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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • have a classified clearance then ....a need-to-know ? I guess you've been to area 51 too. Classified projects btw do all their research, design, fabrication and secret.

  • @kurth

    Not US, but had some in Mordor :-) Here emerging things also have special government structures supporting and sponsoring them. But it does not mean that all of them become usable in reality product that even only military can use.

  • one said that they have a product ready for distribution, but they're working on the potentiality of it. And it can be lightyears ahead of anything commercially available. And you did all that work for the govt and didn't get any intellectual property from it ? Guess that form of capitalism isn't working so well.

  • @kurth

    If you don't know for now. Around 99% of all employees do not get any copyright or even patents for anything they worked on, all is owned by company or government. It is same in all capitalist countries and China also.

  • @Vitaliy....o...well in case you don't know for now...everyone working for darpa gets their name on the patent, even if it's classified. The inventor is the lowest name on the list. It's impossible to know for sure because most agreements are private, but based on my limited experience, they all have royalty sharing, if a patent is commercially licensed.

  • @kurth

    May be DARPA is different. But in companies patents usually are limited to certain departments and research centers (also in universities it is common practice), they get their name in patents, but frequently they get exact zero payments despite patent being used for very wide consumer tech. I knew few real samples where researchers of former IBM research center (after this it had been Hitachi and after this had been mostly dissolved) did not get any profits from their HDD related patents.

  • Lufthansa said Monday it will slash more jobs on top of 22,000 previously announced cuts and put more planes out of service as the coronavirus continues to crush travel demand.

    The German airline group said in a statement it was losing some 500 million euros ($590m) a month, and bookings were declining after a brief rebound over the summer.

    Not good.

  • The Regional Expert Committee on Traditional Medicine for COVID-19 formed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and the African Union Commission for Social Affairs has endorsed a protocol for phase III clinical trials of herbal medicine for COVID-19 as well as a charter and terms of reference for the establishment of a data and safety monitoring board for herbal medicine clinical trials.

    “Just like other areas of medicine, sound science is the sole basis for safe and effective traditional medicine therapies,” said Dr Prosper Tumusiime, Director of Universal Health Coverage and Life Course Cluster at WHO Regional Office for Africa.

    “The onset of COVID-19, like the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, has highlighted the need for strengthened health systems and accelerated research and development programmes, including on traditional medicines,” said Dr Tumusiime.

    The endorsed technical documents are aimed at empowering and developing a critical mass of technical capacity of scientists in Africa to conduct proper clinical trials to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of traditional medicines in line with international standards. Phase III clinical trials are pivotal in fully assessing the safety and efficacy of a new medical product. The data safety and monitoring board will ensure that the accumulated studies data are reviewed periodically against participants’ safety. It will also make recommendations on the continuation, modification or termination of a trial based on evaluation of data at predetermined periods during the study.

    If a traditional medicine product is found to be safe, efficacious and quality-assured, WHO will recommend for a fast-tracked, large-scale local manufacturing, Dr Tumusiime explained, noting that through the African Vaccine Regulatory Forum, there is now a benchmark upon which clinical trials of medicines and vaccines in the region can be assessed and approved in fewer than 60 days.

  • @Vitaliy ....I'd say in the US, all govt labs as well as all federally funded universities have royalty sharing. Any place that requires a clearance. I'd say that most likely only in mordor and china are they fuxing over their talent. But most people already knew this. IBm is notorious for being a bad company to work for, so it wouldn't surprise me. Ti as well.

  • @kurth

    I told the same, but if you work not in lab or university usually it no patent applied at all (as it is unwanted disclosure) and certainly 100% no copyright. At least this is my experience and experience of around 20 people I know who works in US commercial companies. All they get is very strict NDA to sign and sometimes small shares options in case they do something very valuable or if they are very valuable employee be themselves.

  • Stimulus is the only thing that holds US economy from falling off the cliff now




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  • Back to airborne stuff

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention abruptly removed information from its website saying that COVID-19 can spread through the air and that it may travel distances farther than six feet. It also removed statements saying that the virus usually spreads when people inhale particles produced by others.

    The CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) have been reluctant to acknowledge the role that tiny airborne particles might play in disease spread. At the start of the pandemic, the agencies concluded that the coronavirus spread from person to person when they were in close contact with each other, through heavy, large droplets produced when someone who was sick coughed or sneezed.

    It is not a surprise as this thing put huge stop sign on social distancing idiocy that all governments so love.

  • Good indicator

    Note how OneWeb had been quickly saved and all their satellites again on schedule.

    Also SpaceX is going fast in launching lot of their small satellites.

    Most fun thing to note that previous preparations to such projects (and with lot of press coverage) peaked right before 9/11.

    This time it is all for real, as they are required due to big filtering not only in China but also in lot of other countries. Satellites will form so called "safe net" for this regimes preventing them from over-tightening the screws.

  • so while the world suffers from a biological attack from a hostile nation, the nation seeks to spy on it's enemies....

  • @kurth

    A Chinese technology company with links to Beijing's military and intelligence agencies has been compiling personal information on millions of people from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India and Japan.

