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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • After two months on the road with spotty internet I'm so glad this thread is still alive; it's a miracle! Not going to ask why the sky is not blue, just enjoying the moment.

  • @DrDave - what's up, man? I was wondering where you were. Here's an ungraded and graded comparison of the same footage:

  • @lunalobo75 Looks great. What lenses did you use on DB for this?

  • That's some serious grading!

  • @matt_gh2 These aren't my videos. I did receive my camera last week, but I gave to send it back due to ground issues that I believe happened in shipping. I don't know what lenses he used, but I do know he used Lightroom and VSCO plugins for the grading. Check out his page for all his D16 stuff.

  • @lunalobo75 Thanks - will check out his page. Hopefully you get a fully intact one when they send the replacement!

  • @lunalobo75 sorry you had to wait all that time for the cam and it did not work properly. Did they say how long it would take to replace it?

  • @DrDave Yeah, it sucks. At least I got to shoot some footage (low light isn't that bad, even at 400 Iso)), and the image is pretty fantastic. I haven't sent the camera back yet, since I'm waiting on their tech guys approval. Another owner on the forum said it took a week to get his camera back, so that's pretty hopeful. I have to say, they are pretty good as responding to my emails in a timely manner. Especially Sylvia, who handles most of the emails... nice lady and always informative.

    Also, a user on the forum, came up with a work around for the magenta bias: I've tried it, and it works pretty good without any loss of dynamic range. At least I have my GH4 to shoot with;) Great camera too.

  • They got my camera working, Was a firmware issue, and they fixed it in about 3 days. Spike Lee Shot this with 2 D16 cameras:

  • If anyone is a fan of Hemlock Grove, and want to see teh D16bin action, they just released season 2 today. They used the D16 on a few episodes. Here's a statement from one of the editors Bert Kish: This morning, at the stroke of midnight, Netflix released season 2 of Hemlock grove. I was not only very fortunate to have had the opportunity to edit 4 of the episodes but to also connect with Joe and Elle and bring them on board to test the D16 along side the Alexa. The original idea was to use the camera for second unit dream sequences in order to bring a fresh style and look to a whole new way of watching television. As it turned out the D16 made its Hemlock debut on main unit for an episode directed by Floria Sigismondi and then later for an episode directed by Peter Cornwall. It was finally used on second unit for the last episode directed by David Straiton. The tests were a great success; the camera worked flawlessly under fire and the images it created were unique, filmic and new. Who is the d16 for? We certainly liked it on Hemlock Grove! Thank you to Joe and Elle for the opportunity to test the camera and for allowing us to be part of Digital Bolex history. Most kindly and Humbly Bert

  • Article about DB usage in actual project -

  • This was shot with only available night, and mostly done at night:

  • Spectacularly organic. The filmicity was to die for. Stellar. I cried. Sniff.

  • D16 in production with Elle & Joe. Don't trip! image

    D16 shoot on FB.png
    1229 x 584 - 879K
  • Akk! Making actors step over your stingers performing the scene? Hell-to-the-no! Joe, stop sitting at that prop table and dress the @#$%! line.

  • @DouglasHorn

    You do not understand. Look how strategically it is placed. In next second girl will trip and her head will go directly to the mattebox. It is just crash test :-)

  • Is that 'Justified' they are shooting?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Please stop doing it! I´m cracking up here ;o)

    This is the most professional amateur set I´ve ever seen!

    So it´s a good marketing for the right target ;o)

  • Is it just me or the lens axis is kinda at a weird angle (pointing up) compared to the camera body?

  • The "sleeping with the enemy" footage looks superb, very organic, no brittle video look. Nice little film to boot, well done mr villars.

  • Editor from the Netflix series HEMLOCK GROVE, Bert Kish, wrote a post about the Digital Bolex:

  • BTW that shoot was for this video:

    Very low budget, had 3 locations, 5 crew, and ~60 shots to get in one 11 hour day. Think it turned out pretty well! And yes, that's Joelle Carter from JUSTIFIED. This was before we got our first shipment of Switronix batteries, and when you don't have a budget for a genny... all hail extension cords :) 220 cuts in 4:04... not too shabby.

  • @elle wow fast work, lovely look, really sweet. Congrats.

  • That Sleeping With The Enemy short may be the best thing that I've seen shot with the Dbolex.