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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @oneday

    Ocassionally there have been reports of people having problems with Sandisk 45M cards. Other people have no problems with them. It's difficult to say what the issue is. One thing you might try is to back off on the ISO a bit. Try 2500 instead of 3200 and see if that works for you.

  • Has anyone used Sanity 5 with a GX1?

  • @Ralph_B

    Children & circus. I can't thank you enough. I feel Sanity 5 is perfect for run & gun for me. I live with the noise in extreme situations, as long as I can capture the action.

  • @TraumManufaktur

    Damn, that looks good!

  • Shot a few Sanity V5 clips and applied Filmconvert. Loving the patch so far, the noise is perfect. No banding or strange noise patterns in low light.

  • Hello all. New person here. Have learned a lot here and have contributed a few bucks.

    This is some outdoor (fishing) stuff shot yesterday with Sanity 5. I intended to shoot at 720 60p shutter 125 but I think I goofed and by accident went back to 1080 30p but still had the shutter at 125.

    Glass was Panasonic 14mm and Nikon 60mm.

    There is also some GoPro ProTune footage in clip. Other settings explained in the video.

    Thanks for looking!

  • Yep....Looks like 1080 30 which doesn't do very good slomo. We all forget something sometime. Otherwise, it looked pretty good. Sanity 5 is one of my two core settings,

  • @kendalloz

    Those really are shark infested waters. Scary!

  • When I developed, Sanity I was constantly using the uncompressed HDMI picture as a reference - a target to shoot for. Since most GH2 owners don't have access to an HDMI capture device, I don't think they fully understand how close Sanity 5 is to the ideal. So, I've uploaded two short clips - one Sanity 5 and one HDMI capture. They were recorded simultaneously at ISO 2500, so you can get a sense of how well Sanity 5 tracks noise in low light conditions. This is important. Get the noise right, and everything else follows along.

    The HDMI clip was recorded lossless with UT video codec. If you don't have UT on your machine, you can get it here:

    There are versions for PC and Mac.

    You can download the clips from Sendspace:


    IMPORTANT: Only click on the button that says "Click here to start download from sendspace". Don't click anything else!

  • @Ralph_B Downloading now. UT (in RGB mode) is my favorite mathematically lossless codec.

    What method did you use to record the HDMI output with UT?

  • @Ralpg_B What lens did you use Ralph?

  • @thepalalias - I captured the HDMI signal with a Blackmagic Intensity board and used UT 422.

    @peternap - that was a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens wide open at f1.4.

  • Past national champion runners have been invited to take part in this event.
    All shots are handheld, Sanity 5 and Pany 14-45 lens.

  • Hi guys, sorry about my fool question: independent of the hack, why almost everybody set the 'noise reduction' of GH2 in minus 2? What exactly this specific setting produces in the image quality? (more noise or less noise? more resolution or less resolution? why not setting it to zero?) Thanks a lot! Paulo Leão from Brazil.

  • @paulo The reason for keeping the settings back is that the in camera functions, especially sharpening and noise reduction, are much less efficient than done in post. There is some justification in moving in camera sharpening up a tick or so with softer legacy lenses in some settings.

    While a lot of us, and I'm guilty too, default everything to -2, moving saturation up a notch helps with some settings. I've found this to be true with Sanity 5.

    A lot of it depends on how much you plan to do in post and what you're trying to accomplish. Do a search for an excellent post by CBrandin about this.

  • Here's a film look grade applied to some hacked footage. The Vimeo compressed version is a bit whack, so check out the .m2v file for best viewing.

    Hope you like it!

  • We had Hurricane Sandy in our neighborhood today. We took a few clips mostly from the Go Pro with ProTune but look how nice the Sanity 5 clip looks. It is at around 22 seconds into the video the 3 kids on a paddleboard shot on the sanity hacked GH2 with a Nikon 60mm.

  • oops more like 32 seconds..

  • @kendalloz You are out of your mind. I got dunked while videoing in Tappahannock. It was 42 degrees, steady rain and about a 3o mph breeze and I near froze the rest of the day.

  • Thanks Peternap!

  • Hello, I just found out that the HBR setting pictures is less sharper than 24L and 24H, I m not sure why and it seems the bit rate is lower, but i did download the sanity 5 zip and reinstalled and increase FSH ans SH 20Mbit to 66Mbit but HBR is still not sharp as 24L. anyone has idea how to set as sharp as 24L or 24H in HBR? I m not sure how to set the bitrate at HBR?

    thanks K.M.LO

    1366 x 768 - 1M
  • @kmlo1984 - Re: HBR, see this post i wrote in this thread: . HBR will never be as sharp as 24H/24L :(

  • HBR will never be as sharp as 24H/24L :(

    Indeed. It's just the way it is, and it has nothing to do with Sanity or any other patch.

    @klmo 1984 - Sanity 5's Video Bitrate FSH/SH=44000000 - not 20M or 66M. I get concerned when people start changing things because all the parameters work as a unit. Change one thing and you can throw the whole enchilada out of balance.

  • what Ralph said

    enchilada balance.jpg
    636 x 495 - 53K