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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @Ralpg_B Did I imagine it Ralph...or are you working on some changes?

  • Must be too many drugs in the 60's, Peter.

  • I was more of a Budweiser type student...but it beats senility as an excuse !

  • here's a video (probably girls will enjoy more) that we shot with GH2 sanity 5 (t2i was 2nd camera on tripod for 2nd half makeup tutorial...see if you can find it!)

    the one thing I feel like I experience indoors a lot is color-banding on even tones on the wall and in shallow DOF areas.

  • Hi, everyone

    I've just applied Sanity 5 in my GH2 (stunning image improvement), but spanning failed in 24H mode (I did not tested another modes) - when the file reached 4Gb, the camera stoped the recording.

    The card is a brand new SanDisk Extreme 32Gb, 45MB/s, bought from Amazon. Any reports of inconpatibilty with these cards?

  • @MarcioK

    Please read the patch notes! Spanning only works in 24L. But fear not, the picture quality of 24L is almost indistinguishable from 24H.

  • Ι recently try a test, because i also thought the spanning restrictions. I had three set camera so i left the GH2 recording just for curiosity, with the 20mm f1.7 lens in manual focus and in autofocus mode and voila! Span is there!!! i can not say that i will do it again if i want to be 100% sure for recording, but in SANITY 5 "how-to-use" post it was written that it is not spanning with pany lens!!! Weird ?!!! Card Sandisk Extreme 32Gb - 45Mps

  • @haribabis

    You got to read those notes carefully. It's only in HBR mode that spanning won't work with Panasonic lenses. In the other modes where spanning works, Panasonic lenses are fine.

  • @Ralph_B

    My bad, I forgot about that. But after that, I've tried again and it worked, even in 24H - four spannings straight.

    Looking for hints about it I saw in another thread that the amount of data (i.e. the complexity of the scene) in the moment of the spanning is related to the success of it - and, yes, the camera were static when the spannings were successfull. Just saying to not put the blame in the card.

    But I will stay in 24L for stability. And thanks for the great work, Sanity is looking great in my tests.

  • Yep. I was run-n-gun shooting a friend's often very dark walk-about music/dance/multimedia project last weekend with that very same lens and auto-ISO. The 2nd show i accidentally left it on 24H (also forgetting Ralph's advice) and i got two spanning successes and two spanning failures - probably having to do with what ISO the camera was using at the time, or if i was panning around at the wrong moment. (Thankfully, though, i noticed the failures right away and was also capturing 2nd system audio.) The first show I used 24L, with the same wildly varying lighting situation and almost the same camera settings, and all spanning worked just fine.

  • In my testing I found that spanning ocassionally worked in 24H, but usually it did not. So, yeah, you might get lucky once in a while with 24H, but you can't and shouldn't rely on it to span.

  • Ralph, judging by this very long thread, Sanity 5 clearly has some of the best reviews around. Great work! I am new to GH2 hacks and would therefor very much appreciate a quick answer to the following questions: (1) is patch is best suited for 24L and should not be used for 24H or higher fps modes. Correct? (2) does the patch work with a 32GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC-UHS-1 95MBPS? (3) does the patch work with a Panasonic 14mm Pancake lens? I am planning to use it for aerial footage via drone. Many thanks

  • I can answer questions 2 and 3. I have used Sanity 5 for several months. I have tried several "old" slower SD cards and they all worked. You should have no problems with a 95MBPS card. Have also shot a lot on the 14mm pancake with no issues. That is what I often use as the A camera to make sure I get the scene (use other lenses for tighter/special shots) or for run and gun situations where there will not be time to set up a shot. It is an easy lens to use on the GH2. Never had a crash or freeze or any problems with Sanity 5! Great work by Ralph!

  • I can second that. I had Sanity 4 and moved to Sanity 5 when it cam out and never had any problems. Though I am filming in 720 p only.

  • Thank you both for your quick reply. So that leaves just one question open: Is Sanity 5 only to be used for 24L and not for 24H & other FPS settings, even if I am using a 95MBPS card? Thanks

  • @PVI AFAIK, you could use Sanity 5 in 24H for shorts clips without issues (I've shot a couple songs in some concerts this weekend, all in 24H, without any glitch, with a 45MBps card), but it will not spam consistently. Only 24L spans with reliability.

    If you don't need span, you could use 24H - but Ralph already said that the quality differences beteween 24H and 24L in Sanity are minimal.

  • @PVI and if you need reliable AVCHD 24fps the Cake 2.3 by balazer seems to be very reliable, sofar it was always spanning on my GH2, although with the Sandisk SDXC 95mbs 64GB. I haven't tried if it spans with SDHC 32GB

  • @PVI

    Only use 24L if you need spanning. Otherwise, use 24H. Simple.

  • thanks again all, will follow your advice and stick with 24L hopefully, using the Sanity5 GH2 on a drone will get me much much better video for my next adventure trip than the rather poor quality attached below...:

  • Although the quality difference between 24H and 24L is minimal, there is a difference. Normal people probably won't notice it, but pixel peepers will. I recommend using 24H unless you need to have spanning - ie. recording a single take longer than 12 minutes.

  • @Ralph_B not a pixel peeper... 24L it is! ;-)

  • I think those of us who do this (pixel peepers?) need to remember that the non "pixel peeping" audience does not see the difference between 24H and 24L or lots of other "stuff" we see. I was watching a 720HD TV news show this morning and the moire on the announcers suit was off the charts. Looked like Psychedelia. I said "Wow look at that!" and my wife had no clue. Did not notice it. As Ralph said "normal" folks do not see a lot of the stuff we see.

  • @PVI WOW great video! I made a organised round trip there last spring. Beautiful country.

  • @Ralph_B another user said they experienced the same problem with Sanity 5 Hack and the Panasonic 12-35mm lens. There is something with that lens and Sanity 5 that is causing problems.

    Regardless I just purchased the GH3.

  • @Ralph_B Its that time of year again when both cameras stay loaded with Sanity 5.

    I shot the Williamsburg Grand Illumination on Sunday with two GH2's a bunch of batteries and 4 64gig 95 mb cards, an AC160, Canon HFG10, Gopro3 Black and 5 Gopro 2's...pretty much continuously from 11:30 AM until 10:00PM.

    No big surprises on the GH2'a. They spanned, images were great even after dark and during the fireworks. All manual lenses including Samyang 7.5, 85mm and Canon nifty 50.

    1080P 24 all day in both cameras.

    Thank you for making my life a little easier again this year Ralph! image

    1920 x 1080 - 939K