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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @nomad

    Making the stuff look better than a GH2 means using the better gradation of subtle color transitions when grading, not sharpening the hell out of it.

    I'm well aware of that. But the sharpening on the GH2, from the lumix lenses and the camera itself, is evidently pleasing to a lot of people and deemed a source of superiority over other cameras. If that's how we're judging the footage -- artificial sharpening, rather than actual resolution -- then all footage needs equivalent sharpening, if we're comparing them.

    I wouldn't choose that measure myself, but that seems to be where the discussion is going.

  • @rsquires Check out the reviews and test measurements of MFT lenses on . They meticulously document the native barrel distortion of each lens.

  • re. GH2 resolution, don't forget that it is doing lens distortion correction on native lenses. That looses you some of the oversampled resolution right there. Then it's not doing a high quality downsampling (like Photoshop does), but more simplistic pixel binning. And we also have to consider the quality of its pixels (pixel density etc) and sensor generation. It just may not be as sharp in general as a newer/different sensor (pixel for pixel).

  • Okay, here's a fast grade of the BMPCC, mostly bringing up the shadows, to show what's there, with a fair amount of sharpening.

    Is it less sharp or is the sharpening any more objectionable than that of the GH2 tif? Is it plausible to argue, based on this comparison, that the GH2 resolves more detail than the BMPCC?

    Just asking.

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • Guys, now I´m very confused: last night I´ve watched "The Insider", by Michael Mann and saw those white orbs in a few shots. Mostly at night and one in a hard sun with an airplane turning and reflecting too much sunlight. And it eas shot in 35mm!!!

  • @Cid, In those productions they use all kinds of cameras including stock footage from online sources. Good point though. Orbs have been there, we were not looking for them.

  • BMPCC with various lenses... (not my vid)

  • @rlima well speak of the devil, an example with the Panny Leica 25mm. Can't really tell from the video how must distortion there is because it's a decently static shot, but it's an example none the less.

  • Thought the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 looked the best. Again the Panny zoom leaves me unimpressed. The Oly 75mm looks to be a awesome lens for stills but for video, could it be too sharp?

  • @cantsin thanks for the the two screengrabs. In this case, the pocket is way better in DR then the cooked, over-sharpened image of our otherwise beloved camera. But is this a surprise;) Just out of curiosity though, "Smooth with sharpening dialed down on the GH2" - so the other setting were all default( 0 value and not all of them at -2)? This usually does make a noticeable difference in the Gh2.

  • @rlima thanks for that test.

    I think we all sit far too near our screens, and pixel peep too much. In terms of sharpening I think people are right in that the GH2 does produce a very nice detailed image. But in my opinion, DR is much more desirable than sharpness for me. You can always sharpen something like this up but I think it has a very silky feel, has nice detail in the shadows and feels less like video.

    Only lense I didn't like was the Canon and that was because the image was a bit milky. In general I thought it all looked very good. Just wish this orb issue was detailed so we know how long to wait. In terms of the Panny leaving me unimpressed, well I think it looks pretty bloody good. Yes slightly characterless, but for a lot of stuff that's probably what you want.

  • @luxis Noise reduction dialed down, too, but contrast and saturation at 0 - maybe stupid that I didn't dial it down for this shoot (didn't think about it). I normally leave them at 0 because I grade with Filmconvert, and Filmconvert's GH2 Smooth profile is calibrated on those two color settings.

  • I agree with all your points @rsquires

  • Well, I wouldn't be so strict regarding Panny zooms. The 12-35mm is still a very useful lens on it, due to switchable IS, constant aperture and the zoom range. Yes, there is distortion at 12mm, but it disappears more or less until 16mm. CA is minimal, vignetting tolerable.

  • @igorek7 again? nice one-shot test and conclusions but not the ten commandments....

  • @rlima sorry, I've not noticed the previous post.

  • CANON TV ZOOM LENS J12x10 macro / 10,5mm -126mm / f 1,6 - 22 ,
    extender 2x canon,regulation back focus, for Black magic pocket camera

    4208 x 2736 - 2M
  • Hey guys, I did that lens comparison video above. Let me know if there's a Lumix lens you want to see more of. I also have a bunch of Nikon and Canon glass as well.

  • @L1N3ARX I see maybe you have an Oly 60/2.8 macro? What about the 7-14? Both supposed to be very sharp... (will follow the other thread)... :)) Thanks!

  • @kris are you sure that this Canon lens will properly cover 1", it is originally a 2/3" lens as far as I know.

  • Yes, "J" lenses by Canon are 2/3", I would doubt it covers.

  • Hello!..with extender 2x,Yes. I work with such+GH2 / apertura --- min f4-max 8.11 /