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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • A team of University of California professor Jennifer Doudna (Jennifer Doudna) has proposed a new method that allows you to test each mutation individually and find out its "personal" contribution to the properties of the virus. Recall that Dudna is one of the creators of the CRISPR / Cas genome editing technology, for which she received the Nobel Prize in 2020. Now she is involved in the emergence of another potentially disruptive tool, which is described in an article published in the journal Science.

    Usually, the study of such mutations is carried out by transferring individual genes into another, safer virus and getting something like a hybrid. In the case of a new coronavirus, this is usually done using lentiviruses capable of producing and including the same S-protein in their envelopes.

    In contrast to this system, the "viruslike particles" (VLP) used by Dudna and her colleagues consist of the same shell as SARS-CoV-2, but devoid of the usual content - the RNA of the virus itself. Instead, an indicator system is introduced inside - genes of a fluorescent protein, which serve as indicators of cell infection with VLP particles. VLPs are not capable of multiplying and infecting other cells, working as disposable test systems, the glow of which indicates a successful cell infection.

    Scientists examined the work of the VLP of the new coronavirus, which carries various mutations characteristic of the delta strain. The most interesting of them turned out to be R203M, which affects not the S-protein, but another structural protein of the virus - the N-protein, which is necessary for the stabilization of RNA inside the envelope. It contains a highly variable region - seven amino acid links, which are very often susceptible to mutations such as R203M.

    Experiments showed that cells infected with VLP particles with R203M fluoresced 7.5 times brighter than when using VLP particles of the alpha strain, and 4.2 times brighter than particles of the gamma strain. This was also confirmed by experiments with real viral particles. Working in a protected laboratory, scientists have found that the very appearance of the R203M mutation makes SARS-CoV-2 much more dangerous.

    It would seem that the mutation affects the N-protein, which is in no way involved in the binding of the virus to the cell surface and penetration inside. However, it is important for assembling and "hardening" new viral particles. This process takes place inside the infected cell due to random encounters and interactions of individual block-molecules and is far from always successful. Among the myriad viral particles that are formed in this case, many are assembled with disruptions, containing not all or even devoid of RNA. Apparently, R203M makes the genome more stable, reduces the “rejection rate” when assembling particles of the delta strain SARS-CoV-2, and significantly increases the number of viruses ready for a new infection.

    It is just one big issue, delta mutations are too many and too perfect. Most of them are fully absent in all other strains before delta. Real probability that we are dealing with lab prepared virus is close to 99,99999%.

  • A concise explanation of covid, the spike protein, and the vaccine presented by Doctor Shankara Chetty.

  • Canada data



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  • Of course, many believe the PCR tests themselves are very, very flawed. As such, the statistics cannot be viewed as reliable.

  • Scientists from the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the St. Pasteur found that the substance piperine in black pepper can block the spread of COVID-19, the results of the study were published in the journal Biomedicines.

    Olga Ostroumova, Chief Researcher at the Institute of Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, explained that one of the ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus is to create drugs that block proteins on the surface of a human cell, to which an infectious agent is attached for further penetration. At the same time, COVID-19 is constantly and rapidly mutating. This leads to the fact that the proteins with which the virus enters the cells can constantly change, which is why such drugs lose their effectiveness over time.

    Russian scientists decided to study substances that can block not protein interaction, but the fusion of lipid membranes (membranes) of human cells and coronavirus - this is a prerequisite for the penetration of the virus into the cell, the specialist explained.

    "For this, plant alkaloids were used. For example, the most effective compound - piperine - is contained in black pepper, has long been known and is used in bioactive additives for various medical purposes," Ostroumova said.

    For the experiment, 20 different alkaloids were selected. When tested on models of viral and cell membranes in the presence of a fragment of the coronavirus infection protein that is responsible for fusion, piperine showed the greatest efficiency. After that, scientists from the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named. Pasteur tested the substance on the Wuhan strain of coronavirus and monkey cells.

  • Austria deaths chart, note that 2021 is extremely close to any normal year


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  • @Vitaliy

    Question is now if slightly modified S protein that is present in vaccines is doing similar thing. They claimed that it can't even go in the another cell.

    My understanding is that mRna and vector vaccines incorporate the full spike protein code with absolutely tiny fixes at very limited places.

    It is not the full virus code but the much smaller full spike protein code.

    This code has the recipe for the spike structure and much more. E.g. code for some helper proteins called nonstructural or NSP.

    NSPs codes are by definition not having anything in common with the hacked vaccine spike structure nibbles. The paper shows some are NSP preventing the normal cell repair function

    In my perspective this might prove wrong two fundamental axioms of the common mRNA vaccine science.

    A1. "mRNA vaccine cannot influence the nucleus in any way." Wrong because the study show it does.

    A2. "If there is no side effect of mRNA vaccine for weeks there will be no side effects ever." Wrong because it ignores proliferation discussed in the study.

    I think this is a big step for one small paper.

  • The Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, said that scientists from the 27th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense have developed a unique biologically active additive "KovBAD". According to Kirillov, it can reduce the concentration of coronavirus in the body by 16 times.