    The database, which is understood to have been stolen and leaked to the Five Eyes Intelligence network by an anti-China activist, was put together by the private firm Zhenhua Data: a Shenzhen-based company that lists the People's Liberation Army and Chinese Communist Party among its main clients.

    And the reason to believe that this database was not simple made up by NSA or CIA from small part of their own data is.. well none.

    Zhenhua Data—whose official website has since been taken down—claims it provides "services for military, security and foreign propaganda", and describes its mission as influencing the "great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation".

    The company's chief executive Wang Xuefeng has also previously used Chinese social media app WeChat to endorse waging “hybrid warfare”, a term that refers to the use of unconventional methods such as cyber attacks, fake news and electoral intervention to disrupt and disable an opponent without engaging in open hostilities.

    It is just coincidence that US had exactly zero proof that WeChat or TikTok are bad, but now.. again zero proof, except poor people brains fucked with this nonsense.

    Balding and Potter further note that “open liberal societies fail to grasp the threats embodied in Chinese authoritarian communism by ignoring non-traditional warfare and influence operations.”

    I want to vomit here :-)

    All further posts on such - use

  • @Vitaliy....except ...they were tracking 10,000 people from...India. No secret there's a disagreement between china and India, which is 'motive'. But your prejudice is too funny.

  • @kurth

    .except ...they were tracking 10,000 people from...India.

    Except government friendly US and UK "analytics" told you that this database that come from nowhere has accidentally 10,000 people from India and many more from different nice countries.

    But your prejudice is too funny.

    Of course it is funny to see how biggest spy and heroin drug lord (US) releases statements on how he will fight to death for common good and democracy.

    All further related posts, including replies to this one go to

  • Coronavirus and office expenses

    At least in 3 IT US companies I know all reductions of office expenses due to remote working went to stock buybacks (read - to investors) or to management bonuses. Ordinary workers and lot of small managers got salary cuts, especially ones who had been smart and moved from very expensive areas (top managers openly sent email demanding to inform company about such and that new salary will be from 15% to 30% lower in this case).

  • The UK recorded 6,178 new coronavirus cases, close to the highest daily figure ever recorded (6,201 on 1 May). However, there are more than twice as many tests taking place every day now as there were then.

    Note that it is ONLY twice as many tests despite they had so much time to make it better.

  • I want to find more logic in this photo


    It can be good for business to have more tables instead of distance rules, but overall it is pointless.

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  • Sweden, which has stood out among European countries for its low-key approach to fighting the coronavirus pandemic, has recorded its highest tally of deaths in the first half of 2020 for 150 years.

    Covid-19 meant that deaths were about 10% higher than the average for the period over the last five years, the office said on Wednesday. In April the number of deaths was almost 40% higher than average due to a surge in Covid-related fatalities.

    Sweden behavior is necessary for second wave to be very deadly worldwide, as it will be used as example that all is nice. So, they just follow orders. Same way they did during WWII by providing Germany all necessary ore and other supplies.

    All last months in Sweden statistics of cases is kept in ok region by using tight control over testing and keeping it low.

  • Children and youth infected with SARS-CoV-2 have milder disease than do adults and, even among those with the recently described multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C), mortality is rare. The reasons for the differences in clinical manifestations are unknown, but suggest that age-dependent factors may modulate the anti-viral immune response. We compared cytokine, humoral, and cellular immune responses in pediatric (children and youth, age < 24 years) (n=65) and adult (n=60) patients with COVID-19 at a metropolitan hospital system in New York City. The pediatric patients had a shorter length of stay,decreased requirement for mechanical ventilation and lower mortality compared to adults. The serum concentrations of IL-17A and IFN-γ, but not TNF-α or IL-6, were inversely related to age. Adults mounted a more robust T cell response to the viral spike protein compared to pediatric patients as evidenced by increased expression of CD25+ on CD4+ T cells and the frequency of IFN-γ+CD4+T cells. Moreover, serum neutralizing antibody titers and antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis were higher in adults compared to pediatric COVID-19 patients. The neutralizing antibody titer correlated positively with age and negatively with IL-17A and IFN-γ serum concentrations. There were no differences in anti-spike protein antibody titers to other human coronaviruses. Together these findings demonstrate that the poor outcome in hospitalized adults with COVID-19 compared to children may not be attributable to a failure to generate adaptive immune responses.

  • Mordor dynamics


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  • Italy chart


    Here we can see main approach used now in most countries - leave people silently suffer and die at home. Such approach also do not require much medicine workers. And allows to not count most deaths as COVID, plus allows to delay deaths as long as you want (as numbers come from much fewer and in tightly controlled sources).

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  • Capitalism kills and steals

    The UK government spent £569m buying 20,900 ventilators to keep people alive during the Covid-19 pandemic but lack of demand means NHS hospitals have used just a few of them.

    All but 2,150 of the machines it bought are still being held in a Ministry of Defence warehouse in case they are needed in the coming second wave of the disease.

    And what all the media did spreading fake data that such huge amount of ventilators are required?

    As in fact oxygen generators had been required and this is that is used for most patients now. But this theme had been totally silenced in press as rich people at the time bough them in thousands.