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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @vicharris no, no problems within density. The Rokinon 85mm T1.5 is a fantastic lens with the BMPCC speedbooster. Very lowlight capable.

  • Shot on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera RAW April 2014 at very cloudy but hot weather (30 °C / 86°F) There was bad visibility because of haze. I shot with Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens wide open. No reason to take soft manual lenses at mist condition. Graded at DaVinci Resolve (Hook LUT)

  • And here is one I did over the last weekend

    My experiment with a DOF adaptor and a BMPCC. Seems very encouraging so far.

    Download the original if you wish to make any judgements.

  • Oh, interesting. The size of the BMPCC makes these suddenly very relevant again. Damn. I'm all of a sudden kinda upset I sold my Redrock Micro M2 adapter last year.

    Very nice looking footage.

  • Hey, couldn't find the original BMCC thread so I'm posting this here...

    Shot on the original 2.5k Cinema Cam in Prores. All Adobe workflow (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speedgrade). VFX models were done in Cinema4D.

  • @HenryO, I think you've just made me dig out my old SGPro rev3 from the closet :) Good stuff!

  • @Oedipax Ha ha. They can and do produce such an organic image. I actually bought four Sgblades last year all for around £200 each when guys were dumping them for nothing so that I could perhaps have two or so rigs and have spares. In the future I may buy a couple more pockets and have a cracking two or three camera rig for peanuts that can produce amazing images. Just a matter of getting the 'relay' lens right. In this case I reckon any 85mm lens will be about right and if you can get it to sit right - perhaps a 58 mm helios will give a wider fov but I got dark corners.

  • @HenryO Thanks for sharing your video, I like the image you are getting with the adapter, I am curious about the look :) Have you tested anything other than the sgblade? the letus perhaps? I imagine the different adapters have their own quirks. I'd like to give this a go.


  • @matthere Hi Matt. Unfortunately I don't have anything other than the SGblade. I suspect that the Letus Ultimate would produce a similar if not slightly better image as it was the top of the range back in the day. The Letus 35 has produced some really organic imagery as well. I am sure that the Redrock Micro M3 would in modern terms be the best available. I wish I could have found one on the cheap on ebay but they never came up at prices I could justify. Not many made either. The great thing as I have said to all the naysayers ( I was surprised at how many there are ) is that the pocket can always be taken off to get the normal pocket look. The biggest advantage is that you can go use stills glass and use the lenses in their native FOV. Much nicer than fiddling with 16mm C-mount lenses. I have a few and focusing is a major pain with most of them. Also no shallow depth of field either. This way one can turn a smallish sensor camera like the pocket into one that can produce a Vistavision sized image if that is what one desires. I love the look of the Nikon 50 mm F1.2 on it. Just magical. The adaptor also softens things a little and even reduces aliasing and moiré a little. Talent need not worry about overly sharpened wrinkles or pores. Frankly, I am delighted because when I first started out with the idea, most folk on the BMuser forum laughed it off as bonkers, but I reckon this image can hold its own if one wasn't told how it originated. If you already own one it certainly costs you nothing to try it. Peace

  • And here is my anamorphic rig test of the DOF adaptor and pocket. Really pleased with the colours now - I can get a purer white. The IR cut filter is tremendous on the pocket.

    As usual the download is so much better than the stream

  • Pocket goes Digital Bolex??!!!


    560 x 424 - 74K
  • @act Very awesome wedding video

  • Quick promo piece I shot/edited with future NFL Hall-of-Famer Aeneas Williams. I shot it with a mix of Florescent soft boxes and LED panels. I used three BMPCC all shooting prores (I would have used RAW, but I figured out early on that he wasn't comfortable in front of the camera and that it was gonna be a long shoot). I edited in Premiere CC and did the grade in AE CC. I'm still learning DaVinci, but I'm still more comfortable with the control I have in AE. The opening/closing graphics were created in AE using b-roll downloaded from Youtube.

  • Just made a really quick video for a couple of friends band. I had two days to work on it, one day shooting and one day editing. My friend came over with a couple of drinking birds and some party umbrellas and we tried to make something with what we had. I shot it with a bmpcc and a sigma 18-35 1,8 with a bmpcc speedbooster + nokton 25mm 0,95 and a slr magic 12mm 1,6. I shot it in raw and edited and graded it quick in resolve from the raw files (without luts) because I wanted to have a quite saturated image anyway.

    Any feedback is appreciated

    Older topic:

    @odessa Thanks for the lut. Sorry for late reply, I haven't been logged in for a while. The lut gave a really good direction to work from. Thanks a lot!

  • @Alfaerik

    Awesome short film. Love the creativity. Can you share some of your techniques, particularly with the umbrella shots?


  • @RodCole

    Thanks! Regarding umbrellas: I attached a lot of small paper umbrellas to a large real umbrella which I hanged in a thread from the ceiling, so that I could spin it around. I put a projector which light up the paper umbrellas from the side (but didn't hit the big umbrella above, to keep it hidden). The projector was a bit broken and gave a blue light in the dark areas. I put on an old animated cubist art film by Hans Richter from the twenties:

    It consists of white squares moving around on a black background. When a white square is projected on the umbrellas, you can see their colors. When they're in the dark they look blue. I filmed them from underneath.

    I hope that my explanation is understandable :).

  • Anybody knows what is current draw while using external 12V DC power supply?

  • pinger007 - audio is out of sync. Is it Bmpcc or Vimeo or editing?

  • This is my first experiment shooting raw with my BMPCC. Any feedback is welcome, I'm looking for suggestions to use all power of raw because as a beginner I feel like I didn't use its full potential.

  • @alfaerik

    Thanks for the explanation. I understand perfectly.

  • @red_pill Can you tell us what kind of rigs you are using?

    I think there are no flaws in the shooting as it is technically well done but the problem is with the edit where the image must match with the beats of the track better.

  • i dunno, the edit hit the beats pretty well for me.

  • @red_pill

    The contrast and saturation suggest that whatever color grading you did, there was no prior clip conversion to BMD Film log mode. Is that right?

  • Thanks @tinyrobot, actually I've been very careful to match the beats, could it be a problem of you player? Anyway most of the clips were shoot handheld, in others I used a konova slider and my steadycam.

    @jrd actually all of the clips were converted to BMD film. Some of them were graded from scratch, others starting from Blackmagic-Rec709 LUT (when I knew I would just pump contrast/saturation up).