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Coronavirus: Vaccines efficiency
  • Special topic dedicated to subject.

    As it seems that governments now want to present vaccines as total solution and it is not.

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  • Flu vaccines chart



    800 x 496 - 47K
    800 x 405 - 46K
  • So for 2014/15 season: If 5 persons got vaccinated 4 of them would still get sick.

  • @EspenB

    Low efficiency happens if vaccine does not match actual virus type, as in 2014.

    Issue here is that for coronavirus we need more frequent vaccination, total vaccination and efficiency in 85-95% range. And any change in virus that will render vaccine inefficient will mean full repeat of that happening now.

  • Using highly restrictive criteria, Osterholm and three other influenza researchers screened more than 5700 studies of the efficacy of vaccines licensed in the USA that had been published since the 1960s. From 31 eligible studies – only those whose endpoints were laboratory-confirmed influenza – they found that on average the seasonal flu vaccine was about 59% effective in individuals aged 18 to 65 years – far lower than the 70–90% previously believed – with at best a 4% reduction in mortality among the elderly. In this case ‘effective’ meant able to prevent laboratory-confirmed influenza, regardless of severity. The study was published in Lancet Infectious Diseases.

    Also if you will check charts efficiency for older people (who are prime risk group for coronavirus) is very bad.

  • Numbers started to slide down

    The latest trial data out of a Brazil-based trial for SinoVac's coronavirus vaccine has found that the company's vaccine is 78% effective.

    Turkish researchers said in December that the vaccine showed 91.25% efficacy based on interim data.

    I guess the February we'll see all vaccines sliding into 75-78% category and at the end of May reaching around 60-65%. Taking into account that they do not count older group, after widening vaccination to them it'll drop to usual flu efficiency.

  • According to EMA officials, the exact composition of the tested and mass vaccines differs in many ways, and in particular in the degree of integrity of the mRNA fragments. In the samples for clinical trials, 69% to 81% of the chains were a whole matrix by which the protein can be synthesized from start to finish. On the other hand, batch data produced on new production lines showed lower percentages of whole mRNAs, 59% on average. In some parties, the decline reached 51%. This is what was called the "blocking point" in the November 23 EMA. The outgoing vaccine used a filter that separates full molecules from short cuttings, but it proved difficult to scale up for commercial production.

  • Got the Pfizer shot so 50 percent less likely to get....
    Virus mutates to twice as.....

  • BCG vaccines

    A large scale community-based double blind randomized controlled trial was carried out in Chingleput district of south India to evaluate the protective effect of BCG against bacillary forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. From among 366,625 individuals registered, 281,161 persons were vaccinated with BCG or placebo by random allocation. Two strains of BCG were used, the French and Danish, with a high dose (0.1 mg/0.1 ml) and a low dose (0.01 mg/0.1 ml) in each strain. The entire population was followed up for 15 years by means of resurveys every 30 months, and selective follow up every 10 months and continuous passive case finding. There were 560 cases (189, 191 and 180 from the high dose, low dose and placebo groups respectively) arising over 15 years, among 109,873 persons who were tuberculin negative and had a normal chest X-ray at intake. This represents a small fraction of the total incidence of 2.6 per 1000 person-years most of which came from those who were initially tuberculin positive. The incidence rates in the three "vaccination" groups were similar confirming the complete lack of protective efficacy, seen at the end of 7 1/2 years.

  • Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has published an interesting article on the dangers of mass vaccinations:

    Link to a technical paper here..


    In conclusion: while vaccination may help to momentarily protect an individual, mass vaccination of individuals during the height of a pandemic is going to worsen the global situation by encouraging the virus to select specific mutations enabling it to overcome ‘suboptimal’ immunologic hurdles. As a consequence, the global population will likely have to deal with a worse version of the virus and a worse healthcare situation than earlier in the pandemic. We should stop using conventional prophylactic vaccines in the ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns.

  • Another interesting video on Vitamin D, COVID, and vaccinations by Dr. Ryan Cole:

  • National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamaleis of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, the sovereign wealth fund of the Russian Federation) announce the effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine at the level of 97.6% based on the analysis of data on the incidence of coronavirus among Russians vaccinated with both components of the drug, which makes it the most effective effective vaccine against coronavirus in the world.

  • @firstbase

    ...and then there's this:

    Well, it is not good video, as it is one lie put above another lie and such is for kilometers.

    He openly lie about virus, old story of PCR tests used in the conservative media for half a year now, immunity, efficiency of vaccine, he even use old outdated lies about death rate from virus (had been invented and used during early 2020). And it is all so lazy and non matched lies.

    After this he jump into clotting thing, that is still very rare thing and concerns 2 vaccines, with one being reason of most cases.

    This video aimed on not very good educated people that is aimed to help to kill few of them.

    Yet I still think that governments have some plan, it is just much longer and more complex.

  • Seychelles, which has fully vaccinated more than 60% of the population from Covid-19, is returning restrictions amid rising numbers of new cases. In the archipelago, with a population of almost 100,000, about 500 new cases were reported in the three days prior to May 1, and there are currently about 1,000 active cases (sick).

    A third of active cases are associated with people who received two doses of the vaccine, according to the country's news agency. Others either received a single dose or were not vaccinated.

    By mid-April, about 60% of the vaccine doses used in the country were from Sinopharm, with the rest from Indian-made AstraZeneca.

