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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Maybe not even built into it, but just the way it works. A vari ND is only two polarizers moving against each other.

    I get more brown cast with a regular ND.

    With the Hoya IR&UV cut I see only minimal greenish cast, but as already mentioned here, it's easy to handle.

  • Do the ir cut filter must be in front of the nd fader, or can stand behind too? I just brougt a 77mm hoya ir cut filter and a 67mm genus eclipse nd with 72mm in front. I have a 77 to 67mm step down ring so i can put the nd in front of ir cut filter... PS. Do the green cast apeare in raw too?

  • While you shouldn't put a Hot Mirror behind the ND, I can't spot a difference with the Hoya.

  • I may be wrong about this, but I was looking at the specs for this camera on B and H's site.

    Why is the topic refer to the BMC pocket 2K if it's 1920 x 1080? A lot of cameras use the larger vertical dimension as opposed to the horizontal in explaining the resolution now (or maybe I'm just noticing it more).

    I'm not talking about the quality of the image (bitrate, RAW, etc.), but just the resolution.

    It is technically 2K on the vertical.

  • What is horizontal or vertical depends on what you're talking about, dots or lines. It's nearly 2K vertical lines but it's nearly 2K horizontal dots. When you see resolution expressed as a single dimension in terms of 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K, etc. that's horizontal dots.

    Classic video-centric shorthand tends to reference horizontal lines 525 scanlines, 480P, 1080P, etc. though even here, because a given standard is a fixed number of horizontal lines when they discuss the resolution performance of a recording system or camera they'll be talking vertical, going back to the bad old days of VHS, which was still 525 scanlines.

    Context is the determining factor in every case.

  • Here is a recent piece I shot with the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8, Rokinon 85mm T1.5 and BMPCC Speedbooster. Fantastic combo, by the way! Sound via "Line in" using a ZOOM H2. Let me know what you think!

  • @GMC No problem matching density with the Rok 85mm? That might be the only one I keep from the set.

  • @GMC bmpcc makes a speedbooster?

  • @brianl no, but Metabones makes a model specific to the BMPCC (and one for the BMCC). It's even more powerful than the standard MFT model.

  • @BurnetRhoades Is there something about the bmpcc's implementation of m43 that makes a specifically designed speedbooster useful?

  • I haven't slept in a couple days, so it's very possible i'm having a brain lapse or overlooking something, but has anyone seen any issues like this before?

    I know I've heard of the black spot problem and the rolloff problem, don't remember this. (and yes the firmware is up-to-date)

    1024 x 573 - 334K
    923 x 518 - 377K
  • @vicharris, so best as I can tell, the metabones has a better wide angle factor compared to RJ et al? It's better at taking away the pain of the 3x crop factor?

  • @kingmixer Yep, known problem. Is this in Resolve, raw or after you've colored and converted?

  • @brianl You know, I have many reasons why I think the Metabones is better than the RJ.

  • @kingmixer, RAW or ProRes?

  • ProRes No color grading or file conversion

  • @Vicharris I've tried to keep pretty good tabs on BMPCC threads and never seen any of this – what are people calling it, so I can look it up?

  • @kingmixer Yeah, it's the actual grid of the sensor. Weirdest thing. I just got another pocket because I fired mine and I had this problem at first but it's stopped now. I'll do some more tests tomorrow.

  • Sorry if this has been posted

  • And pulled again!

  • @brianl Eh. I still like the pocket for narrative and prob the GH4 for NatGeo type stuff and Documentary run and gun. I'm not even getting involved in any GH4 threads anywhere.

  • @Kingmixer

    It's the purple flare/grid. It's a weird issue, even when I see it in the back screen while shooting, when using AE and camera raw there is no grid and never had a problem. It appears in my footage only when i use Resolve.

  • Exists on nearly every electronic sensor, I've seen it on Red and on Sony too.