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Coronavirus: Vaccines efficiency
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  • Ireland


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  • Suicide of a clinic manager: "I can no longer live with the lies addressed to citizens and patients that vaccines are harmless, it is genocide"!

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  • .... aaaand that's how misinformation spreads. That's the original story pasted next to a fictional "secret letter" that the inner circles of the police and mayor are supposedly hiding from the public. While i am in complete doubt about the efficacy of the vaccines and all the "facts" spewed by the government and pharma, it doesn't mean every wild theory is true.

  • The Austrian authorities begin preparations for the introduction of compulsory vaccination from February 2022, said the country's Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg. He explained this decision by the fact that the voluntary vaccination program was thwarted by opponents of vaccinations, writes Krone.

    Schallenberg said that during the mass vaccination process, "too many did not show solidarity." “There are too many political forces, opponents of vaccinations and fake news in our country that incite too many people to refuse vaccinations. Therefore, it was decided to introduce universal compulsory vaccination from February 1, 2022, "the publication quotes the Chancellor as saying. The head of the Austrian government called the situation with refusals to vaccinate "terribly painful", since there is no shortage of vaccines in the country.

    In addition, a 20-day lockdown is being introduced in Austria.

    This guys are very insistent.


    • Peak viral load does not differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated. That is, both of them can get sick with coronavirus equally hard, regardless of the vaccination status. Vaccination does not save you from getting sick with coronavirus, especially its new strains, and a vaccinated (and boosted patient) who gets sick can get sick just as badly as an unvaccinated one.
    • The only revealed bonus of vaccination is, according to the authors of the article, a faster decrease in viral load and vaccinated, that is, they recover a little faster (slightly faster). At the same time, being exposed to post-vaccination risks (complications, etc.)
    • Fully vaccinated people can effectively transmit the infection at home, including fully vaccinated contacts.

  • "The only revealed bonus of vaccination is, according to the authors of the article, a faster decrease in viral load and vaccinated, that is, they recover a little faster (slightly faster). At the same time, being exposed to post-vaccination risks (complications, etc.)

    Fully vaccinated people can effectively transmit the infection at home, including fully vaccinated contacts."

    Of course, besides being virtually ineffective, the other issues with these so-called vaccines are a myriad of adverse reactions and arguably many related deaths. There is no point to these damned inoculations unless you're trying to harm humanity. There is way too much money flowing into very dangerous hands.

  • Director of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Gamaleya Alexander Gintsburg supported the proposal to deprive doctors of their diplomas who discourage patients from being vaccinated.

    Senator, Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexander Bashkin previously proposed to deprive doctors of their diplomas for life who dissuade citizens from being vaccinated against COVID-19. In his opinion, this is unprofessional.

    "I fully support these proposals. Completely," Gunzburg told.

    He noted that such specialists should be deprived of the opportunity to carry out medical activities, because they use their official position to the detriment of people.

    This guys are criminals.

  • UK



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  • Reap what you sow? Doctors dropping like flies in deaths described as “died unexpectedly” and “died suddenly” since mid-October

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Am I understandign this correctly?

    60 per cent of covid19 cases was vaccinated
    66 per cent of covid19 hospitalisations was vaccinated
    82 per cent of covid19 deaths was vaccinated

  • @EspenB

    Yes, it is UK statistics.

    As now almost all old and sick are vaccinated.

  • All of that statistical analysis begs the question, "why vaccinate all?" Is the answer as simple as money?

  • @firstbase As beeing vaccinated only reduces chances to get iill and/or die, it is quite logical that in UK, with such high rate of vaccination, you will get this result. Think a little further, and imagine 100% would vacced. Then 100% of the deaths would account for vacced people. Would you still ask the question??

    As said, maybe put your biases aside for a while, think a little further, and try not to jump to conclusions.

  • @Meierhans

    I don't think that anyone is surprised about old people are dying.

    The question here is older people dying of covid19 despite being "fully" vaccinated.

  • What @Meierhans ia saying is legitim... But then what's all this thing about vaccines... Look we are not stupid people here and we are wondering... I guess now anyone with at least a little brain is wondering???

  • @Meierhans

    It is one big catch.