  • Same here. Don't listen to the media about the real story here. Every day I hear new stories of people who are infected after the vaccine.

    Now the story is that you are more likely to get sick but the vaccine ensures recovery.


  • Quite bad news about mRNA vaccines

    We made a big mistake, "- so Bayram Bridle, a viral immunologist and assistant professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario, described the results of vaccination studies with new mRNA vaccines against coronavirus, writes Children's Health Defense.

    Research by a team of scientists shows that the vaccine spike protein can travel from the injection site and accumulate in organs and tissues, including the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands, and ovaries. Previously, it was assumed that new vaccines would behave in the same way as traditional vaccines.

    “We thought the spike protein was an excellent target antigen, but we didn't know that the spike protein itself was a toxin and a pathogenic protein. So when we vaccinate people, we inadvertently inject the toxin into them,” Bridle said.

    Together with a group of scientists from other countries, he submitted a request for information from a Japanese regulatory agency to access biodistribution studies after vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine.

    According to him, this is the first such study. And it shows that the drug does not remain in the muscles of the shoulder, but is dispersed throughout the body.

    It has also been found that vaccination leads to problems with the cardiovascular system. The immunologist explained the mechanism of this effect, which was previously discovered empirically in many countries. It has been established that the spike protein is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system.

    On the eve of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that new gene vaccines lead to massive increase of heart diseases.

    Immunology veteran J. Bart Klassen has published an article in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. According to the results, new vaccines can have a terrible delayed effect, which will manifest itself only years later and undermine the health of many people.

  • And then:

    Is there a page that refutes the rebuttal?

  • @arum

    Your fact check thing is wrong, as it want to redirect attention.

    We have two problems with any COVID vaccines.

    First problem - spike protein produced go across the body and sticks into receptive cells, preventing normal functioning of very complex processes.

    Second problem - antibodies made also can attack our own proteins that have similar or same parts (and they have such). Issue with this si that process is very slow, you won't die from this. But main impact goes into small blood vessels and lungs. They slowly and steadily loose the needed functions as affected proteins play vital function in expansion and contraction of them.

    Thing that COVID and vaccine authors did is called forcing card trick. No matter that you choose - not being vaccinating and catch virus or get vaccine - it is both not good choices for you and it is both good choices for authors of all this, as it seems. And they want to keep two of this alternatives.

    This also fully explain huge informational attacks, brutal and open, on anything that can cure COVID or easy it and that is not vaccine.

  • I have never heard of our bodies producing a protein that would be attacked by our own antibodies (which does not mean that it is not possible). Any sources for this happening?

    The other idea "First problem", is also interesting: you are suggesting that the spike proteins created as a reaction to the mRNA from the vaccine will cause cell damage. Prions do that, so I can believe it is possible and they do take ages to do "their job", but again, this is the first time I hear about it and would love a source that seems trustworthy. "Microbiology and Infectious Diseases" is a pay-to-publish journal and having published in one once (long story) I am not willing to trust that one article.

    I am however willing to trust my own father and his partner who are a medical doctors and seems pretty comfortable with the vaccines.

  • @arum

    I have never heard of our bodies producing a protein that would be attacked by our own antibodies (which does not mean that it is not possible). Any sources for this happening?

    I had some older posts in main topic, also look for preprints and other sources of scientific papers.

    Thing is that science do not fully and totally understand how antibodies work and how they are formed. Why they use one part of protein and not another. And for different people it can be different parts.

    Antibodies tests go around this by feeding you long enough proteins so different antibodies will attack it anyway.

    you are suggesting that the spike proteins created as a reaction to the mRNA from the vaccine will cause cell damage

    They don't damage the cell - they prevent proper function of our own proteins that are similar to spike protein of COVID. Look at this as you come home and in the lock you have half turned and broken key, so you can't open the lock now.

    I am however willing to trust my own father and his partner who are a medical doctors and seems pretty comfortable with the vaccines.

    Don't be. As complexity of real biology is very big. So most medic workers just translate information that they had been told. So, it does not make it any more credible.

  • The fact the the spike protein is breaking off and circulating is not good news. Although I guess Pfizer has a smaller dose than Moderna.

  • UK

    According to latest data from PHE, a single dose of vaccine reduces a person's chances of catching coronavirus and needing hospital treatment by about 75%, even with Delta circulating in the UK.

    And among people who had received the recommended two doses, the chances of catching and being hospitalised by coronavirus was reduced by more than 90%.

    Of 806 people infected with the Delta variant who ended up hospital in England between 1 February and 14 June 2021:

    • 527 (65%) people were unvaccinated
    • 135 (17%) were more than 21 days after their first dose of vaccine
    • 84 (10%) were more than 14 days after their second dose

    As of 14 June, there have been 73 deaths in England of people who were confirmed as having the Delta variant and who died within 28 days of a positive test, and of these:

    • 34 (47%) were unvaccinated
    • 10 (14%) were more than 21 days after their first dose of vaccine
    • 26 (36%) were more than 14 days after their second dose
  • Mordor

    Among people who received both components of the coronavirus vaccine, only half a percent became infected. According to the minister, this proves that vaccination provides protection, including from a severe course of the disease.

    Thing here is that we have only very small amount of people vaccinated.

  • mRNA vaccine efficacy is VERY dubious, IHMO. Check this out...

  • If considering one of these "vaccines," perhaps it would be best to wait for the Novavax version, which utilizes a more traditional vaccine recipe.