    In an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, the head of the RChBZ troops noted that after evaluating the effectiveness of additives for coronavirus, one of the dietary supplements received a certificate of state registration.

    “Our experiments have shown that already on the second day of using a biologically active food supplement called KovBAD, the amount of virus in the nasopharynx is halved, and on the sixth day, its concentration is reduced 16 times. As a result, the impact on the human body also decreases, the disease proceeds with fewer complications, ”said Igor Kirillov.

    The main components of dietary supplements developed in the said Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense are chokeberry extract, fucoidan, echinacea, Pacific squid hydrolyzate and other substances of natural origin to increase antiviral protection.

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  • UK: Rampdown plan

    Leaked official Covid 'exit plan' to dismantle key measures including self-isolation, mass testing and Test and Trace by early next year

    • Britain's Covid response set to be dramatically scaled back early next year
    • It's part of a secret Whitehall pandemic 'exit strategy' codenamed Rampdown
    • The 160-page plan is in Government documents leaked to The Mail on Sunday
    • 'Britain will have to learn to live with Covid as an 'endemic' illness for many years'
    • Free Covid testing to be scrapped for everyone under 'Rampdown' plans
    • No more self-isolation for those testing positive when laws expire in March
    • Scrap £500 payments for those on low incomes who must quarantine.

  • COVID mostly kills rich guys


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  • Black Africa has a poor mortality registration system, it has low accuracy. And at first, scientists thought that deaths from covid simply did not register: they were put into some other category. But this theory was also abandoned, since no outbreaks of mortality were observed either. Everything went plus or minus the same way as usual.

    At the same time, the lesser influence of covid is seen here not only from statistics, but also in reality. The population here does not care about the virus at all, and no one has heard of its cases. In Zimbabwe, political rallies and concerts are fully permitted, and all public institutions are open. One of the residents, Nyasha Ndu, says:

    The virus went away when was the last time you heard of anyone who died from covid? I only wear a mask to protect my pocket. The police demand bribes, so I lose money if I don't wear a mask.

    Zimbabwe reported just 33 new cases of COVID-19 and zero deaths this week. This is in line with the general trend: data from the World Health Organization show that the number of infections on the continent has been declining since July.

    It seems like COVID is extremely efficient at killing only if supported by perfectly working medical and media systems and big bureaucracy. It is not just isolated virus, it is like uber weapon of bureaucracy.

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    According to the Guardian, only 10 cases in three countries have been confirmed by genomic sequencing (and up to 100 suspected), but that is more than enough for the Pharma-Government complex to set the wheels of widespread social panic and future lockdowns in motion and, according to the liberal outlet, "the variant has sparked serious concern among some researchers because a number of the mutations may help the virus evade immunity." Which of course is a polite way for Bill Gates to suggest you panic.

    The new B.1.1.529 variant has 32 mutations in the spike protein, the part of the virus that most vaccines use to prime the immune system against Covid. Mutations in the spike protein make it harder for immune cells to attack the pathogen, just as so many vaccine skeptics have been warning for the past year when making the point that taking inefficient medications shoved down the population's throats (such as those from Pfizer and Moderna) that do not serve as real vaccines but merely paliatives, will only lead to more dangerous and weaponized versions of the virus.

    The variant was first spotted in Botswana, where three cases have now been sequenced. Six more have been confirmed in South Africa, and one in Hong Kong in a traveller returning from South Africa.

    “This variant did surprise us, it has a big jump in evolution, many more mutations than we expected, especially after a very severe third wave of Delta,” said Tulio de Oliveira, director of the KwaZulu-Natal Research and Innovation Sequencing Platform.

    The B1.1.529 variant has a “very unusual constellation of mutations,” with more than 30 mutations in the spike protein alone, said Mr. de Oliveira. On the ACE2 receptor — the protein that helps to create an entry point for the coronavirus to infect human cells — the new variant has 10 mutations. In comparison, the Beta variant has three, the Delta variant has two, said Mr. de Oliveira.

    Dr Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London, agrees with Oliveira. Peacock posted details of the new variant on a genome-sharing website, noting that the “incredibly high amount of spike mutations suggest this could be of real concern”.

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  • David Martin with information about crimes committed leveraging the spike protein bioweapon:

  • A new strain of coronavirus B.1.1.529 identified in South Africa has been identified as an option of concern and has been named the Greek letter Omicron, the World Health Organization said in a statement.

    "Based on the evidence presented indicating a detrimental change in the epidemiology of COVID-19, the advisory group advised WHO that this option should be designated as an option of concern and WHO has designated B.1.1.529 as such an option, giving it the name Omicron." - said in a statement issued following an emergency meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on the Evolution of Viruses.

    The Technical Advisory Group estimates that the new Omicron variant has a large number of mutations, some of which are worrisome.

    "Preliminary data indicate an increased risk of re-infection with this variant compared to other options of concern. The number of infections with this strain is increasing in almost all provinces of South Africa," the statement said.

