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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • @inqb8tr

    Better check , shot on MiniDV cameras. Compared to this shit you can even watch it for hours compared to 2 seconds.

  • Well, no noise in the low light bits. sensor? Mystified.

  • They used both cameras for this video! :)

  • Well, no noise in the low light bits. sensor? Mystified.

    There is plenty of noise in the shots by the campfire.

    The shots in the movie theatre(and all of the other shots as well) are so obviously lit that it probably wasn't that much of a low light scene at all.

  • Bright lights in a movie theatre? How weird. Looking again I can see what you mean.

    I include the direct link as the embedded player has some features disabled for some reason.

  • Why do most of their videos look like those 16mm Kodak point-and-shoot cameras from the 70's?

    I just can't recall a time where I've thought about that particular look, and said "You know, THAT'S what I'm trying go get video to look like... those snapshots from my 9th birthday party at the skating rink."

  • The Airbnb spot looks nice.

  • the over saturated reds are hard to miss. I don't miss that about CCD cameras. You need to apply a secondary CC in post to bring them back to reality. It can be a PITA.

  • I thought the air bnb spot looked too soft... Too much mush.

  • Where I come from it's called being out of focus.

  • Well... a fine job nevertheless :-)

  • It's mentioned in the vimeo comments that it was shot on vintage Kern 16mm lenses, so I think it's safe to say they were after a warm and (literally) fuzzy aesthetic. Which makes perfect sense for a hospitality brand.

    The hyper sharp HD video look of the GH4 would not have served the material as well.

  • I agree, it looks good to me. The CCD and vintage lenses suit this spot much better than the brittle plastic video look a DSLR would have given.

  • I think that @beeldlab 's "Eliza" spots do a much better job of showcasing travel.

    The airbnb spot makes me feel like I left my glasses at home and went on vacation.

  • {...} I left my glasses at home and went on vacation

    it could have been worst @jpbturbo ... about the glasses I mean :P

    So it seems we're out of numbers here; anyway, I like it, to my eyes it conveys a powerful and fresh mix of something that makes me dizzy, a little bit like the promise of entering any other possible extravangt voids while the appreciation of the technical semi-refinement - drag - used as primary veil for a conceived and more instrumental emotional delivery which in the end just reveals itself as a vacuum-whore doing what vacuum whores do best, suck your vital enenrgy (much respect for whores -drag -)... that said I really don't give a flyingasspepperaboutbolex, sorry for using the word extravagant, je je je

  • @maxr. I don't actually wear glasses and in fact I have something in the range of 20/8 vision.

    A good friend of mine however went to Guatemala and broke his glasses on the first day there.

    While watching the video I kept squinting, trying to make out more detail. Since most of the action taking place was somewhat in the distance, I felt cheated, as though I was missing some truth.

    Just my POV of course and I'm glad to have you disagree.

  • @jpbturbo it takes too much energy to disagree :P - the video is ok I guess, I cunt really say, my vision is like 0/-1; just childly messing with you buddy... Guatemala, eh? nice!

  • @lunalobo75

    The image looks great. You might even say it's very "Filmic".... #ducks for cover

    But something weird is going on with the backlit leaves at 2:40.

  • @racer5 - the smart play is to get something tack sharp and then work it in post to attain a little softness or the look of what you want. That way, you don't have that "Shit, we really didn't get it" moment. IMO, it had a "spec" feel to it. I know these guys do professional work, but it didn't feel like something that a client paid for. The @lunalobo75 linked vid looks pretty good, still a LOT of magenta in the midtones there. And the leaves thing was nicht so gut.

  • The recent vids look pretty good.. The price still is the big hangup for me; 3500 for a db16 versus ~700 for a used BMPC

  • Airbnb looks cool, well done! The DB (with good glass mounted) can produce very pleasant images. The RAW color science or the post workflow for this camera is still somewhere flawed. There are still those pink clipped highlights issue.
    Biran Morgan uses a ProRes workflow for his Thailand clip and I am sure thats the reason for the pink highlight clipping. Its not a camera issue.

    To bad, those beautiful hipsters thought they could come up with cool footage in first place. There was to much crappy footage at the beginning. Bloom's stuff also was a bit lackluster run'n'gun style. Now it seems to be to late for this product to survive. They need to score a scoop like a Sundance winner. Even if, they could not satisfy a higher demand …