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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • When they add the RNA it’s a new instruction or not?

    When you code something and you add a new line , what’s that called.

    I’m not saying anywhere DNA changed. Read carefully my post. I’ve accepted I was wrong by posting such claim.

  • When they add the RNA it’s a new instruction or not?

    Just stop comparing it to computer. RNA replication and proteins production works by itself separately from main DNA and other parts.

    You can check this part of biology and how DNA and RNA works.

    Using words and terms from other fields blurry your posts.

  • Ok then i will find the right word, but remember it will have almost the same significance, im pretty sure

    Like ( apoptosis ) a form of PROGRAMMED cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms. Biochemical events lead to characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death.

    i will find the word Mr science.

  • @endotoxic

    Like ( apoptosis ) a form of PROGRAMMED cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms. Biochemical events lead to characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death.

    One of the things almost no one talks is that it is cells that have spike protein attached to them that are killed by immunity. It is not the spike proteins themselfs only.

    One of the secrets of coronavirus is that it is not so much cells that have ACE receptors and they are not replaced by adjacent cells easelly. So, defects in lungs and vessels always accumulates. It was not the case with any other flu or similar virus.

  • My friend thats why im telling, for make that spike protein grow from the cell, new instructions from new RNA where introduced. That process is what generates the inmune system Cytokine attack, and generate prions and other celular malformations. Those blood cloths are later generating a variety of deseases, cos that spike protein leave ( from my hypothesis ) the "toxic" instruction to that regenerating blood cloth, developing from biologic and chemical perspective a future desease.

    That action of the new instruction from RNA i call it RE-programming. I will find the word, but it seems you understand my idea.


    It is interesting that mass media recently restarted punching Theranos.

    I believe that killing this company is directly related to COVID plan they already had at the time. As having cheap robotic lab tests had been clearly not good for elites.

  • On Vietnam (use subtitles and auto translate)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I recommend that you read /listen to Bad Blood by John Carreyrou, Theranos' product was shiny vapourware supplemented by off site lab testing.

    Maybe they could have had a decent product if Holmes hadn't focused on "one pin prick of blood" to facilitate a battery of some 30 or more tests.

    I listened to it on audible a few years back, it is illuminating.

  • This impressed me but it seems to be in german only

    Sucharit Bhakdi

  • @Bernie

    I recommend that you read /listen to Bad Blood by John Carreyrou, Theranos' product was shiny vapourware supplemented by off site lab testing.

    It is partly true, but it is also big lie. As I said such stuff, I made research that is way beyond one podcast or such.

    Of course Theranos cheated to get more money, but it was not final product.

    They really made huge progress in automated testing. Most thing did not work as expected, but it required time to make it work.

    Just sit and think if PCR and antibodies tests had been extremely cheap and available at any corner now? Could elites force vaccination or not? I think it could be huge problem for them. And also monopolies who has all tests market in US had been at huge loss.

    If elites had requirement even today they could kill Tesla under pretense that their auto pilot has nothing to do with initial promises.

  • @endotoxic Look,

    those vaccine designers hack only 2-3 nibbles on the mRNA code used to produce proteine.

    Their intention is to have proteine buld upon the hacked code which is uncleavable between S1 and S2. The virus spike is normaly cleaved by the atacked cell between S1 and S2 and then virus is using S2 to enter the cell. S1+ACE is kind of garbadge of the process and is believed to cause the cytokine storm.

    For example Novavax is using external cell production(not the human cells itself) and then is refining only the modified proteine. The hacked spike will hopefully impossibly initiate storms.

  • @firstbase

    I don't believe all this right wing PCR attack.

    PCR is quite simple thing and while you can increase false positive cases, it is pointless.

    As we clearly see correlation between total PCR results and hard cases.

  • Re: mRNA hacks... Many/most vaccinated individuals will be exposed to covid but will only have mild or minimum symptoms. All those millions of people's immune systems are now exposed to the full virus profile which is about the same as unvaccinated exposure except that viral loads are greatly reduced hence less death and severe disease. It's not as if the vaccine freezes your immune system to only respond to spike proteins.

