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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • or, it's just war.... by another name, says occam. With all this free time , there's a tendency to over prometheus...the age old conflict between religion and science.

  • @kurth

    the age old conflict between religion and science.

    Both religion and science are tools, so it can't be any conflict between them by itself.

    All you see is conflict between exploiters who are literally feeling rope on their neck and the people who will kick the stool soon.

  • Connecting the dots

    The United Nations’ secretary-general, António Guterres, has warned that coronavirus stimulus money must be used to forge a new path towards a low-carbon economy around the world.

    Guterres said countries had a choice of two paths as they mobilised trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ money for an economic recovery.

    We can either throw away money on the fossil fuels of the past. That is the road to more pollution. Or we can invest in the technologies of the future, renewable energy, nature-based solutions, sustainable transport and green technologies. Only one of these paths is rational.

    The UN chief noted that large investors were already pulling their money out of heavily polluting industries, especially coal.

    Elites really like new green fascism with miserable life for all else.

  • It’s all about the money !

    I’m not overthinking @kurth, i really do believe this is more a concept of change than a pandemic.

    The virus is real, the political economical anthropological changes also are.

    But why WE must change also cos others say so?

  • @Vitaliy

    So the idea was all along to reset system to transition easily to new investments where maybe they already have all the new mechanisms and laws arranged on a way where they can function in an improved manner, more in tune with new normal which they made. Enhancing its profits and reassuring comfortable placen in this new era

    Makes sense

  • Apart from the launch of antimicrobial notebook models to help consumers adapt to new living conditions in the wake of the pandemic, Acer has been also optimizing its AI technology assisting Taiwan's government to implement disease control measures and to install infrastructure to fight the disease.

    Greed and scam.

  • CNN got plans for COVID!

    If everyone uses crapy masks they can just let people fuck themselves and die, the survirvors will be part of new more green society. History proven method, just let the bastards die like in the plague.

  • @RoadsidePicnic

    Final part of article

    According to the study, data released by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 40% of the American population may be asymptomatic, but in countries where the use of masks is national this percentage could rise to 80%, which it means that most have only mild illness.

    I have no idea that your comment means.

  • Here we go again

    The UK government has hinted at second national lockdown amid reports of a plan to ‘circuit break’ the virus. The UK’s health secretary, Matt Hancock, told Sky News: “The number of people in hospital is doubling every eight days or so ... we will do what it takes to keep people safe.”

  • On timing and coordinates


    This is the moment we are now. Almost no visible fire, smoke came down significantly.

    But every viewer of previous grand spectacle know how it ends :-)

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Theres no such thing as limited viral load transmission and controled contagion in the streets reality, as masks use is token only, and much more crapy thing than cirurgical masks.

    I just happened to be in an airport where all types of crapy situations from the sanitary POV occurred, and airports are generally much more surveilled.

    Thing is, article is clearly aimed at normalizing lack of vaccines disponibility outside US-EU and uses abstract thing that only exists in paper as consolation.

    P.S. The article proper have just a note about that, but it is being distributed in the context of the expected lack of vaccines.

  • Theres no such thing as limited viral load transmission and controled contagion in the streets reality, as masks use is token only, and much more crapy thing than cirurgical masks.

    Again, can you be more clear?

    For me it looks as made to calm down individuals and tell that while surgical mask is not ideal but it will will stop lot of the virus load and you need to feel good as probability to be extremely sick is very low for you.

    Vaccine efficiency is never promised to be 100%, can check various estimates in this same topic - 30-60% tops.

    Same time good half mask efficiency with P3 filters is 99,99% considering all but your eyes. I still did not see even single article with research on that percentage of coronavirus got via eyes and not lungs. And it obviously requires all such people to constantly wear such half mask.

  • @Vitaliy....cnn's full of shit. They don't even link to the 'study'. There's no proof of asymptomatic corona cases. There's presymptomatic transmission, but asymptomatic transmission is an urban myth meant to instill us with so much fear we might even.... wear respirators !

