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GoPro Hero9 topic
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  • So no secrets that GoPros own stuff are heavy post processed in Adobe.

  • Poor guy pryed the side mic cover off.

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  • So a strange update from Gopro on Inside Line yesterday. Maybe it's time for GoPro to finish developement of the camera before shipment...

    And while HERO9 Black packs a heavy punch, we are still working on making it even better. We will have a firmware updates coming to improve your video and photo capture experience:

    Touchscreen Sensitivity – some of those taps and swipes are being missed and we’re creating a fix!

    Rock the Mic – the internal microphone for HERO9 Black is next-level but we know sometimes you want to give it a boost. Start stepping up your audio with the Media Mod, which features a built-in directional mic with wind suppression and a 3.5mm mic port. Note: We’ve had to temporarily disable external mic functionality on the HERO9 Black without the Media Mod to fix some bugs.

    What about a Remote Control? – YES, you can use voice commands and the GoPro app to control your HERO9 Black, but sometimes you just need that handy remote to make the magic happen at the right time. We are developing a new Remote Control for HERO9, as the previous GoPro Smart Remote is not compatible. Stay tuned to The Inside Line for availability of the new Remote.

  • For those who really do not care about an external mic or a remote control why should they be deprived of the scores of abilities the camera does have in the meantime? Like 5K superbly stabilized video without a gimbal.

  • @markr041

    As if these are the only firmware issues. There are the ususal freezes and other issues.

    GoPro's never ship with a functional firmware. Usually it takes like 6 months to iron out the worst offenders.

    Also, CEO Woodman was stating that the new user interface would be as responsive and fast as a high end smart phone. Really? I can't find anyone who thinks so.

  • GoPro Hero 9 on a carbon fiber selfie stick that goes from 15" to 9 feet from #270Pro called the Backpack S. Liner + Horizon Leveling engaged. I originally wanted to use my iPhone as a monitor but unfortunately as soon as I hit record, I get no preview and so I wasn't able to see what the GoPro is seeing since it's so high up. I shot it in 4K 60p. Used the GoPro color profile. First time using this set up.

  • @EspenB I appreciate hearing the viewpoint of someone who does not actually shoot video and wants to deprive people who do shoot video from using a camera until it satisfies his sense of what is "functional." Sure, withhold a camera because there are some glitches. But somehow, with non-"functional" firmware, we still get videos like Paulo's above and this:

    Great colors, 5K resolution, wonderful ambient audio, and amazing stabilization (just the standard, no horizon levelling, no digital "lens").

    I shot this 5K stabilized video with the camera on for 2.5 hours in 75-degree (F) weather. No glitches, used one battery.

  • GoPro Hero9 Sound test: Jazz, Piano and a Protest

  • @markr041

    That is a sentiment form a guy which is happy about his car going forward in 5th gear and not caring about said car not being able to go in reverse and with intermediate flashing of head lights.

    Firmware has always been a catastrophe for GoPro and with the Hero9 they continue their long found legacy.

  • Oh, I see, just a GoPro hater who does not use any "gear." But, seriously, you think it is a "catastrophe" that the new model needs a new remote that is not yet available? That the use of the external mic adapter is temporarily off, and the touchscreen is annoyingly stubborn for the moment? So, the camera should not be allowed to be sold...

    Battery life is good as promised, the camera does not freeze, all functions work, even "reverse," the audio is great, you can transfer clips directly from the camera to computer by usb, 5K really works, with incredible stabilization and even horizon levelling, and the quality of both the picture and audio is amazing. All for $349, less than the cost of a CFast card. It is actually waterproof, pre-roll works, 2.7K 120p is better than most cameras have for hfr, and it works, with stabilization and audio. What "gear" am I missing (I have not tried stills).

    I await your list of the catastrophic failures, based of course on what you read, not what you actually experience, that would merit withdrawal of the camera from the market that you advocated.

    It is useful to post found limitations, just as it is to post videos demonstrating capabilities. Minus rants and hyperbole.

  • @markr041

    just a GoPro hater

    Please stop the silly and unfounded labeling.

    the camera does not freeze

    Clearly it freezes for several well respected reviewers on the tube. Paid ambassadors of course never utter a negative word. They are waiting for their free Hero10.

    the quality of both the picture and audio is amazing

    While my remarks about the GoPro never touched the "quality" of video or audio, there seems to be a somewhat over enthusiastic hyperbole in your last statement. Video quality on the Hero9 is basically more or less the same as the Hero8 which again was more or less the same as the Hero7. There are basically a very incremental upgrades form each iteration here. Aside from tweaking and refinements to hypersmooth most are tweaking to color profiles, digital NR (I wish you could turn that sucker off in protune!) and the idiosyncratic selection of screen size, front glass, removed HDMI, refusal to add in wireless mic options, selling in a self timer and custom profiles as upgrades which need a new device.

    This is the 4 gen Hero with the same GP1 chip (over clocked since Hero8) since GoPro is not in a finacial situastion to shell out "developement" of a new SOC, but it clearly shows as while the Hypersomooth in the Hero9 has improved the picture quality has gone down in several modes as the processor is out of DSP cycles in the demanding modes.

  • The influencers usually use pre-release firmware, and in this case the retail firmware was in fact released on the camera release date after the influencers ran their "tests.". Other than that, I have experience without any freezes - for example, shooting 5K video for three hours without turning off the camera, resulting in about 45 GB's of video. All on 1.2 batteries. No freeze, no overheating, and it was in hot sun. Or shooting for about 1.5 hours in 5K the next day.

