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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @red_pill I download the file and watched it and I can see this time you edited to the beats. Must have been the Vimeo player.

  • Guys, I need help: I'm about to purchase an IR-UV filter for my BMPCC, but not sure which one. The Hoya seems ok, but bit expensive. The B&W cost little less, but have heard that vignettes with wide angle lenses, as it has thinner glass. What about the Fujiyama or the Marumi, as they are much cheaper? Thanks!

  • Hoya. You'll regret it down the road if you go for anything less.

  • multicoated b@w are better than hoya, from my experience. Less reflections. But multicoated b@w are more expensive than hoya...

  • Hello, this is the trailer of my new short-film using a pocket with RAW, Davinci for CC, Premiere & AfterEffects. Shot on may in Lausanne, Switzerland. I hope you will enjoy it!

  • The 2014 release of Premiere Pro CC enables you to work with the vast majority of formats natively — including 4K, 5K and 6K RED media, XAVC, ProRes, and DNxHD — without transcoding or file rewrapping. Premiere Pro recently added support for Sony SStP and Canon RAW, and significantly expanded support for CinemaDNG formats.

  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

    • Updated user interface
    • Improved performance when recording using internal microphones
    • Improved instances where a grid-like pattern may occur in some flare highlights
    • General improvements in autofocus with active MFT lenses
    • Adds supports for stabilization in MFT lenses without physical O.I.S switches
    • Improved support for Sigma MFT lenses
    • Improved support for Lumix 12-42mm PZ lens
    • Improved support for Olympus 60mm f/2.8 MFT lens
    • Iris setting is retained when switching between camera recording and clip playback

    Check Blackmagic Camera Utility 1.8 on BM site.

  • Not a official release I believe, no way to find the new firmware files. Anyone already installed it?

  • Uninstall old camera utility version first...

  • I will be waiting for the for the official release, should be a matter of days.

  • Great that the PZ lens is getting some love - by far my favorite compact zoom for MFT. That OIS for non-switch lenses is huge.

  • Have there been any rumblings on a v2 Pocket? I'm hoping for 2.5K-4K resolution with OLPF.

  • @_gl You must not have a bmpcc already now. I would love higher resolution and faster frame rate, but they have to fix their current cameras before they start on new ones.

    Anyways, can you imagine all the money you'll have to spend on SD cards for a pocket camera that does 4K? Might as well spend that money on a Kini Mini. Get what you need right now instead of waiting for the perfect camera.

  • @tinyrobot good points especially re. storage, but I have special requirements as I shoot 3D. The very small size of the Pocket camera body (and the shallow grip) allows two lenses to get closer to each other. Cost and ultra-compact light hand-held rigs are another plus.

    Maybe 4K is overkill for SD cards, but 2.5k would be an interesting compromise and would give leeway for resolution loss from post-stabilisation, lens distortion correction & 3D cropping & alignment.

  • Teaser for a short movie we will shoot in august.

    The movie will be a bigger production with a total of 20 professional actors, some of them known from german television. It's a dialogue driven, multilingual mafia story with an estimated length of 18 minutes. Cinematography will be done on two BMPCCs as A-cam, maybe a GH4 for HFR and some GH2s for B-Roll. As we are filmstudents our budget is very low, so please support us on startnext if you like the project. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

  • Anyone actually used the 14-42mm PZ lens on the Pocket yet?

    Wondering how its gonna work cause the focus and zoom is a separate lever right? on the the lens.

    I want to buy it but wondering how it will work in practice.

  • Been testing the 14-42 PZ the last couple of days. It works great. The zoom and focus levers take a little getting used to tho. The OIS is always on and currently there is no way to turn it off, so no tripod otherwise your image will have issues. Hopefully BMD comes up with a way the toggle the OIS on and off via menu setting or physical button. Image looks good and the BMPCC/12-42 PZ combo is perfect for those times you want to be inconspicuous.

  • Great shots right there!

    SanDisk “World is Memorable”: Three leading directors in Japan traveled the world and captured irreplaceable moments. Watch all ten movies at:

    They used Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve

  • Stabilization Test with the new firmware 1.8 lens 14-42 @ 42

  • @brunoalmeida I like the test, OIS FTW.