer. I also had an error where it appeared as if clip wasn't recorded at all. This was on location at 2:30 in morning, so we broke out laptop, and the clip was still on SD card. So less than 1% error. Not sure if I mentioned this to you before but check out hack settings by @bkmcwd as he focuses on 100% reliability as a key factor when he makes them. (Also best SD card for reliability is Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB 95Mbps, now only $81 at That's the card I always use. )

  • Merry Christmas to all personal-view members. moon T9 this weekend :-)

  • Yes, Merry Christmas to you all too! made some shots today of my dad preparing the christmas meal, Moon T8 is really surprisingly stable (and has very nice low-light capability) on my SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s 32 GB card. It even spans sometimes. So @driftwood - thank You!

  • @olli66 I do a lot of wedding videography and for me the most reliable patch between Moon T5 and T7 has been Moon T5. No errors yet using it. With Moon T7 I had a few recording errors. Sometimes I got the error that the card is full when it isn't, using the Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB 95Mbps. Hope this help you.

    @driftwood Thanks for such good news and for all your excellent work. Merry Christmas to all!

  • @driftwood really moon t9 ? sounds cool !

  • i cant find doqnload files, pls help

  • Moon T9 isn't uploaded yet :) It will be on the first page like the rest i think.

  • Happy New Year! A short little clip with Spizz T5:

  • Is this patch working with the Lumix DMC-G3?

  • Which patch is the sharpest one, guys?

    "Apocalypse_Now_-Cluster_v7_DREWnet_12_15_GOP'444_Sharp2'_matrix" or some else?

  • @DragonByte

    All patches developed for GH2 could be applied to GF2, GF3, GX1, and G3. However, these patches cannot add capabilities of GH2 which are nor available in GF2, GF3, GX1, and G3. As long as I remember, these capability are the 1024p24 mode, the HBR mode, and a real 720p50/60 mode.
  • @producer The sharpest hack setting (patch) I have seen is Moon T4. Most people consider it too sharp, but check it out - it might be what you're looking for. Very very sharp. I did one test with it using old vintage glass and it was still very very sharp.

  • I'm guessing I'm not the only one waiting for the Moon T9 release

  • @JayUKB: The question is: what do you expect from T9?

  • If only there will be a new PTOOL to deliberate recent Lumix body and a Moon T9 hack which is solid stable.