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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Just over a month after the most broad-based COVID outbreak since the original outbreak in Wuhan, China is claiming to have virtually eliminated the virus for the umpteenth time, claiming that its draconian lockdowns, mass testing and vaccinations and travel restrictions have helped lower the number of new local cases to 0 as of Monday.



    Amount of tests is staggering. Note that almost 100% of this tests are 10 in 1 PCR tests, so in reality they do 10 times less testing.

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  • Tell us about the history of the fight against coronavirus infection in animals during the existence of the USSR.

    Elena Tereshina: Veterinary science has been studying coronavirus infection for a long time, since coronavirus caused bronchitis in chickens and viral transmissible gastroenteritis (VTS) in pigs. The disease with coronavirus HTGV, first registered in 1954, caused severe damage to the gastrointestinal tract of pigs, diarrhea, there was a very high temperature, there was a mortality rate of 65% in adult pigs, and in piglets less than 1 week old, the mortality rate was close to 100%.

    The Ministry of Agriculture has set a task for the Saratov Research Veterinary Institute (FGBNU "Saratov NIVI") to develop treatment and prevention of this coronavirus infection. This institute was the heir and successor of epidemiological cordons, which were created 100 years ago in the Volga region to prevent zooanthroponotic diseases. Therefore, scientists at this institute initially dealt with zoonotic infections,

    And directly the coronavirus infection was dealt with by the doctor of veterinary sciences Vladislav Nikolaevich Laskavy, who for a long time was the director of this institute. He devoted almost all of his scientific and practical activities to the fight against coronavirus infection in pigs.

    The scientist thoroughly studied the main properties of the pathogen, the patterns of development of infectious and epizootic processes, their relationship to each other, the significance of oral and aerogenic infection of animals, the stability of the pathogen in the external environment (in aerosol and on bedding material), developed methods of its inactivation depending on the temperature humidity conditions of premises.

    He also showed that the coronavirus does not live in the external environment for a long time, there it quickly collapses and loses its pathogenicity. Coronavirus spreads directly from animal to animal, but not from animal to person.

    They tried to vaccinate the pigs. At the same time, all methods that existed at that time, live and inactivated vaccines were used, but it turned out that their use only leads to a worsening of the epizootic situation. After using such vaccines, when meeting with a new infection, the animals, almost 100% died.

    Why did they die? It was at this time that the effect of antibody-dependent intensification of infection was discovered, this effect was triggered by repeated infection, which led to the death of animals.

    As a result, attempts to vaccinate animals against coronavirus infection led to a worsening of the epizootic situation and to stationary ill-being in the disease. As a result, the vaccine strategy has not only failed to produce positive results, but it has shown negative results in practice.

    In 2005, due to the ineffectiveness of the vaccines used and the inability to overcome the coronavirus infection, a decision was made at the level of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation to eliminate all pigs in the foci of infection. This was the result of the fight against coronavirus infection in pigs with the use of vaccines, which lasted more than 30 years.

    Thus, Vladislav Laskavy showed the ineffectiveness of the vaccines used against coronavirus infection. He proved that it is the use of vaccines based on the stimulation of immunity by enhancing the production of antibodies that has a harmful effect on the body of animals.

    What does the effect of antibody-dependent enhancement mean? This means that when an animal is vaccinated, it produces antibodies. And if the animal repeatedly picks up the same infection, and these antibodies, instead of neutralizing the virus, they seem to stick to it, and this complex of antibodies with the virus is already captured by macrophages.

    And what's interesting is that the virus begins to replicate in macrophages, and thus a huge number of macrophages die. This, in turn, causes an imbalance in the secretion of cytokines, and the whole thing ends with a cytokine storm. This cytokine storm is what kills the animal.

    This effect for coronavirus was shown in studies by Vladislav Laskavy, Doctor of Veterinary Science. Also, a group of scientists conducted a study that this effect of antibody-dependent intensification of infection, possibly, is observed in people previously vaccinated against the influenza virus. As a reminder, the influenza virus is also an enveloped virus.

    And this is what can happen if a person is vaccinated against the influenza virus, then picks up a coronavirus infection, then this effect, an antibody-dependent increase in infection, can also develop, scientists suggest.