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  • “It seems to have spread rather rapidly in South Africa,” Fauci said. “Its ability to infect people who have recovered from infection and even people who have been vaccinated makes us say this is something you have to pay really close attention to and be prepared for something that’s serious.”

  • The World Health Organization is expanding knowledge about a new strain of coronavirus. In particular, the WHO believes that those who have had a previous history of COVID-19 have an increased risk of contracting a new strain, designated omicron, compared to other spreading variants.

    There is not enough evidence that the omicron is more dangerous than the delta, according to a special WHO statement issued on November 28, 2021. Also, WHO cannot yet confirm fears that omicron is more transmissible, that is, it is more easily transmitted from person to person in comparison with other strains, including the delta strain

    They believe, new euphemism for "we made it up, motherfuckers".

  • If the first Wuhan variant had as its most characteristic symptom a loss of smell and a violation of the perception of taste, then the delta strain already had more pronounced manifestations in the form of sore throat and disorders of the digestive system. But you need to understand that the symptoms associated with the stomach were also in the Wuhan version, they just appeared less often.

    As for the omicron strain, from the data currently available, it can be concluded that the loss of taste and smell, which became the very first well-known symptoms of COVID-19, and significantly reduced the number of manifestations on the delta, have practically disappeared in the omicron.

    Now labs fixed main issue with COVID that allowed to diagnose it to everyone.

    Note how lab made viruses are pushed:

    • Each time new variant has big number (>100) of ONLY successful mutations
    • Each new variant (Delta and now Omicron) is able to render inefficient 90-99% of natural immunity obtained after infection with previous variants, this is totally impossible without huge lab developments. In reality it will be 10-15% and this is already big.
    • In nature this can't happen even in million years, as in nature mutations will be few and most of them bad
    • If you get existing coronaviruses - hundreds years of their mutations (and they infected much more people each year!) resulted in almost nothing, except tiny changes
    • Each time we have new jump in spreading efficiency and change of main symptoms
  • The analysis of a relatively wide database of SARS-CoV-2 genomes of worldwide isolates representative of Covid-19, from the start of epidemic in China up to the recent virus spread to European countries, has revealed only two synonymous mutations. Nonetheless, we here speculate that one of these two mutations, i.e the NSP6, could bring to some appreciable change in the expression of SARS-CoV-2 relationship with its host, particularly concerning a critical host anti-viral defense, such as the autophagic lysosomal machinery. Changes in these viral regions should be constantly monitored as they could significantly modify SARS-CoV-2 pathogenicity.

  • On omicron

    If you look at a tree diagram, you can see that Omicron really jumps off by itself. It is not a direct descendant of the Delta strains; it's coming in from a bit of a new direction. We don't see a lot of intermediate sequences, either, steps along the way to Omicron, even though these had to exist at some point. We just didn't see them to sequence them, which is of course a clue. An immediate hypothesis was that Omicron may have developed in a single immunocompromised human patient over a period of weeks or months. Recall how you go about developing resistance to a new drug in infectious organisms in the lab - you expose the pathogen to sublethal concentrations of the drug and gradually increase it over time. That way, you don't just immediately kill everything off - you give the virus or bacterium a chance to overcome a lesser challenge before turning up the pressure a bit more, letting mutations accumulate and try their worth over and over as the challenge slowly increases.

    Actually it is almost 99% proof that it is lab generated virus.

    So that's one possibility, but some virologists think that Omicron has perhaps too many changes for even that process to have been operating. Another hypothesis (see Helen Branswell's article today) is that we humans may have first spilled some of our pandemic into an animal host, and then later spilled back over into humans again.

    Fairy tales again.

    Right now, the data support Omicron lying along a curve in that space, with higher transmissibility implying lower propensity for immune escape, and vice versa - you can make the epidemiological data fit with several combinations of those two, but what it doesn't fit is a Doomsday Coronavirus scenario where both of those are maxed out.

    One thing that is clear - fighting coronavirus must begin from closing ALL 100% of laboratories that work on such viruses and all remaining medical labs must have 50% of personally representing ordinary people and also have 100% video control of all computer screens and lab space accessible to any individual online 24/7.

    I am 100% sure that after such measures we will see sudden drop of all handy mutations of COVID and strange disappearance of new effective strains.

  • Omicron could also be a result of ADE in vaccinated individuals. Ironically, the inoculation could be causing the variant.

  • Fun fact:. An anagram for "Delta Omicron" is "Media Control."

  • Just one person could be the possible cause of 90 percent of cases of infection with the delta strain in Russia. Biologist Georgy Bazykin shared this result of the research.

    According to him, the source of almost all cases of virus infection that occurred in our country in the spring or summer is associated with the AY.122 variant of the virus.

    “Why did AY.122 spread? We have no reason to believe that it is somehow different from another delta in its properties. Apparently it's the founder effect, ” he said.

    At the same time, the biologist notes that other variants of the virus were imported into our country, but they did not receive such a spread.

    Much simpler explanation is that AY.122 had been lab mass produced on cell culture and later spread among population. It can also explain fully unexplainable otherwise fact on why Russia had mass delta spread much sooper compared to all countries that have 100x more people who fly to them from India.