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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • Guys, just get it from here - I own two of those and zero issues. Just shot the whole short film last week on Sanity 5 and this SanDisk card. Plays back in-cam, all is great. Sanity it is!!!

  • @mo7ies

    Are you using the SanDisk 64GB SDXC Memory Card Extreme Pro Class 10 UHS-I cards with a USB 3 card reader? If so, I would be curious to know what sort of transfer rates you're getting between the card reader and the computer.

  • Hi Ralph, I'm using this Transcend reader:

    It proved quirky with other cards, but is in fact wonderful with my 64GB SanDisks. (Just make sure you are working with ONE card at a time!)

    Transfer rates: very fast :) I really don't remember the figures now, but they did measure significantly faster than with my USB2 reader.

  • @Ralph_B Hi, just wanted to let you know that Sanity 5 also crashed my GH2 a few times with a 32 GB class 10 SDHC 30mb Sandisk card. I was just doing short test shooting in (I think) AVCHD 1080i and motion jpeg mode (50 shutter, 14-140 lens) during rather dark situations while moving the camera. It stopped after a few seconds already. It said the card was not fast enough. I was surprised as I read that Sanity was very stable. Before I used @driftwood cluster 6 DREWnet and it was working with some tests I did (don't know for long shootings). I am still looking for a good patch for handheld documentary shooting with, 100% reliable with normal Sandisk 30 mb Class 10 SDHC cards, FLUENT motion (No jitter, jutter, strobe), Not too big files (as I shoot a lot, and only little is used), Good in dark situations, 'Good' quality (44 mb is already more than enough). I will continue my quest ...but help is always welcome

  • @tommy I'm no expert. I do know SanDisks are extremely reliable. However, have you tried another card? I have a few transcends Class 10 32G, and some of the cards i've used dont always preform the same, speed wise. Especially when im in 720 60p mode, the camera will often not start recording, or take a few seconds to respond/start/stop. What im getting at, is to make sure that your SanDisk is preforming up to spec speeds.

    Now with that said, I also have the SanDisk Extreme 45 - 32G card and my camera is EXTREMELY responsive no matter which shooting mode im in. As I assume the 30mb version is as well.

  • @tommy

    Sanity 5 is incredibly stable. Reports like yours are rare. Card issues are usually the culprit. With certain cards, I've even gotten occassional errors with the stock firmware! Now, I know your Sandisk card should work fine, but who knows what's going on inside that particular card. If this happens consistantly, I would strongly suggest trying a different card. It would be a shame to abandon Sanity, because it will certainly meet all your criteria.

  • @tommy, what Ralph said. 45MBs cards actually are known to be the least reliable. Instead, go for the card I linked above - you will be very happy you did. It is simply the fastest, most reliable card to use in Panny GH2. Sanity will never give you any issues with it.

  • @Ralph_B @daihard Thanks guys for the fast reply. Maybe it is the card and I guess I have to give it another try

    I did not use a 45mb, as @mo7ies wrote. I heard that the 45MB cards are not reliable, therefore I especially bought some 30 MB/s cards. Sandisk changed the names (I am in Europe) of the cards: what used to be pro or HD video is now called Ultra. Are these not good (enough)? Because in many topics they say: " works on all Class 10 SDHC cards" Which this is. I know your suggested 64GB SDXC $136.95 card will not give problems (I suppose), but I prefer to spend less.

  • @tommy wrote:

    I know your suggested 64GB SDXC $136.95 card will not give problems (I suppose), but I prefer to spend less.

    I hear you, and we are all on the same bandwagon here. Problem is, whether you have a commercial shoot or your own creative shoot (short/feature etc.), if the camera crashes in the middle of filming, it will cost you more in aggravation and lost footage than the cost of the reliable card. I actually paid $165 for each and am happy, as no incidents occurred so far whatsoever, and @Ralph_B 's Sanity is fantastically reliable and economical with good quality!

  • What everyone else just said. I never have a bit of trouble out of sanity (which makes me wonder why I ever load any others). Now that I said that though....I only record in 720p-60 and 1080p 24, so I have no experience in your modes.

  • @tommy Well, confusingly SanDisk recently changed up their card names and specs. So, the SanDisk 45/mb cards where previously known as "Extreme Pro" - which are the "bad batch". Now, the newer version is just called the "Extreme" are said to be preforming as reliable or more so then the 30/mb version you have.

    "The SanDisk Extreme HD video 30 MB/s cards are apparently being discontinued and replaced with “Extreme HD Video” or just “Extreme” 45 MB/s cards. Early indications are that the new 45 MB/s cards perform similarly to the old 30 MB/s cards in the GH2. 45 MB/s Extreme cards are not to be confused with the old 45 MB/s “Extreme Pro” cards, which are not recommended."

    Also Amazon has now reduced the 45/mb cards in price, so they are VERY affordable compared to almost 60% more! just a few months ago.