    According to Vladislav Laskavy, the massive use of vaccines based on the stimulation of immunity by enhancing the production of antibodies, without serious research to identify side effects, can lead to disability of the population of the Russian Federation.

    It is quite short explanation how Checkmate stage will look - 90-100% vaccinated people. After this new strain appears that 100% causes antibody-dependent intensification of infection. And you can't really shut down everything for a year or so. So from 20 to 70% of population disappears. No bombs, all is civil, just much much less people.

  • On spike protein

    On May 2, 2021, the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper published an article citing the results of recent coronavirus research by an international team of scientists led by John Y. J. Shai of the University of California School of Medicine. The article is titled "One spike protein is enough to cause COVID-19 - this primarily damages blood vessels."

    COVID-19 is not a “lung disease,” but it can cause multiple damage to the capillary circulatory system. The disease affects platelets and disrupts blood clotting. And the toxic part of the virus is responsible for this mechanism - these are, first of all, its "thorns".

    John Y. J. Shai of the University of California School of Medicine and his team conducted a study to understand the mechanism by which the coronavirus works in the body. One of the most important findings: the spike protein itself can cause significant damage to cells. In addition, the researchers concluded that COVID-19 is primarily a vascular disease, not a respiratory disease.

    In a new study, scientists created a "pseudovirus" that was surrounded by the spike proteins of the pathogen Sars-CoV-2, but did not contain the actual virus. In animal experiments, exposure to this "pseudovirus" caused damage to the lungs and arteries. The researchers concluded that one spike protein is enough to cause disease. After infection, tissue samples showed inflammation in the endothelial cells lining the inner surface of the pulmonary arteries.

    In the laboratory, the research team continued to study how the healthy endothelial cells lining the arteries behave after contact with the spike protein and found that endothelial cells were also damaged - including through contact between the spike protein and the ACE2 receptor.

    If UCLA researchers are right, coronavirus vaccinations don't fight disease, they cause it. Because the goal of vaccination against coronavirus is to genetically modify the cells of the body so that they synthesize trillions of toxic spike proteins.

    Vaccine manufacturers have erroneously assumed that virus spikes without a corresponding viral genome are largely harmless. Since it was believed that after analyzing these protein structures, the body's natural immune defenses would begin to produce antibodies, the emphasis in vaccination was entirely on the thorns. Having studied the "harmless legs" of the virus, the immune cells should have already been able to neutralize the entire coronavirus in case of infection.

  • Well, I can certainly say that I almost predicted 95% of all this and the forum is register of my posts.


    What to expect ?

    Die or die. Happy 2030 motherfuckers, those who will survive will see uber sophisticated society nazi like regime but worsening civil rights.

    I assume it should be ok. Lol.

    Massive wars of information will come and rebelión will stand. Thoughtful minds for the death of friends and family. Go get some, the vaccine! and finish this!!.

    Give them 10 years 2030, this is year 1 of the sheep men.

  • Third World War is against governments said it before. Globally.

  • World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus has called on countries to prepare for a new pandemic in the fall and provide a response. He stated this during a briefing in Geneva.

    “The next three months will be a critical period for preparing for and responding to a future pandemic,” Ghebreyesus said.

    It will be endless horror.

  • A well known antimicrobial, Nitric Oxide, has been found to rapidly reduce SARS-CoV-2 viral load, knocking it down by 95% within 24 hours, and 99% within 72 hours, according to a recent study by researchers funded by England's NHS foundation trust and SaNOtize Research & Development Corporation - a Canadian biotech company currently conducting Phase II trials of a nitric oxide nasal spray.

    Soon in the news you will get information how horrible it is and how all info must be instantly banned.

  • In January 2021, the group published a paper in Cell, reporting that RAB7A, a gene important for the movement of cargo from inside the cell to the cell surface, topped their quantitative ranking of genes the coronavirus can’t do without. Inhibiting RAB7A reduces SARS-CoV-2 infection by ensuring ACE2 receptors are retained inside the cell, making them unavailable as the required point of attachment for the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 (which attaches and then enters the cell).

    Although mutations in RAB7A are very rare, according to Sanjana, drugs that inhibit this gene or others required for viral infection could, in theory, be used as a treatment or even be used as a post-exposure prophylactic.

