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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @TraumManufaktur Thanks.

    Here an example during filming. It shows some noise in the background. :(

    Password: testing

  • @Manu4Vendetta did you shoot like this or did you grade it that dark? Take a look here.

    The gist of it is that you have to light in a closer range and then grade to get pristine results.

  • @TraumManufaktur, I will see that video after, no go to job.

    The video its original from camera, non post.

  • @Ralph_B Sorry for the late reply. Yes both cards give errors, but I tried Driftwoods Cluster 6 and it gives errors with the cards as well. (Not often, but sometimes under 'hard' conditions in low light, with much movements) So I think I can conclude that besides the 45 MB/s also the SDHC 1 sandisk 30MB/s class 10 (new version ultra) don't work well for the (hacked) GH2. I tried to return the cards (around €70,=) but they don't want them back :-(

  • I use the SanDisk extreme 45mbs, not to confuse with the old ones. They work like a charm on any patch i used so far. Even some crazy driftwood intra stuff. Not one write error.

  • As if things couldn't get more confusing, now we have new Sandisk and old Sandisk cards. What I think might help is, if you have a card that works reliably, post a picture or a link of it here. That way people can see exactly what it is. I'm sure this approach isn't foolproof, but it's better than nothing.

    I'll start. Here's the Sandisk card I used to develop Sanity. I guess it's one of the 'old' ones.

    476 x 591 - 84K
  • @Ralph_B I'm not sure what the new cards are Ralph. Sandisk stopped making the 30mb cards that some said were more reliable, but I never noticed the difference between them and the 45mb that replaced them.

    The Extreme you pictured is the low end I use and they work fine for me in most settings and flawlessly in Sanity. I have a box full of the Ultimate cards but only use them in GoPro's and game cameras.

    The next step up are the Extreme Pro which is overkill for Sanity.

    I've used the Transcend 64 gig in Sanity and didn't have any problems but don't really trust them.

  • Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I could not find an answer. Does GH2 photo mode with Sanity 5? All my pictures clipped, even on manual settings.

  • Is not the patch, the GH2's codec clips everything at 100%.

  • Sanity only affects the video mode. It has nothing to do with photo mode. If you're still pictures are clipped, I suggest shooting RAW, which will give you all the data the sensor is putting out.

  • @Ralph_B Is that true with all settings Ralph? I take so few stills anymore I hadn't bothered to find out.

  • Is what true?

  • Any of you guys check out the latest Apocalypse hacks and see how it compares to Sanity? I can see a little difference but not sure if it's worth the extra hard drive space.

  • @Ralph_B Is what true?

    Sanity only affects the video mode. It has nothing to do with photo mode

  • @ peternap

    As far as I know, ptools has no settings to change anything in photo mode. So, this would apply to all patches.

  • @ SuperSet

    In the end, you have to trust your own eyes. But I will say this - when I developed Sanity I was constantly comparing it to the the uncompressed HDMI output, and Sanity is close, really close to it. Since no patch can be better than the uncompressed picture, there is not going to be much difference between Sanity and anything else out there.

  • @SuperSet If I could give my humble take on it. 1st IMO, bitrate certainly makes a difference but around 60 0r 70 you get diminishing returns.

    2nd, I do see a difference in the settings. Sanity is a solid video reproduction of what the camera sees. Sanity has always been easier to cut in with my camcorders. Many of the other settings like Boom are cinematic which to me means the setting itself starts the grading on it's way right out of the camera. I'm not talented enough to know if that's a good thing or not, it's just different.

  • Appreciate the feedback guys. Maybe this question is obvious to some but I'll ask anyway.. since Apocalypse turns out larger files than Sanity, does this mean render times are substantially longer?

  • @Ralph_B, I'm curious... how well does spanning work in Sanity 5? I was using Sanity 4.1 for a while, but I'm finding in HBR (25fps) I can span sometimes 2-3 times before filming stops. I need spanning for my Sandisk 45mb/s Class 10's on live performance shoots. I can't leave the GH2 alone, I have to monitor it at all times incase footage doesn't span.

    Also, something I am noticing is that the camera will sometimes not play the first and second video file I create (saying "This file cannot be played") but plays the others just fine.

    What tips do you give someone who's shooting in PAL country with your hack. I have some video work this weekend which requires me to shoot about an hours worth of footage, then starting Sunday I will be working on a web series (I intend to shoot in 24p for that one...). But any tips you can give me would be handy.


  • @ Daniel_R

    Sanity 5 works well for spanning in HBR mode, but you must use a third party manual lens. It won't span reliably in HBR with Panasonic and Olympus lenses which connect electrically to the camera. Also, don't go above ISO 3200. The Sandisk 45mb/s cards can sometimes be a problem. They work fine for some people, and not so fine for others. I would encourage you to run tests before you go out and shoot anything that's important.

    As for in-camera playback, we don't know why some files play and others don't. However, they're all recorded and playback fine once you transfer them to your computer.

    There's nothing special to do for shooting in PAL. Sanity is transparent. Just do what you normally do, and enjoy a great picture!

  • I'm noticing a hellova lot of difference between 24 and 25p with quality by the way, in Sanity 5. I don't really know how to explain it... but 24p (as in 24h) is more detailed than HBR mode.

    Any idea why that is? I'm just curious.

  • First image, just sky line... 400iso, shutter speed 50. This is in HBR mode with a 28mm FD lens. Second image of the car... about 500iso, shutter speed 50, in 24h mode.

    Maybe I'm nitpicky, but I see some softness there. Possible that the HBR mode is interlaced footage, and thats why I'm seeing softness.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • I've got a feeling (though people have disagreed with me) that HBR, while not interlaced, is treated as interlaced by the H.264 compressor and therefore every other line is macroblocked together (compressor assuming every other line is from the same 'frame') rather than adjacent lines being macroblocked together (as in progressive). This seems to lead to alternating "frilly" edges that look a little like interlaced (and effectively reduce the vertical resolution), but if you do a fast pan, the images in the two 'fields' never separate very far horizontally, so are indeed from the same frame originally, just treated wrong in the compression.

    Basically i think the h.264 compression is not 'understanding' that the odd and even lines belong to the same frame and therefore not concerned with maintaining visual continuity between adjacent horizontal lines.

    This seems constant with the fact that HBR is 'Malignant' PsF - ie does not notify editing software that it is actually progressive and is instead treated as interlaced unless you manually tell your NLE to treat it as progressive.

  • @ arvidtp and Daniel_R

    What arvidtp says is true. HBR is definitely treated as interlace by the compressor. The finest detail in HBR is sort of half way between interlace and progressive, even though the picture is true progressive. It's just the way it is.

    Daniel_R, one thing you might try, is turning up in-camera sharpness when shooting HBR.

  • this is our first video put together on the gh2 with sanity 5. i'm hoping to receive some constructive criticisms from the professionals on this site to learn more about videography. everything was shot on the fly with no preparations. however, i'm more concerned with the editing, color grading, and learning about proper lighting. sorry for being so general, but any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to VK and Ralph_B and all the contributors on this forum for making this possible. Cheers!