    And to answer your question. Yes the SanDisk card you have should be C10 (Although on Amazon there are Ultra II cards that are C6 spec).

    Its so confusing with all these different versions under the same name, so double check the exact model of card you have. But the most sure way to "root" the problem is just to try another high speed card.

  • @daihard Looks like they reduced the Extreme Pro also.

  • @daihard

    Thanks for the update on the cards.


    It sounds like you have more than one of these cards. Are all of them giving you problems? It might be worthwhile to thoroughly test each one. There might just be one bad apple in the bunch.

  • This coming Saturday is a perfect example of why I use Sanity.

    I have an event and exclusive video rights with a nationally known activist.

    The venue is small and a lot of people will be there and I will be working alone. I'll lock down two GH2's and a Canon XA10, turn them on and forget them while I use the AC160 on a shoulder rig....and the Sanity videos will turn out perfectly as usual.

  • Thanks @daihard, yes is the Extreme @ 45mb/s

    Again buy another SD Class 10 of 16G @ 30mb/s and the seller has send the version @ 45MB/s.

  • @peternap - that's exactly when I use Sanity, too. When I need to know that I'll get consistently good video, without having to check in on the camera periodically or replace SD cards ever hour. I recently had a similar gig, where I was operating three cameras. The GH2 was locked down on sticks, running Sanity 5, for three hours. It's the only patch I knew I could count on.

  • @peternap " I'll lock down two GH2's and a Canon XA10, turn them on and forget them.." How GH2s turned out? Did you set them auto mode? Wide or medium shot? Focus lock? Your inputs would be big help for my coming saturday shooting. I am going to use Sanity too.

  • @tinbeo It depends on what the subject is. I have used them in P mode with good results but in this case the speaker was at a podium and I locked focus and exposure on it. The lenses were manual primes.

    One lens was a Samyang 7.5 which gave me a view of half of the room and one was a 50mm 1.7 on a 7 foot tripod in the back of the room, That gave a good head to chest shot with enough room to allow for some movement.

    The XA10 was wide and close to the speaker on auto.

    I had audio on all three cameras and two H4N's (Redundancy) One connected to my wireless mic at the podium and one plugged into the sound system.

    There was an overflow outside and I was even able to move outside some with the AC160. I've found these crowd shots are more important than the speaker who can get dull real quick if you're only watching him.

    Not to take this OT but a couple of things to remember, Audio is king. Video is just something to look at. (At these functions) I don't like unattended electronic lenses. I've never had a lockup with Sanity 5 but have in every other setting I've used and electronic lenses make it worse because they rob the CPU of resources. Auto focus tends to hunt in darker rooms so better to take autofocus off and risk a few seconds of soft video while the subject shifts around.

    Last, think before you set up.....I set up a few GOPRO's at a senate hearing once, in front of the Senator's bench, on the floor, looking up at the speakers. The bill being considered was broadening the definition of a felony statute that involved indecent pictures. After a few speakers I realized I was close to videoing up the skirts of the clerks at the table.

  • @petersnap Sanity 5 performed like a charm in difficult light run and gun this weekend. Adjusted the light meter 2/3 to the right, gave me beautiful, clear images. Only thing I noticed was noise on a black curtain indoors. Disregard the horrible shotgun sound.

  • @TraumManufaktur Very nice! Yep, Sanity 5 is one of the least discussed but most useful settings we have.

  • @TraumManufaktur

    The noise in the black curtains is a GH2 issue. The deepest shadows will always have a little noise, even at ISO 160. Rest assured Sanity is reproducing the noise cleanly and not smearing it.

  • @TraumManufaktur, very nice.

    What setting do you have used? Im filmming a short, the DP was using shutter 50, ISO320 with glasses Panix 20mm 1.7, Canon FD 50mm 1.4 and Tamron Tele Macro FD 80-210mm 3.8, in general im satisfied with the look, but have some noise in some areas, including a interior white wall with shadows zones. We have more scenes to film, so I need to greatly improve the visual appearance.

  • @Manu4Vendetta Smooth -2, -2, -1, -1, 24p Cinema. All was shot with the 14-140 Lumix with OIS engaged, mounted on a Manfrotto Monopod. Mike was the Sennheiser MKE 300, which indoors picked up a lot of side noise. I only did light grading in FCP X, on a morning deadline. One could crush the blacks or apply a blur with a power window, for example using the plugin TKY Power Grade Lite v2.

  • @Ralph_B "Rest assured Sanity is reproducing the noise cleanly and not smearing it." Very true, and other times when I saw grain (like at 1600 ISO) it was very fine, pleasing. Thank you for this patch, this covers much of my run & gun needs, reliability is paramount, to go with speed in work-flow and file size. So much better than stock!

  • @Peternap
    Thanks for lots of information. For stable and panning, Sanity is the best. If We could mix Sanity with Valkyrie from bkmcwd then bingo :=)