    "Amazingly,” Sanjana said, "we found many genes whose loss reduces viral infection. For a subset of these, we identified existing drugs that can be repurposed to inhibit these genes. Some of them are already FDA-approved."

  • let's look one year back

    Protests against systemic racism held in 300-plus U.S. cities following the death of George Floyd did not cause a significant increase in coronavirus infections, according to a team of economists who have published their findings in a 60-page paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research; these somewhat surprising results are supported by Covid-19 testing data in many populous cities where demonstrations were held.

    This make no sense at all if virus spreading is natural thing.

  • History repeat itself

  • Nice how the important fact that vaccine spike protein behaves differently than viral spike protein was conveniently excluded in the earlier post.

  • People infected with the Indian variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (delta strain) are twice as likely to be hospitalized as those infected with the alpha strain (British variant). This is the conclusion reached by experts from the public health service of England (PHE) and the University of Cambridge.

  • @Mistas

    What you mean exactly, this phrase?

    Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.

    Vaccine spike protein can't behave any different, it is total bullshit. It is exactly same protein.

    At first at least they told us that this proteins never go out of the cell, but this turned out to be false fantasy of some PR guru who invented this story. This proteins go into the blood flow and make same damage as exactly same viral proteins.

  • Schoolchildren are at particular risk of developing severe forms of coronavirus, Deputy Health Minister Oleg Salagay said. According to him, more than 500 thousand minors with COVID-19 are schoolchildren. The deputy minister recalled that the pandemic continues.

    “We must not forget that we continue to be in the midst of a pandemic of the new coronavirus infection. Today, more than 500 thousand minors with covid disease are schoolchildren. They are at particular risk associated with contacts associated with risk factors for the development of severe forms of coronavirus infection, "- said Mr. Salagay during the All-Russian Parents' Meeting

    It seems like compulsory vaccination for them is being prepared, as statistics tells fully opposite things to that this guy lies.

  • No it's not the same protein. It's the same AA sequence. How a protein folds determines its properties. The viral spike protein is attached to other molecules on the virus itself which enables it to deform and change based on how it binds to receptors. It's not the same action. For the same reasons, a folded protein can have binding sites that are trapped in the structure and it is these type of mutations and variations that can reduce antibody effectiveness.

  • @Mistas

    How a protein folds determines its properties

    If you open articles about vaccines you will find that it is two folding types present in actual viruses.

    For vaccine to work properly folding must be the same to have same parts of protein exposed.

    Some vaccines are aimed only to one folding variant - they have not so good efficiency against Delta.

    Another vaccines had been developed to produce both folding variants, despite that at the time second variant was not seen in a wild form, only present in modelling apps.

    Btw, protein folding modelling is one of the reasons why we have new wave of artificial viruses like COVID.

    My own understanding of past 8-10 months is that we now at the spike protein test stage. At this stage elites test maximum efficiency possible to fight this element and if they are able to keep virus spreading for totally vaccinated population. For now test is a complete success.

    On second stage we will see gradual changes of RNA to target specific parts of population, introduce antibody-dependent enhancement and so on.

  • Programming people with mRNA for the future, very important to establish a constant draining of money and time from individuals. Very good business practice from states and big pharmaceuticals. I want to enter business of mRNA programming people too.

  • @endotoxic

    Programming people with mRNA for the future

    You can't program people with mRNA, do not retell scary stories that idiots invented.

  • Taiwan is very curious case


    Zero cases again.

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  • @Vitaliy_kiselev I think you are totally wrong here my friend. MRNA programming is now beginning. Look at what they are doing. Aren’t they programming a protein secuence to begein it’s manufacturing inside a persons body? What is that okok the name programming doesn’t fits you? Then please give me a word to better be used for what they are doing.

    “Implanting mRNA” what’s that action called?

    A vaccine? Fuck that’s not a vaccine.

    I think you got me wrong it this is programming inside the body of people to create something for a purpose. What’s that called? Put an external protein for production inside your body and begin to shredding to other people and prepare your body for colapse if real Virus chat chat you up?

    And in a future I can put more mRNA from different virus and make a diferente reactions or actions inside body. Maybe put other kind of genes also and make some good reactions.

    On that I think you are being naive my friend.