  • @kurth

    There's presymptomatic transmission, but asymptomatic transmission is an urban myth meant to instill us with so much fear we might even.... wear respirators !

    It could be nice if people feared little more and had respirators even (half mask is different thing), as it is big number of coughing people here now (most do not have coronavirus, of course). And no one have special green warning lamp alerting you that person wants to cough in your face in next 5 seconds (I got flu multiple times from such behaving persons who looked pretty nice before this :-)).

    Also as far as I know your claim is wrong, you can just make search and will find that asymptomatic case has clear definition as positive PCR test without major covid symptoms reported by individual. Here always second PCR test is being made, I think it is same in EU and US. So, test false positive rate is much lower than actual reported individuals without symptoms.

    How exactly "presymptomatic" differs here from asymptomatic I have no idea.

  • I already researched it. cdc lumps both together and uses old chinese results. There's no such thing with any other coronavirus. Presymptomatic means that your sick and you'll show symptoms in one or two days...just like with any illness. Of course transmission is possible during this time, just like with a common cold. Asymptomatic means your a carrier with full viral load , yet don't know your sick and will never show symptoms. There might be 1 out of a million, or 10 million. But 40% is bs. It's scare tactics. That's my personal conclusion. Btw....this also radically affects low deathrate estimates who are using this bogus 40% number to try to show corona is less dangerous.

  • @kurth

    pcr tests unreliability....

    Dr. Persse says that when the labs report numbers of COVID-19 cases to the City of Houston they only offer a binary option of “yes” for positive or “no” for negative. “But, in reality, it comes in what is called cycle-thresholds. It’s an inverse relationship, so the higher the number the less virus there was in the initial sample,” Persse explained. “Some labs will report out to 40 cycle-thresholds, and if they get a positive at 40 – which means there is a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of virus there – that gets reported to us as positive and we don’t know any different.”

    I think man not understand that nasal swab is not some reliable method to determinate number of viruses. This is why PCR can be run for different amount of cycles. In real life PCR samples are 100-200 in each test (we had topic on PCR here on PV) and they are run for same amount of time. So where they have more virus it will be stronger detection, but it is never reported (for other viruses it is same).

    Fighting with false positives is very easy - get two swabs and sent to two labs that use different primers even. False positives will be below 1%.

  • The US performed a record one million tests on Saturday – but experts say the country needs to be hitting targets of between six and ten million a day to get the outbreak under control.

    Big numbers game.

  • so Moderna...remember them and their rna producing vaccine ....along with partnered Darpa...remember them ( who could forget ) want to make a nanotech implant that communicates by 5g and changes a person's dna and produces a vaccine thru rna magic. OF course the communicated directions could tell it to do anything to a human body....

  • @kurth

    Quality of the info on this link is below any, even lowest standard.

  • @kurth

    I mean only specific article.

    They messed all the stuff together added rumors and speculations ala yellow press.

    To be short - it is no and won't be any 5G chips that will reprogram you DNA. Even bare 5G chips that can be widely used under skin do not exist.

    Actually even all mRNA new vaccines do not enter cell nucleus as they do not need it. So they can't reprogram your DNA even in wild imagination.

    Note that DARPA is specific thing where around 70-80% of projects never become something usable and real (things are more like real startups, but even worse - they are about development of emerging technologies for use by the military).

  • @Vitaliy...the article is meant to instill curiosity in the reader, to follow links and google others. And since you didn't read the followup links I provided you have no idea how speculative it is. And I presented you with just a simple result. 98% of darpa is classified. You, nor I, have any idea what they're now doing, nor how far down that road they've gone.

  • @kurth

    DARPA projects do not exist in isolated space, so all they can do is that normal companies can do with some small advancement in specific areas.

    All modern projects in biology or chips or powering chips from human host require tens of thousands of people, sometimes hundreds of thousands. DARPA projects are always based on that is presently possible and push this only a little. But as it is easy government money that can be also spent without public attentions - it is lot of scammers, including lot of top PhDs and science guys.