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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev thanks, got it now

    And I also discovered that Giulio Sciorio has t-shirt with "Giulio Sciorio" written on it

  • I can't find it now but I thought Driftwood met with Panasonic with a list of questions. Any updates on that?

  • @DailyFilmFx some people--not all people--simply want to avoid several things: the time involved transcoding, the loss of detail (however slight) from lossy transcoding, and the increased disk space. Others want realtime native playback and faster rendering. However, other users want to capture for example Blackmagic output externally to Prores, and then edit that from an SSD. Still others use lots of cameras, and then the time and storage requirements become ridiculous--if you can't store a single project on a 4TB drive, that's a real problem, plus it gets really expensive. Others like to crop their video, and they want the "fill in" scaling from the Mercury engine, and so on. If you are only using two or three cams, space is not really an issue and neither is time, up to a point, unless you are shooting raw.

    OTOH, there is no reason to take your perfectly good AVCHD footage and resample it it just to edit it. I would much prefer that the new GH4 capture to H265, and that the BM 4K was available in H265, but that seems a bit down the road. For me, I simply don't want to have so many 4TB hard drives filling up the garage.

    Here's hoping we get a storage breakthrough soon, with a 100TB drive. I would rather spend the HD money on cameras and lenses than on platters.

  • @DrDave,

    If editing in H.264 was a pain for some, just wait until H.265. These were never meant to be pro-grade intermediate editing codecs, just deliverable consumer codecs. H.265 will need a lot more horsepower to play with natively due to its more complex algorithm. More money, more headaches.

  • I don't have any headaches with H264, but I'm assuming the mercury engine can be retooled for H265 since I'm only using ~30 percent of the processing power from the card at any time. Assuming that workstations will be using octacore instead of quad core and better GPUs, that should (hopefully) do the trick.

    Something to worry about is multicam with say 6-12 4K cams all playing together. Absolutely.

  • H.265 will need a lot more horsepower to play with natively due to its more complex algorithm. More money, more headaches.

    Nothing bad with H.265 on playback. Most difference is in encoding. And yep, GPU support will be available in quite short time.

    In fact, big difference even in H.264 exist, as good two pass software encoder is much better to Gh3 one, for example.

  • And I also discovered that Giulio Sciorio has t-shirt with "Giulio Sciorio" written on it

    @flablo nothing strange.

    Even @Vitaliy_kiselev has a T-shirt with "Vitaliy Kiselev" written on it and he wears it every time he write here. With great power, comes great responsibility.

  • Given that the H.264 thing continues...

    [flame on] Always edited AVCHD files natively on EDIUS since the beginning on normal computers. On a moderate fast PC I can have four AvCHD tracks and several effects in realtime.

    A lot of people believe that out there exists only FCP or Premiere. If something cannot be done inside them then it's impossible. Bah! [Flame off]

  • Another fake? No download available...

    Panasonic GH4 Shooting in 4K with Bevin and Josh at the Park Plaza Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

  • @LongJohnSilver I'm torn between what to hate more in this video: the fake GH4 claim or Bevin the bride

  • Camerashop pre order for the euros buddies body only at 1499 euros!

  • @chef that is very interesting. I make that at just over £1230 for UK guys

  • This may sound like a crazy question, but would there be any countries that use NTSC within the EU? I'm thinking importing NTSC without the heavy tax asscociated normally with it.

  • @DrDave I hear ya about harddrives. With the GH4, I will need to do some number crunching. The camera is a next year purchase for me anyway. My work will be shot with the GH3/G6 combination this year. If anything, I will be putting some more money into lenses.

    The harddrive dilemma doesn't bother me too much. We shot three camera with sync sound (for the most part) on my last feature. It was something like 46 interviews (all pretty long form). Ultimately, 4TB was not really enough (maybe could have fit compressed, but I did not try).

    Now, since this discussion started, I poked around looking for folks that natively edit AVCHD and found most who edit on a Mac just transcoding to ProRes. I have always transcoded even back to my SD tape days when we used either AIC or some HDV variant. It is just second nature to me.

    And can anyone point to examples where transcoding to ProRes made their footage worse? I cut a feature shot on the Red once. We cut it in FCP7 and used the Red plugin to take everything to Pro Res 444. It looked fantastic when projected in the theater (it also played on PBS). I couldn't have edited that film with my equipment any other way.

  • In Sweden cyberphoto has body at 14999 kr and box add on at 19999 kr. That's 35k for the twö. That's $5387 or 3916 euros for both. Take away VAT and you're maybe 20% less. They "expect" it in end of April.

  • @DailyFilmFlix Please take further transcoding discussion to a different thread to keep this topic on the GH4, many of us cleared the air on native AVCHD over 3 years ago... I will throw one nugget out there for you, if you want to edit AVCHD on a Mac without transcoding just use Clipwrap and be done with it.

  • @Sph1nxster: From what can be read, there is no NTSC-specific GH4 version. (And no, there is no EU country using NTSC.)

    But the relevant thing is that NTSC or PAL would not make a difference with regards to the absurd "camcorder tax" that applies if the device can record >= 30min in one go.

  • will the DMW-YAGH (the brick) work on a gh3?

  • YAGH won't work on the GH3. It has male contacts on the top for which there are no corresponding female contacts on the bottom of the GH3. It also plugs into the camera's HDMI port which is different on the GH4.

  • Guys what's happened to this forum?

    Peoplr Don't even read previous posts and keep posting the same things again and again...

  • @LongJohnSilver too many posts. It's not very handy to read 35 pages and you can't assume everyone who posts something does that

  • Peoplr Don't even read previous posts and keep posting the same things again and again...

    Nothing bad with it. Nature is natural.

  • Nature is natural... isn't that axiomatic.

  • I think tautological is the word you're looking for.

  • from a 4k 4:2:2 > 4:4:4

    can't wait to see what gh4 would do.

    macgregor : The 4K mode is quite sharp, it didn't show any aliasing and while only 8bits (too bad) it becomes a 444 signal once resampled to 1080p, which isn't bad right?