    5K is almost twice the resolution of 4K (1.8X), hardly an "incremental" improvement. The top video you provided, which provides a detailed comparison of the 5K images with the 4K ones on the Hero8, concludes the 5K images have more detail than the 4K images of the Hero8 - so it is real improvement. And 5K is really important, since most of the GoPro tricks (advances) like stabilization and digital lenses crop the sensor - so if you shoot in 5K and use those digital techniques you can actually achieve true 4K, which is a real advance. 5K images will look significantly better in any digital mode than the 4K images of the Hero8. Indeed, because of the increase in pixels, the 4K on the Hero8 could very well be better than the 4K on the Hero9 - so shoot 5K.

    I think that you are right that the processor limits what can be achieved - I think that is why the 4K is not from oversampling 5K, so there is no improvement in 4K or any of the other modes that are both on the Hero8 and Hero9. The answer is to shoot in 5K to take advantage of the improvements, and it is a big advantage. In the other modes, yes, the Hero8 is just as good, so what?

    5K (tested) and better battery life by 30% (tested) are not trivial advances, and are not upgrades that could be implemented in the Hero8 for free. They alone are worth the upgrade, if one cares about video quality and shooting performance in the field. Not to mention the front-screen, which I personally do not care about. These are hardware upgrades. As is, of course, the removable lens cover, back by popular demand.

    Btw, I did notice that the shadows have a bit more noise, as is expected given the pixel-size shrinkage, and I would never use the GoPro in very low-light settings, a limitation of the sensor/pixel size and of the stabilization technology. It is not the perfect camera, but a waterproof real 5K shooter (tested) with excellent audio (tested) that actually fits in a pocket (tested) and has a very decent battery life (tested) and does not freeze (tested) and can be used handheld while moving with the camera without the viewer getting sick (tested) is a real addition to the array of cameras now available, and at a very reasonable price for what you get. There is no camera that has in-built stabilization that is better for camera movement, let alone that does it in 5K resolution. And, by tested, I mean tested by me, with videos that demonstrate the performance.

    Normally, I just post my own videos so viewers can make their own judgements. But when someone, especially someone who has not used the camera, actually posts the idea that the camera that I have used successfully should be not made available, well, blowback is required.

  • Mr. EspenB, you have done it again: From your own post above, where you usefully copied GoPro's statement about planned firmware fixes, which specifically mentioned the mic adapter and the Hero9:

    "Note: We’ve had to temporarily disable external mic functionality on the HERO9 Black without the Media Mod to fix some bugs."

    You understand the word "temporarily"?

    So, now you copy a video with a standard clickbait ("Big Problem") and in this case misleading title proclaiming something that was already discussed in this very thread due to your own post, including a solution in that post - why? This cannot be to add information.

    The mic adapter worked with the pre-release firmware, then it was disabled, and it will be re-enabled according to GoPro. The fact that it worked pre-release means it is not a hardware issue, just firmware. So, it is perfectly credible it will be fixed and you already brought to the attention to those who read this thread. Yes, it is odd the adapter was disabled and it is annoying, but it it will be fixed. Meanwhile the built-in mics and audio electronics are superb, as demonstrated by the video I posted, but you do not want "hear" that.

  • Excellent Hero9 Max Lens Mod and Horizon-Leveling explanations and demonstrations:

    Why there is a 45-dgree limit to normal horizon leveling, why horizon leveling only works in linear mode without the Mod lens, why there are resolution limits using the Mod lens and what the lens allows that you cannot do without it and why, and ultimately why having a 5K sensor is so important for all of the stabilization and leveling capabilities.

  • @markr041

    HERO9 Black update was v1.21 | September 16, 2020
    "Helpful" tip about the issues was released SEP 25, 2020.

    So 10 days delayed to inform customers about shitty firmware and removal of features.

    Strangely enough I still have mysterious freezes even on my hero 7 blacks. These have been sold for the last 2 years. Still shitty firmware and latest update was Nov. 25, 2019. GoPro has clearly no intention in ironing out the bugs.


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  • Surely there are better options. Both for GoPro and Sony.

    The add on are actually smaller than the LCD on the Hero9 itself. :-p

  • The display mod is interesting. What we learn is it is a standard HDMI monitor, and so far we know it works on the Sony A7 iii, but I have not seen any other attempts for other cameras yet.

    These YouTube guys are obsessed with Vlogging, but in fact this may be a cheap, portable solution for cameras with fixed back screen (e.g., the BMPCCxK's and the Sigma fp), since the display will flip back and give the correct (not upside down) view - so you can use it for low-POV shots of any angle and frame.

    Adds little weight, does not steal power, and is really cheap - $55 if you have the GoPro subscription that comes free when you purchase a Hero9. And it appears to be good in sunlight (like the back screens of GoPros), so it may save your butt if you use the BMPCCxK's, which have screens that are invisible in bright sun - turn it on when you are otherwise blind, turn it on if you want a different angle and want to frame. Or, Vlog with a cinema camera!

  • @markr041 I'm not sure if you have access to a GH5, but if you do could you offer your opinion on the stabilization of the Hero 9 Black vs the GH5 Dual IS?

  • No camera with IBIS, or any lens with OIS or the combo comes close to the in-camera stabilization of the Hero9 for moving with the camera. For static shots, the GH5 is one of the best, but you cannot move with the camera and achieve gimbal-like smoothness like you can with the GoPro. I have shot many videos handheld with the GH5.

  • Thanks for your insight. I'm planning a drive by of the subject, so it sounds like I'll have an excuse to add a 9 Black to the bag.

  • @Fran_Guidry

    Note that gimbal that you can get on sale or used can be very cheap. Cheaper than hero camera.