    How statistics will look even if they allowed just Zelenko protocol for all people? I guess the difference between serious cases will drop to very small numbers. And hence we know WHY we had so big attacks on HCQ, Zync and Vitamin D.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet participated in the trials of a nasal vaccine against coronavirus, as only yesterday he underwent revaccination with Sputnik Light. He will do it in a timely manner, when such permission is given by doctors, the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

    But nevertheless, the Kremlin spokesman continued, "Putin has expressed his willingness to take part in the process of testing a nasal vaccine." Answering the question of when such a step can take place, Peskov explained: "In a timely manner, how the doctors will come to the conclusion that this can be done."

    It seems like we know the future now - constant nasal vaccines. We also see why QR codes and smartphone apps are required. As such app will check code on vaccine bottle and will check process of you injecting new dose.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev They will then be able to force feed us any manner of medications/vaccinations or you won't be able to participate in the economy. Very maddening.

  • directly to the brain, so this is the voice of the future programming. Only they know what other kind of things they will put inside that "nasal vaccine" Crazy shit coming really soon.

  • "Vaccines lose some of their effectiveness in 5-6 months," - said the head of the scientific council under the President of France, Professor Jean-François Delfracy on the air of France Inter, adding that such a decrease in effectiveness has affected "the oldest and most immunocompromised people", but See also "general population". The vaccine protects against "the occurrence of severe and serious forms," ​​recalled Jean-François Delfrassy, ​​but the Covid vaccine "is quite small and even poorly protects against infection and transmission of the virus." This decline in efficacy has been widely documented in the scientific literature for several months now, but several recent studies have shown increasingly alarming numbers in terms of reduced vaccine protection. "

    Using the example of about 780 thousand people vaccinated with either the Janssen vaccine based on a viral vector, or Moderna or Pfizer vaccines based on messenger RNA, the authors demonstrate that in the period from February to October, protection against infection decreases from 87.9% to 48.1 %.

    Exactly the study estimated that in March Janssen, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines provided protection at 86.4%, 89.9% and 86.9%, and after 6 months, protection was only 13.1%, 58% and 43.3%, " Le Figaro writes.

    "There is a consensus that vaccine efficacy is clearly reduced from 2.5 months onwards, and that after 6 months the protection against infection may drop below 50%," confirms Anne-Claude Cremier, infectious disease specialist at the hospital. Saint Louis.

    So, shot with new stuff each 6 months will be required, but this can translate to 3 months soon.

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  • Scotland




    And biggest issue are is not on COVID registered charts:


    For younger ones it is also bad:


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  • South Korea

    When the South Korean government announced a "plan to return to normal life" in late October, experts expected that despite the high vaccination rate, there would be an increase in the number of infected and seriously ill patients, but did not think that negative trends would develop so quickly. All of this jeopardizes the overall policy to lift distancing measures and other restrictions that have been introduced due to COVID-19.

    According to data released on Wednesday, as of midnight on November 24, 4,116 new COVID-19 cases were registered in South Korea over the past day. This became a new record, while the previous one was also set quite recently - on November 18. All this suggests that the spread of coronavirus in South Korea continues, although the vaccination rate among the population is already almost 80 percent. If we take into account only those who have the right to be vaccinated in general (that is, adults and some schoolchildren), then Koreans generally look like an exemplary country in terms of vaccination - more than 90 percent. Despite this, the growth in the number of infected people has been going on for the third week, and the rate is higher than those that the official experts of the Republic of Kazakhstan predicted when the program of "return to normal life" was announced from November 1.

    But more serious cause for concern is the steady increase in the number of critically ill COVID-19 patients whose lives are in real danger. At midnight on November 24, the number of patients in intensive care units in the country was 586, which is also a record. 35 people died during the day. The situation is especially difficult in Seoul and adjacent metropolitan areas. At the moment, in the capital, the occupancy rate of intensive care wards was 86.4 percent, and in the capital region as a whole, where about half of the country's population lives, - 83.7 percent. Earlier, when they announced the beginning of the process of transition to a normal life, 75 percent of the filled intensive care wards were set as the limit indicator. Upon reaching it, the authorities reserved the option to suspend the "return" process, including the introduction of new distancing measures.

    Since in the key region this indicator has already been exceeded, and the situation does not show signs of possible improvement, the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan began to discuss the possibility of introducing emergency measures, and the public was warned about this. "If we talk about the situation in the capital region, then the situation is such that it is necessary to discuss the introduction of emergency measures," Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kim Bu Geom said today, speaking at a meeting of the Center for the Prevention and Control of the Spread of Infectious Diseases.