  • @mistas

    I don’t think that will apply on Israel severe problems on it’s vaccinated people.

  • In just the space of a day, the number of new cases identified in Fujian has doubled from Monday to Tuesday. The National Health Commission said 59 new locally transmitted cases were reported for Sept. 13, up from 22 infections a day earlier. All of them were in Fujian, a province bordered by Zhejiang to the north and Guangdong to the south.

    China soon must experience full breakup.

    Similar to Vietnam that also looked nice but totally broke.

  • @Mistas

    hopefully your supposed scenario works well.

    On the other hand Sucharit Bhakdi claims as proven that immune system already knows the virus and all infected produce IG-G and IG-A (but not IG-M) after two weeks.

    You mention the reinfection is the real final thing teaching the immune system, he beleaves no need for teaching (everything already known).

  • On smokers

    If you remember, in 2020 all main media suddenly started to tell that it is fake information and falsification that smokers very rarely have severe COVID cases. As it turned out - they lied.

    Also it can explain extreme attack on smokers during last 10 years. As elites needed it for better COVID effect.

    In a new study published in Scientific Reports, researchers at the University of Hiroshima (University of Hiroshima) have identified a potential reason for fewer than reported cases of COVID-19 among smokers, even though other researchers claim smoking increases the severity of the disease.

    Researchers have identified 2 drugs that reduce the ability of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to enter cells.

    Cigarette smoke is known to contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAHs can bind to and activate aryl carbohydrate receptors (AUR). AUR is a type of receptor within mammalian cells that, in turn, can induce a wide range of cellular activity by its ability to increase or decrease the expression of certain genes.

    Knowing the relationship between PAHs and AUR, researchers are investigating the effect of AUR-activating drugs on the expression of genes that control the production of the ACE2 protein - an infamous receptor protein on the surface of many cells that acts as a lock that could open the SARS-CoV-2 virus. After the virus binds to the ACE2 protein, it can enter the cell and infect it.

    Scientists examined various cell lines to test their levels of expression of the ACE2 gene. The authors of the study found that cells originating from the mouth, lungs and liver had the highest expression of ACE2. These highly expressing ACE2 cells were then exposed to various doses of cigarette smoke extract (ESD) for 24 hours. After that, the rate of expression of the CYP1A1 gene, which is known to be induced by ESD, was assessed. ESD treatment caused increased expression of the CYP1A1 gene in liver and lung cells, depending on the dose - the higher the dose, the stronger the effect. However, this effect was not so pronounced in the cells of the oral cavity. In other words, the higher the activity of CYP1A1, the less production of ACE2 receptors - the pathway by which the virus can enter cells.

    To explain why this mechanism occurs in the presence of cigarette smoke, the researchers used RNA sequencing analysis to study in more detail what happens to gene expression. Scientists have found that ESD increases the expression of genes associated with a number of key signaling processes within the cell, which are regulated by AUR.

    To more accurately observe this mechanism by which AUR acts on the expression of ACE2 on liver cells, the effects of two drugs that can activate AUR were evaluated. The first, 6-Formylindolo (3,2-b) carbazole, is a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan, and the second, omeprazole. Scientists suggest that the CYP1A1 gene is strongly induced in liver cells by two drugs, and the expression of the ACE2 gene is strongly suppressed, again depending on the dose of drugs. In other words, the cigarette smoke extract and these 2 drugs, which act as activators of AUR, are able to suppress the expression of ACE2 in mammalian cells and thereby reduce the ability of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to invade the cell.

    Based on the results obtained in the laboratory, scientists are currently continuing preclinical and clinical trials of drugs as a new therapy for COVID-19.

  • In France, about three thousand employees of medical institutions are suspended from work. All of them - for one reason or another - refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

    The government's order on compulsory vaccination for doctors was known a few weeks ago. However, many did not fully believe that the authorities would move from words to deeds.

