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DaVinci Resolve 11
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  • ...from my tentative hardware requirements're not the very least you'll need more ram. Go to blackmagic forums and ask their experts.

  • If anything is native in Resolve, it doesn't get transcoded until you render out – it's not like FXP-X where formats that are hard to decode should be converted (aka optimized) to ProRes. Internally Resolve works in 32 bit float, so no degradation at all. But that means serious hardware for sure.

    I wonder if MTS support will decode clips from the settings like Moon T7 and if there'll be any digital rain, though.

  • @LongJohnSilver How much GPU ram do you have? Resolve 10 needs at least 3GB to run properly. I have to upgrade mine just to use temporal NR and watch raw files in real time.

  • Temporal NR in Resolve is not that great and Neatvideo will run just fine with 2 GB, but not RT.

  • @vicharris

    S#@t!!! I have the 2GB DDR5 Version and 8GB System RAM. Hummm.... The upgrade to a new GPU and maybe 16GB of Ram costs nearly as an EDIUS upgrade that currently it's blazing fast on my pc.

    After digging on BM site I found this one for R10

  • @LongJohnSilver

    Yep, I've seen the manual but I know what works and doesn't work for me from experience. I'm running a system with the i7 3770, 32GB of ram and the 680 gtx 2GB. I max the card out all the time.

  • yeah...those 4gb gpu's are costly little buggers ! nvidia a necessary for cuda or will amd work as well ? AMD is certainly cheaper . thanx

    ps ...I'm looking at the hp z420 as my next . A base model is available for a grand at b&h, which means maybe 2 grand with the gp and ram upgrade....I hope.

  • I am running Resolve on my Windows 7 home pc with 12GB RAM, 3GHz i7 and a GTX570 Nvidia (1GB) - ultra smooth playback of RAW files even with multiple nodes applied. I am disappointed though that on my new Laptop it does not run (Intel HD4400 graphics card), it crashes (windows 7). I hope future versions of Resolve will support Intel graphics. I would accept sloppy playback, but it does not work at all.

  • @GMC ...that's good to know....about the gtx570

  • Neither does it work with Intel graphics on a Mac.

    But I can work quite snappy on my i7 MacBook Pro with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M (1GB) until I use any of the advanced features like temporal denoiser or optical flow.

  • Using GH3 50Mbps footage on my i5 3570k with 16GB ram and gtx 550 Ti (1GB) and slow 7200 rpm HDD, it plays 24p footage around 15-20 fps... renders around 7-10fps. Definitely need to upgrade my GFX card.

  • How about transcoding your footage first?

  • Guys, I never found out how to imply the free version of Davinci into Vegas 12 or Premiere Cloud. Old Davinci versions didn't run at all (I have a ATI card and I heard that it was not compatible with Davinci). So I am looking forward to Davinci 11 and another go at setting it up as a plugin for my NLEs... I am a complete noob when it comes to color grading. I shoot music videos/acoustic sessions/concerts with two GH2's, one GH3 and soon the GH4. Plus Gopro, Panasonic HC-X929 and Sony HX20V. This resuklts, of course, in many different looking videos. Would someone help me finding some basic settings for colorgrading and matching these cameras as good as possible? Of course, this wouldn't go unpaid and I can send you the source files for some of my projects...

  • @olli66 DaVinci Resolve is a stand alone application, not a plug-in. It's not easy to use and really needs a lot of time spent learning it. If you are a colour grading noob I would not go near it!

  • I know it is not easy to handle but I know it installs as a plugin, too. I am pretty sure of that! Am I wrong?

  • Yes, you are. It never was a plug-in.

  • Will we be able to work with proxy files for editing (i.e. in the timeline) in Resolve 11, then later re-link to full file for rendering?

    Anyone heard anything about it?

  • FINALLY, ramping for clip speed changes, and spline editor for keyframes! It will be so much easier now to smooth out the ends of a keyframed change!

  • Resolve is a must have, it's free and with a decent graphic card it runs fine. I run Resolve on an old MacPro 2,1 (modified for running osx10.8) and a GTX570, I can work with multiple nodes and render much faster than premiere CC. @ olli66, since i'm working with Resolve i'd never heard about a plugin version…

  • @kankala, I would expect not, but maybe we'll see this happen since they are trying to make it more of a fleshed out NLE. In general I would regard Resolve as an online tool, though, not a place to do offline edits. I'm getting realtime playback in Resolve of my RAW files from the BMPCC and 5Dmk3, although anything 2K or 4K would be more taxing. But I think the solution there from a Resolve perspective is just to beef up your GPU etc to handle it, not do an offline/online workflow.

  • Sure you can work offline/online with Resolve. Just export your XML and modify with the very flexible name replacement functions. You could always do this, even in older versions.

  • Any rumors when version 11 is released? They said it's in June but it's June already ;) And I wonder if X-Rite is supported in the lite version...

  • @nomad I tried Davincy Resolve latest free version with my Retina MBP middle 2012 , could not adjust window interface right. At starting of DR, editing window was alway smaller than preview window, I had to re size it right, but was not easy. How it was with you?

  • Same here, but I normally use an external monitor whenever I can.