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Lilliput Monitor with histogram, focus assist, zebras
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  • For me, I found that focusing from the camera's LCD is still more accurate. For peaking, I don't know if it's only because I don't know how to use it properly or it's really that bad but it isn't really work in the way it would.

    As I've mentioned, at this price I don't see any monitor would match this Lilliput.

  • We got the I/O version without peaking and it serves its purpose: High res enough to pull focus (better then LCD on GH2) and if you raise the sharpness level on the monitor you get a Peaking-ish mode. It works like a charm for my associate who wears glasses and find the LCD to small for critical focus. The monitor hood is great and folds in protecting the screen. Great buy!

  • Got a chance to try this monitor with GH2. The resolution is incredible! Good enough to focus on the monitor.

  • Did you buy the peaking model? How well does the peaking work?

  • I just got the model with peaking (Lilliput 5D/I/O/P). Works a treat with the GH2 - absolutely no delays or any funky behaviour!

    Peaking, however.... well. In all honesty, it works - but it is not needed. The one-to-one pixel magnification would be a better judge.

    And peaking feels more like a gimmick... frankly I would have saved some cash and gotten the one without peaking.

    Overall though, it is an excellent buy. It does not feel cheap - it has a lovely rubberised coating. The buttons have a nice solid tactile feel.

  • Great! Thanks for the honest opinion. I think I will save myself a few hundred $ from the SmallHD DP6 and opt for the Lilliput.


  • Mine is stuck with spanish customs for 5 weeks now!

  • @au8ust & @jamesjjs Since both of you have the monitor, I wonder if you could check something. At rcmachine's ebay page it says that 1080i is not supported. Could you put the GH2 in 1080i mode and see if the monitor works?

  • Yes, it works... in all 1080 modes - 1080i FSH &FH, HBR, 24P & Variable Movie Mode. However none of the 720 modes work with the GH2 - the option to switch (REC MODE) gets greyed out the moment you switch on the monitor, and will default to 1080i FSH

  • When you switch on the monitor, it displays a message (top right hand corner) " HDMI 1080I, 50Hz" - so that's confirmation coming direct from the monitor

  • It works with 1080i from what I've seen.

  • Does anyone who got that monitor have any problems with the field of view - i.e. the monitor not showing the whole image you can see on camera's lcd? i got 665 model (as i needed bnc inputs to use with ex1/3) but it also has hdmi in/out. now, while composite and component inputs work fine (have to switch underscan on though to see full frame) the hdmi shows like 80% of the image (in wrong aspect ratio too). switching underscan on/off make very little difference. while switching between H / V delays you can see the bits of the image that are missing at the bottom / at the sides, but there's no way to have it all shown at the same time. here's some photos with different setting (the feed comes from ps3->lilliput, and then from lilliput's hdmi out->23" samsung). it's basically the same with gh2, but it's easier to see that way.

    switching between 16:9 and full screen makes no difference at all.

    also, while changing video output settings on ps3 shows on lilliput (basically the resolution you set on ps3 shows on lilliput), changes make in gh2 (hdmi out - 1080i/720p/576p, or even 16:9 / 4:3) make completelly no difference - it always shows as 1080i50

  • I just bought the 5dii and I'm going back and forth as to keep it or sell my Marshall 7". @redpaw, yep, I'm having those problems. It seems to trim off a little bit and the 19:9 and full screen are the same. Of course the Marshall doesn't do that. Also, I can't get the color, saturation and pretty much any image controls close to what the GH2 screen looks like or the Marshall. It took me about 10 min to get the Marshall close enough for government work and my clients to look at the screen and not say,"What the hell is that"

    I really want to love this little guy and sell my Marshall since it's as heavy as a boat anchor but I'm not so sure. It's much better than my first monitor which was the 668 or 669, I really can't remember but it just looks like crap to me.

    Anyone else having problems adjusting the picture to get it close or are you just saying screw it? Also, I've noticed the peaking and false coloring are way different than the $1200 Marshall. Not sure I trust it that much.

  • got mine adjusted to my liking. I dont use false colour o peaking. Got it to better see whats in the frame and for focus magnification for critical focusing. Have you tried dialing in colour under user setting? I conneced mine to my af100 and used colour bars to calibrate and then fine tuning it.

  • I too must say that got the image look very very similar to the gh2 lcd. not complaining about the quality of the screen and colors at all. still... keep in mind its a 665 version. (no peaking in this one, got false colors though) i actually got my problem sorted... but it's coming back when i try to plug a second monitor (that gh2 doesnt 'support') through the hdmi out - have to go through 'reset the settings' . if its a monitor that's working straight with gh2 then there's no problem. overall, i'm now very happy with mine, and definitely would get another one if needed.

  • @au8ust and @jamesjjs -- Hey, just got the Lilliput 5D-ii-o/p for my GH2.

    I'm noticing that the image quality on the monitor is much better while using the Exposure or Histogram functions. If I'm not using one of those functions, the monitor's image quality looks much less detailed.

    Are you guys having this problem?

    My workaround is to just leave either Exposure or Histogram on, but I think those functions on the monitor are a little too sensitive compared to the GH2's built in exposure/histogram. Plus, if I want to use the Peaking function, I lose the Exposure/Histogram functions and the image quality goes back down again.

  • @TGDude Yep, same problems I see too. Not sure what's going on here.

  • @au8ust said that the resolution is incredible on his GH2. I'm guessing he was using the Exposure or Histogram functions. I hope there is a way to get it to stay at that quality by default or at least while using the Peaking function

  • @TGDude on my GH2 I didn't turn on histogram or exposure function. It just works.

  • @au8ust can you try turning on the monitor's Exposure or Histogram function and tell us if the display looks even better or stays the same? Thanks

    I think I have firmware version 1.8 (since my monitor's menu doesn't list the version number, firmware versions were listen in the menu up to ver 1.7, then no longer listed at 1.8).

  • @TGDude

    Mine looks SOOOOO much better when I turn on those functions. I just bought mine last week so I would hope it's 1.8! It also seems to warm up as well in terms of color temp.

    Also when you have the Histogram or Exposure turned on, you can't adjust the color temp at all.

  • @vicharris yeah it's weird, man. Even while watching playback, I have to turn on Histogram/Exposure functions in order to watch the playback at a high quality.

    Surprisingly, the Peaking function has been very accurate and tight in my indoor testing. I like using it, but I can't use it at the same time as Histogram/Exposure, so the monitor's image quality drops. I'm using the Leica DG 25mm 1.4 lens, which is very sharp, so maybe that helps with peaking accuracy.

  • @TGDude

    Do you have any contacts for Lilliput? I'd love to hear what they say about this situation going on. I didn't know Peaking didn't work either when the other two are on. This seems like a bad problem IMO.

  • @vicharris No I haven't tried contacting the support team yet. I wanted to check with you guys first.

  • @TGDude I don't see any improvement on turning on or off for the exposure and histogram functions. Mine is 1.7.

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