    Melanie Pellisia, hospital secretary: "Here is the letter. I got suspended. As of today, I have no rights. I only have health insurance in case something happens. Now I am not considered to be working."

    Trade unions point to the problem of staff shortages. The authorities assure that the situation is under control. But in some hospitals, urgent action had to be taken.

    "We are closing ward sections, hiring freelancers, asking nurses to work overtime," says a spokesperson for one of the local clinics.

    The suspension of the contract of three thousand medical workers is an unprecedented case for Europe as a whole.

    In Italy, for example, where the authorities went even further by introducing a system of sanitary passes for the public and private sectors, just over 700 medical staff were suspended from work.

    This guys are serious, something bad coming soon.

  • The Russian Ministry of Health has registered the inhaled drug Leitragin for the treatment and prevention of pneumonia, which complicates the course of coronavirus infection. This was reported on Wednesday on the website of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA), which developed the drug.

    "The new drug is intended for the treatment and prevention of pneumonia, which complicates the course of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)," the statement said.

    It is noted that the industrial production of this drug is now starting.

    Leitragin is the first drug aimed at preventing and combating the cytokine storm that aggravates the course of COVID-19. Clinical studies among 320 patients with a moderate course of COVID-19 showed that those who received the drug did not have a single death, as well as cases of transition of the disease to a more severe form. The recovery time for patients taking Leutragin was reduced to eight days compared to 14 days for those receiving standard therapy.

  • In Italy, a decree was issued ordering to stop paying salaries to unvaccinated employees (applies to both private and state-owned companies), despite the fact that in the country millions of citizens are unvaccinated, and vaccination is required even for those who were previously naturally infected.

    The government fears lawsuits if it starts mass layoffs, so the following simple scheme was applied instead of layoffs.

    Instead of dismissing the unvaccinated, those who do not have a "green pass" are prohibited from going to work under the threat of a substantial fine (1,500 euros), but those who do not go to work can be deprived of their salaries for "absenteeism without a good reason."

    In addition to the ban on visiting the workplace, restrictions (for those who do not have a "green pass") apply to public transport and access to various institutions.

    The Green Pass is not only a medical measure. It will also provide monitoring and tracking of all movements of its owner.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Wow! This is getting serious. To me, this strongly suggests ulterior motives behind these inoculations. These heavy-handed governments are marching Lockstep to control every aspect of life and for what? A nasty cold virus that 99.8% of us recover from. It's gotten ridiculous and defies logic. They conveniently devise the narrative of new variants, the evidence for which could be the result of the vaccines themselves! Incredible. I don't trust it. It smells rotten to me.

    Also, they admit these inoculations aren't even that effective. And their safety is seriously to be questioned in the light of an steady and increasing flow of horror stories.

  • The head of the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer, Albert Burla, predicted that the world will return to normal in a year after the coronavirus pandemic.

    At the same time, the top manager clarified, the most likely development of events will be the emergence of new mutations of the virus, and annual vaccination will become the norm.


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Yikes! I smell government / big pharma collusion and conspiracy here. Follow the $$. I highly suspect politicians are getting wealthier from this vaccination coercion strategy, too.

  • Some new stuff coming

    The head of the trade union of paramedics and ambulance workers Dmitry Belyakov noted that patients with COVID-19 do not go to the doctor in time, because the changed symptoms of coronavirus in the early stages are easily confused with influenza or SARS. COVID-19 has a new symptom - a runny nose. According to him, the infection began to develop more rapidly, since now pneumonia in patients appears on the third day, and not on the seventh, as before.

    Doctor Alexander Ediger said that those infected with the coronavirus now have pain and sore throat, as well as a high fever, which makes COVID-19 look like the flu. Many patients complain of hearing loss and dizziness. According to the specialist, this is due to the fact that the infection affects the central nervous system.

    It is clearly not delta, but media keep this information shut.