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Adobe Premiere Pro CC and other CC Suite 2021 products
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  • Well, they must have made at least a million. With millions more to come. I have no idea what the tradeoff is; I imagine the suites were pretty popular and they were pricey, I always bought the whole suite every 18 months or so. They must figure they are in good shape for the long haul, the stock is up even though profits are down almost 60 percent.

  • are those million subscribers all paid subscriptions or do they also count all the free accounts like the one I have?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I think the Adobe CEO is "crooking" the books on number of subscriptions to cover a terrible quarter

    They also need to break out number of subscribers vs subscriptions, where I suspect 2 products counts as 2 subscriptions...

    I fully expect they will offer free trial subscriptions to bolster their numbers in the future then when the earnings run dry, yet the CEO will be millions ahead in the bank account and take his exit

  • Our investigation currently indicates that the attackers accessed Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords on our systems. We also believe the attackers removed from our systems certain information relating to 2.9 million Adobe customers, including customer names, encrypted credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, and other information relating to customer orders.

    This is big.

    We are also investigating the illegal access to source code of numerous Adobe products

    They also leaked sources. LOL.

    As I understand they can just could make it short - hackers got all and everything that Adobe had. Data on every customer, all sources, etc.

  • Hi All. I was having an issue with .MOV clips from my GH3 in Premiere Pro CC. I was losing the last few seconds of audio in almost every clip. Oddly, this did not happen in PP CS6.0. Jim Simon on the Adobe Forums posted an answer.

    The amazingly simple fix is just to rename the .MOV extension to .MPG, and then the audio is fine!

  • Well, there is a big downside to just changing the file extension from MOV to MPG. If you do that, then there is no audio at all if you try to play the renamed MPG file in Windows Media player by double clicking in Explorer. Sure, it fixes the audio issue in PP CC, but...

  • The audio on the renamed MPG plays for me in WMP.

  • Anyone hear anything on when the update is coming that will let you direct link from Premiere to Speedgrade? Thought they said Oct 15, but haven't seen update prompt on my Adobe Application Manager yet.

  • Just checked the Premiere Adobe forum ... and the last word officially (two days ago ... sigh) is that they are working hard at finalizing the 150 new features implemented in the product and will 'ship' as soon as they feel they have stable code.

    In other words, have you got a crystal ball, and ... should we set up an office betting pool on when they FINALLY will ship?

    I've got three different projects that would be SO much simpler if the new process works as said. They all came up for working right around the 15th, and I've had a couple other things to work on in the meantime ... but by the first of next week, I've got to move on them. I'm gonna be SO ticked off at getting half-way (or better!) through them and THEN the stuff comes out ...


  • Pretty much in same boat here with project timing. Lol - maybe we'll get lucky with timing.

  • Shall we set up an "office" betting pool? Winner gets ... what?

  • Winner gets working software :)

  • Winner gets. ..drum roll please...AN ADOBE MOUSEPAD...that's right ladies and official Adobe mousepad! Jokes aside, Creative Cloud works for me and I consider it a good deal. Premiere for edit, Audition for sound, and Speedgrade or After Effects for grading. No problems or hiccups for me yet after 1 year of use.

  • Can't wait to edit cimea dng files in premeire.

  • Adobe, like Netflix when they announced they were splitting the business (and then quickly recanted after the damage was already done), just screwed themselves over this Creative Cloud debacle.

    There have been numerous calculations made that the normal, "Average Joe" Premiere user will be paying A LOT more for their cloud service over buying a disc every so often. Most do not work for big post production houses and cannot afford the perpetual cloud "shakedown." You can't rent it by the month whenever you need it for the occasional project. It's a YEARLY contract with no guarantees the rates won't get jacked up after the second or third year of use!!

    After this theft of sensitive user and internal source code, Adobe is going to be drowning in a PR nightmare of their own making.

  • Well, I switched jobs and my account was tied to my old email address. Then they decided to reset the password, just before I went in to change it. The result is that I have now waited 1.5 months, and contacted them 6-8 times to get this updated, without results, so no way for me to use the software I paid for. At this point, I don't think I will pay for any adobe product again, whether it is subscription based or one-time cost.

  • Looks like the mid-October update isn't going to make it out until November. I wonder if they pulled people off the video app teams to deal with the source code leak clusterfuck?

  • Nevermind! They made it just in the nick of time :)

  • I've been using the "new" updated CC versions today ... it's going to take a bit of getting used to, such things as using a DirectLink P-Pro -> Speedgrade, quite a few of Speedgrade's typical options are locked out ... such things as say, making a grading layer on the timeline that spans several clips.

    However, if you put an adjustment layer over those clips in P-Pro afore sending the project over, you CAN then use that adjustment layer as a clip-spanning grading layer. There's some other odds and ends to get used to.

    On the other hand ... the trip to Speedgrade is only a few seconds, as is the trip back. VERY nice. And my oh my ... rendering even a lowly H.264 clip could take HOURS ... now, the same thing is a few minutes. I am VERY pleased with that!

    And to the comment still complaining about the cost of the CC stuff ... well ... I'm using P-Pro, Speedgrade, AfterEffects, Audition, Photoshop, Media Encoder ... for what, just under $50/month? $600USD/year?

    You know what that slew of programs would have cost me piecemeal?


  • They don't seem to have released the CC update in the UK as yet. I would also like it for a project to do roundtripping from Prem to Speedgrade. Come on Adobe!

  • I just downloaded Premiere CC 7.1 and I am having trouble getting it to recognize Cinema DNG files. Once in the imported into the clip bin they show up as folders full of DNGs, not playable image sequences like in Resolve. I thought that this was supposed to be one of the major feature upgrades for this version. Anyone having any better luck with it?

  • I imported some 5Dmk3 CDNGs and the image sequence import worked, and they do play back in realtime for me at full quality. A couple big problems - they have a massive pink image cast (maybe something to be fixed on the raw2cdng side), and you can't access the full RAW data from inside Premiere (there's no ACR controls). So the point of editing CDNG is kind of muddled unless you want to send it to Resolve afterwards.

  • I'm also working with 5D Mark III DNGs. Right-clicking in the clip bin and choosing 'import' wasn't allowing me to import the image sequence (the box was grayed out) but I can import by locating the folder in the media browser. Once it's in my clip bin and reading as a single clip, I am seeing the same pink that @Oedipax is talking about. Even if I wanted to, I really couldn't do an edit like this because I cannot see what I am working with.