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GoPro Hero9 topic
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  • Delayed v1.5 Firmware Release:

    Heads Up: This firmware update is now slated for December.

  • HERO9 Black update v1.5 | December 17, 2020


    • Provides support for The Remote
    • Provides support for the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter
    • Improves HyperSmooth performance at cold temperatures
    • Offers faster wireless offloads to the GoPro app
    • Improves GPS lock and accuracy
    • Provides support for Live Streaming with the Max Lens Mod


    • Improvements to Scheduled Capture
    • General bug fixes and user interface improvements
  • The new slim line remote replaces the age old smart remote from the Hero4 era.

    Works with MAX and Hero8 after firmware updates.

    Available in the US now, launching worldwide in february 2021.

    1768 x 952 - 42K
  • Apparently there is a new bug in the v1.5 firmware.

    There is a saying: if you pay the engineers with peanuts you get monkeys.

  • A new firmware will appear at the end of january according to GoPro customer service.

  • GoPro Lab updates

    With the additional new features launched today, users can push GoPro camera versatility even further and provide important feedback to the GoPro team to drive the outcome of potential future updates. New GoPro Labs features include:

    • Camera Motion Triggers: Leverage the camera's accelerometer and/or gyroscope to start/stop capture only when the camera is in motion, preserving storage and battery.
    • USB Power Triggers: Equips GoPro to start/stop capture when USB power is detected, enabling USB-triggered functions like serving as a dash cam.
    • Motion Detection Enhancements: Motion detection is now supported in all video modes, including 360° motion detection on MAX, with improvements to the sensitivity range.
    • Simplified Live Streaming QR Code: Program GoPro to start live streaming within seconds of being connected to a designated Wi-Fi network.
    • Single-Setting/One-Button Mode: Enable a one-button mode where the operator can only start/stop capture, making it impossible to accidentally change camera modes---designed to capture critical events.
    • New Exposure Modes: Set timed exposure lock and minimum shutter speed settings.
    • New QR Code Controls: QR code controls supported in 5K and HindSight capture for HERO9 Black.
  • GoPro has finally adressed the horizontal "split screen" exposure issue which has been bugging the recordings in certain modes. Almost two and a half months to fix this with a new firmware update is maybe not that impressive.

    HERO9 Black update v1.52 | February 25, 2021 HERO9 Black v1.52


    • Improved an issue where some videos showed a vertical line or divided image exposure
    • Improvements to QuikCapture reliability
    • Improvements to camera power-on reliability
  • Hero9 Audio issue?