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GoPro Hero9 topic
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  • Just a crazy experiment. Decided to put a monopod and a long selfie stick together. Ended up being a bit wobbly because of the wind. At least that's one way to test the stabilizer and the audio in that condition. 5K 30p, medium sharpness, flat color profile, wide lens mode snf Hypersmooth enabled. I plan on getting a carbon fiber telescopic mast pole and possibly a gimbal so that I can keep the stabilizer off and try to get the most detailed footage possible as well and to keep the camera facing forward when I tilt the mast up or down. Those masts can get a bit high and should be less wobbly than this set up as long as it's not too high. Plan on getting one anywhere from 25 to 35 feet.

    Would have gone earlier but it was raining a bit. Video could have looked better on a brighter day.

  • You gotta give it to GoPro: They don't give a shite about releasing their non functional firmware and let their paying customers be the beta testers for the next 6 months.

    BTW: Mr Lerma is with GoPro after beeing hired to supervise the defunct drone department.

    648 x 439 - 49K
  • Just to reiterate here:

    The other aspect that I'd say is just the overall usability. We've really spent a ton of time and energy to make a GoPro as fast and easy to use as a smartphone. The performance has gone through the roof, but that's only valuable if you are also able to easily access that performance. And so kudos to the design and engineering teams at GoPro for marrying blistering performance with ever improving convenience. It's a Formula One car that's easy to drive with…

  • GoPro crappy support.

  • Roland cs 10em mic system.

  • First you sell the camera, then you make the firmware.

    Oct. 22 – Firmware Update

    • Touchscreen Sensitivity – increased sensitivity to better register taps and swipes.
    • Image Quality Improvements –
    • Improved correction for colored dots (or pixels) in video modes, including TimeWarp, time lapse and LiveBurst, especially with lower ISO settings
    • Protune Medium Sharpness has been fine-tuned for 4k video modes
    • Connectivity – bug fix keeps GoPro app pairing on point.

    Nov. – v1.5 Firmware Release

    • Slow-Mo Shortcut – introducing a new slow-mo shortcut option for rear display.
    • HyperSmooth 3.0 – we’re improving HyperSmooth performance even more in colder temperatures.
    • External Mic – connectivity enabled for the 3.5mm Mic Adapter.

    What about a Remote Control? – YES, you can use voice commands and the GoPro app to control your HERO9 Black, but sometimes you just need that handy remote to make the magic happen at the right time. We are developing a new Remote Control for HERO9, as the previous GoPro Smart Remote is not compatible. Stay tuned to The Inside Line for availability of the new Remote.

  • @EspenB Thanks very much for another quick update on what's going on at GoPro. But, again, really? You think it would be better for GoPro to release the camera in late October or even November, just because of a few missing features? All the 5K and horizon-leveled videos shot since release are so worthless that we are all better off if they were never shot? Let everyone wait another month so they can have a better touch screen experience?

    The touchscreen sensitivity is perhaps the worst I have ever experienced of any device with a touch screen, but you can still use it. More seriously it is clear that the 4K video has some peculiar smoothing going on (seen especially on skin), maybe related to the sharpness effect. So, use low sharpness and move on.

  • The above video is another example of a click-bait YouTuber who hasn't read the camera manual. Among his false claims is that the front LCD of the Hero9 turns off while shooting, which is an option, not the default - it can stay on while shooting. Also, he seems to ignore what is plain as day, which is that the Hero9 picture is visibly more detailed than that from the comparison camera (he says "a tiny bit better"). Oh, his answer to the title question of his video "End of action cameras?" - "you decide." Brilliant! Some nice shots, though, and the review is in 4K.

  • @markr041

    We all now that you are pefectlly happy with your car going forward in 5th gear even if the reverse is never working and headlights turn on/off in a intermediat fashion.

    However, for most people that is a serious turn off.

    Yes, GoPro should develop their crappy firmware before product is put on the market.

    As for the Hero9 many issues can probably be boiled down to the 4 year old LSI.

  • My post just pointed that the video you posted claimed there was an issue when in fact there was not. It was not a general denial of issues. Just a correction, a fact. My videos are facts. People can make their own judgements.

    If you are "turned off", why should we care? Why should others actually be deprived from using the camera because you are turned off? I can assure you the Hero9 does not endanger anyone.

    Anyway, you are just repeating yourself, and are not providing any additional information about the camera, unlike many of your factual posts and video links.

  • @markr041

    Your ONLY point is to make endless apologies for the historically flawed firmware GoPro has issued all the way since the Hero3 (prior to that the firmware was outsourced).

    Wouldn't it be nice if GoPro actually developed the crap before shipping it for once?

    Endless rave reviews from GoPro drones (pun itended) waiting for the next freebe review sample has not been helpfull.

    What the hell happenede to Woodmans claim of shipping the most responsive touch interface ever?

    Don't feel the need to constant "point out" that negatives are useless as "whatever GoPro ships out is the greatest ever".

    A factual post about issues not being resolved until november at the earliest was again met only by your stupid attempt to ridicule me yet again.

  • @EspenB I am not apologizing for GoPro in any way, just providing the facts and videos and responding to your one view that no camera should be released until it has no flaws. Otherwise I would let your rants go; I do not care that you have some kind of vendetta against GoPro. I do not have to defend GoPro, or feel any compulsion to do so, unless there is misinformation.

    And, calling you out for your opinion on this issue is not ridicule of you - it is ridicule, if it is ridicule at all, of your position. I always express gratitude to the information you provide - I have benefited from it. This is not personal. But you have mucked up this thread with hate, which is now overwhelming the light. Work out your problem somewhere else.

  • 5K, highest sharpness setting, GoPro color profile, Hypersmooth stabilization enabled. On the same selfie stick that goes from 15 inches to 9 feet. I'll sometimes record just about any kind of event regardless of what party the group of people leans to politically.

  • Another ReelSteady 5K video example, with binaural stereo sound for fun:

  • The real question is why they intentionally released their Hero9 with a bad touch screen experience much worse than previous generations.

  • The touchscreen now behaves normally, as opposed to annoyingly, after this latest firmware update.

  • PolarPro filters

  • Still the king i low light.

  • GoPro HERO9 Black 5K Action Cam Bundle w/ 1-Year GoPro Subscription for $350