    Programming people’s mind IS ANOTHER STORY. But reprogramming people’s body is now possible.

    Look at Colombia multimillion stem cell manufacturing and the reprogramming of body a rejuvenated people being made for real at cheap as $5k.

  • Earlier this week, I started a search on Amazon and mistyped, entering just two letters in: “iv.” Amazon then helpfully compiled a list of suggested search results, almost all of which were for the horse de-worming version of the drug ivermectin. That drug is at the center of one of the more recent and more mind-boggling parts of the anti-vaccine misinformation story, a false cure touted by hucksters and others out to make a quick buck.

    This evening, Amazon spokesperson Craig Andrews tells The Verge that “Amazon’s autocomplete responses are driven by customer activity. We are blocking certain autocomplete responses to address these concerns.”

    Ivermectin now is banned even in suggestions on Amazon.

  • @endotoxic

    A vaccine? Fuck that’s not a vaccine.

    And in a future I can put more mRNA from different virus and make a diferente reactions or actions inside body. Maybe put other kind of genes also and make some good reactions

    I understand that it is your opinion and you are free to post such, but it discredits this topic and all PV.

    Scientifically it make no sense at all, except that yo collected some info from various sources and mixed all this information in your brain. But it is not enough as you need to understand lot of complex things to make conclusions and really talk about DNA changing and using RNA for this.

  • @vitaliy_kiselev.

    Your approach to this thread is very dedicated, and I respect that and admire, and in no way my intentions Where to discredict this thread and the community by posting things that could potentially bring erroneously thoughts on people well and not well informed. I will admit reprogramming of DNA per se it’s not possible by mRNA.

    Since the begining of this thread I’ve predicted I assume by luck many things by each step in the coronavirus timeline, doubted somethings and believed others.

    I openly say that creativity is mayor part of my thinking and yes it’s not scientific but has proven to be right most of the times, without any special knowledge, maybe for you that’s wrong. I call it common sense.

    About DNA changing for me this counts as phase one of this. Not DNA change yet. What is you don’t understand to really explain you that it is programming in a low level.

    “ The technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is a way of giving your cells temporary instructions to make the coronavirus spike protein. This protein is found on the surface of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The vaccines teach your immune system to protect you if you ever encounter the virus “


    Before that code was not there and the body was not Programmed to make it, no instructions where made. Vaccine add instruction and recode thus reprogramming.

    They say is for a short period of time we know it’s not. Constant vaccination makes you stay in that state, only while you are vaccinated.

    Whey you talk about attenuated virus, the right one! that proper inmune cell makes with proper steps the process of protections, when injected, in a mRNA vaccine that don tells your body by code what to operate, your body naturally, you T cells just do they job thus making a better protection cos whole process was the right one.

    This mRNA don’t work like that. Ketosin attack initiates cos excessive spike protein. mRNA code is injected for to say what protein to produce now. All normal process is ruined, and cycle won’t stop since you are still producing spikes thus constantly damaging the last steps which are absorption and add of final code of virus too TCells to recognize that code that was successfully ELIMINATED and now it’s recognizable. I don’t remember the name but there is a protein that walks with all this defeated virus “heads” attached to it as a protein tail. This proteinwas responsible for detecting and selecting which virus was genetically correct to its tail of dead viruses.

    In this vaccine you never eliminate spike thus not finalizing the natural process of attachment ofnew virus code.

    The natural programming of the body has been altered. What is that called then mr science?

    They have “patched” the immune system natural processes by making an exploit with mRNA. This affects the cells, thus your body.

    People aré dying for this.

    Please teach me I humbly would learn.

  • TEMPORARY INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE CORONAVORIS SPIKE PROTEIN. Before that code was not there and the body was not Programmed to make it, no instructions where made. Vaccine add instruction and recode thus reprogramming.

    No, your cell is not like computer. It is very complex system that can do thousands things at once and in parallel.

    All they do is add RNA, it is not near DNA at all. And it works like any other virus is working, so it is not any reprogramming.

    This mRNA don’t work like that. Ketosin attack initiates cos excessive spike protein. mRNA code is injected for to say what protein to produce now.

    mRNA is just RNA covered is special cover. Otherwise it works exactly like virus based vaccines.