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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • @DrDave Damn. Nice uprez job then!

  • @DrDave Concerto#3 looking good.

  • DB changed sensor in their camera to monochrome.

    • Kodak native monochrome sensor
    • Same resolution options as D16: Super 16mm (2K), 16mm (HD), and Super 8 (720p)
    • No OLPF filter to further maximize fine details
    • ISO 100, 200, 400, 800
    • 500GB Hard Drive
    • $3999.99
  • The monochrome should fix the pink cloud issue.

  • D16 Monochrome??!!


    these guys are even late with their April Fools jokes! very funny though...

    Quote Miss Schneider: "Due to the natural contrast of black and white, the texture of objects often stand out more in black and white than in color, especially in subtle lighting and higher noise conditions."

    the word Bolex (Bollocks) is finally very apt here...

  • New f4 Kish lenses with the D16:

  • CMOS sensors are like of digital keyboard. You plug in USB cable (to sensor) that is digital and it output digital signal. Sensor in this camera is much more like a piano, it is analog device that output analog signal and you have to sample it.

    OMG. While it can looks something like it to uneducated mind, it is wrong, as build in ADC is not really strict requirement of CMOS sensor, in fact, it is big advantage to be able to make all parts using same process.

  • I'm still wondering about the cable-rigger-rock-climber-harness-manpurse-backpack fashion thing.

  • They were supposed to be showing or making an announcement of speed-cranking for the handle and their anamorphic lenses but instead it's a B&W version that's more expensive than the color version, f/4 fixed aperture lenses and a hipster camera bag?

    I can't tell anymore, is this post-ironic?

  • Will someone please put on of these damn cameras on a tripod and film something good!!???!! Bloom can't be the only one, for the love of god!!!

  • And while they're at it, can they just send Elle to do interviews and leave Joe home? There's something extremely unlikeable about that guy.

  • Our PayPal merchant account manager, who had reviewed and verified our business plan and production cycle back in December, had initially requested we leave the majority of our funds in our Paypal account for security reasons. We complied, so when the account was frozen, so was our ability to pay for the parts we needed to fulfill our orders.

    We were on the phone every business day with a succession of PayPal employees, and getting through to the highest level of PayPal representative took almost six weeks.

    Very good read at

  • so this is how the real scam begins. so they have to go this far to make it believable.

  • @endotoxic

    It has nothing to do with scam. It is paypal and unqualified managers combined.

  • Paypal can freeze an account, I've seen it happen. OTOH, why do we hear about it months later? Anyway, they say they are shipping again.

  • New D16 commercial up on their site. Still waiting on mine; until then, I'm having fun on the GH4:

  • And international shipping is available now.

  • Did anyone ever get an answer as to whether the product was licensed outside of US? According to the Wikipedia (and I have no idea if this is accurate)

    "Currently the license prevents them from selling any cameras under the Bolex brand name outside of the United States."


  • Is this the new commercial:

    They might have overdone the post flare a bit, don't you think? Hahahah.