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GoPro Hero9 topic
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  • Nicholas Woodman

    That's an easy one. Thanks for asking it. Stabilization, HyperSmooth stabilization is game changing. It really is one of those features that without any camera, any cameras video just looks unusable from an experience sharing standpoint or if you want to feature it in a little video highlight that you make or something. If you compare HyperSmooth stabilized video to non-stabilized or even stabilization from other companies, there's no comparison. When we came out with HyperSmooth first with HERO7, and then we moved to HyperSmooth 2.0 with HERO8, and we maybe moving on to the next-generation HyperSmooth with our upcoming product.

    Our engineers’ just keep taking it to the next level in terms of stabilizing footage to where it's, you cannot believe how good it looks. We killed the gimbal. We really did. The HyperSmooth works under water. It works in really high winds, where a normal gimbal would break. I don't see how the gimbal business is surviving these days except for cameras that don't that aren't a GoPro.

    If you're happy with your original HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO4, HERO6, whatever you got to take a look at HyperSmooth stabilized video coming out of a modern GoPro and it's just going – if you loved your GoPro before, you're going to say it’s just the greatest invention ever – invention and we are really proud of it.

    The other aspect that I'd say is just the overall usability. We've really spent a ton of time and energy to make a GoPro as fast and easy to use as a smartphone. The performance has gone through the roof, but that's only valuable if you are also able to easily access that performance. And so kudos to the design and engineering teams at GoPro for marrying blistering performance with ever improving convenience. It's a Formula One car that's easy to drive with…

  • We killed the gimbal. We really did. The HyperSmooth works under water. It works in really high winds, where a normal gimbal would break. I don't see how the gimbal business is surviving these days except for cameras that don't that aren't a GoPro.

    It is real bullshit. How about normal footage where you don't have huge winds and you are not underwater? :-)

    Gimbal made by Zhiyun that stabilizes better that works with any smartphone is $46 now :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I know. HyperSmooth does not work in dim light. Of course, GoPro itself is not super i low light either, but i get usuable results with GoPro and Karma Gimbal. And a few Aputure lights.

    Other benefits of gimbal is a level horizon and no image crop.

    But for the casual GoPro user which would not buy a gimbal regardless HyperSmooth is a miracle.

  • One other big advantage of gimbal is on how you hold it and that it add weight to camera/smartphone. This alone is big plus.

    Originally HyperSmooth had been made for action, like bikes and such,

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    • 5K at 60fps recording
    • Improved DR
    • Significantly improved stabilization
    • Improved cooling design



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  • Looks like the front glass can be replaced again.

    The only bad choise here seems that the back LCD is not bigger, should really be an edge-to-egde size.

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  • Supposedly a leak from the gopro site itself.

    Suggest a retail price of USD 349. But might be up to USD 449 yet again?

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  • @EspenB

    $349 for bundle can be not bad, but it can be sales price.

  • We should speculate on the new side door under the power button.

    Perhaps a integrated mic input jack?

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  • New leaks of packaging.

    HyperSmooth 3.0.

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  • If you look at the rendering of the protective sleeve, it has two slots under the power button.

    The square thing on the body under the power button could just be an external heatsink device.

    Again, this is something that we have seen on the DJI Osmo Action before.

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  • New GoPro Hero 9



    Data Overlays

    TimeWarp 3.0


    HyperSmooth 3.0

    Front-facing colour display

    New Battery 40% larger

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  • Source:

    HERO 9 Black confirmed specs:

    • Finally a new 24 megapixel sensor using the Sony IMX677 1/2.3 sensor. Sorry, still no 1" sensor.

    • Replaceable lens cover and possibly a lens add on or removal for larger Field of View (FOV). Whole new lens manufacturer.

    • Max Lens Mode which allows ultra wide FOV and horizontal stabilization. Seems to also be called "Max Superview."

    • 5.3K @ 30fps video with Hypersmooth 3.0

    • 20MP photos. No longer 8 or 12MP now named "Wide, Linear, Natural, or SuperMax"

    • Complete microphone mechanical redesign. Should allow for much better audio in windy situations. See the new wide Microphone recess below the mode button.

    • Front facing liveview enabled color LCD in addition to upgraded rear LCD. Front facing LCD is not touch enabled.

    • Hypersmooth 3.0 - Added stabilization. Maybe a punch out from an even wider FOV lens like we see with the HERO mode on the GoPro MAX.

    • Still uses custom Socionext SC2000A aka GP1. Never know if marketing will give it a new name. Linux Kernel now is aware of the multiple cores although it may not be able to use them.

    • Updated MIMO enabled WiFi & Bluetooth module for faster download and 1080P streaming

    • "Hindsight" Option - Always recording a 5 to 10 seconds before you press record.

    • Webcam support in mainline updates

    • Possible deep sleep for super long timelapses.

    • PowerPano automatic leveling panoramic.

    • Battery, USB, and card access door redesigned. (See added tab on battery below). Battery & USB-C positions the same. Possibly (hopefully) card position changes slightly.

    • New check in security enclave preventing cloned "blue top batteries" from working correctly.

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  • Source:,118057.html

    GoPro finally makes the battery bigger

    Another innovation that is certainly very important for many users of GoPro cameras is that the manufacturer is equipping the Hero 9 with a new battery. This has a capacity of 1720mAh and is therefore almost 41 percent larger than the previous model. It remains to be seen how much this will affect the running time of the new Actioncam. Of course, GoPro also brings a new charging dock, in which two of the new batteries can be quickly charged with energy .

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  • Still no GP2 chip. They seem to be able to milk that previous chip yet another time.

    Hero6 = GP1.

    Hero7 = GP1+MEMORY.



  • @EspenB

    Main LSI development is common issue in all industry.

    We already saw fall of Olympus due to this reason mostly, next we'll see total fall of Ricog/Pentax.

    Also lot of smaller players (ala famous Z-CAM) will be dead after current stock of HiSIlicone chips will be gone.

  • GoPro Hero9 Black:

    23.6MP sensor,

    5K Video (5120x2880px,

    20MP photos,

    1.4in front screen for preview/status,

    2.27in main screen,

    479 Euro.



    So they will sell it as a upmarket device yet again. Currently the Osmo Action is 379 euro direct from DJI. With a 5 per cent discount if you subscibe to news from DJI.

  • In use...

    1162 x 928 - 77K
  • Removable protection glass


    596 x 534 - 26K
  • Early launch this year.

    September 16. Tag lines - "More resolution". "More everything".

  • I guess it was inevitable that size increased with the new battery but this seems much bigger than before.

    1239 x 1242 - 53K
  • Removable front glass.

    1247 x 1242 - 79K
  • Short unboxing video: