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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
  • Yes, Ive been away... Apologies for this delay.

    DRIFTWOOD 'moon T8' - 23.976p/29.97p/ 59.94p After interpreting some of the GH4 stuff in mp4 files AVCHD, and fine tuning the matrices, lowering the GOP Related stuff (to achieve more power in non death chart situations and subsequent higher bitrates) this setting should achieve better IQ with a stronger matrix to knock out any artefacting that people may be suffering with moon T7 on HBR/50p/60p modes.

    Subsequently, you get a finer low frequency matrix that strives to knock out artefacting at the expense of QP and higher bitrates.

    Ive settled on a QP rate control centre point of Q14 and the matrix adapted from the GH4 and improved has been tweaked to the max. However, its untested outside of me and needs your input.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Peak bitrates for all modes means only the best SD cards should be used. I doubt this will work in iA modes and iDynamic.

    140Mbps to 148Mbps Intra 24p 52Mbps to 68Mbps 720p Upto 88+Mbps FSH/HBR

    This is a TEST and report back setting!

    Just Released: 5th Aug 2014 - Driftwood Spizz T7 - The Comfortable Setting!

    101 Mbps Max 23.97fps(24p) 50Mbps Min-80Mbps Max 25p/30p 50Mbps Min-77Mbps Max 50p/60p

    Very good IQ. Check it.

    Driftwood Moon T8
    Driftwood Spizz T7 - 3 GOP 24p-25p-30p and 6 GOP 50p-60p .zip
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  • Am I first membet to see this , what an honor for me -;) as akways Thanks you

  • @driftwood Will test this week and report back. Thanks.

  • Thanks Nick! much appreciated :)

  • Thank you again for all of your work.

  • Sweet! Thank you @driftwood !!!!

  • I've gotta re-brush up on how to load one of these suckers! Haha Can't wait to try me some T8!

    Seriously, I have been a huge fan of Moon T7 24H, and recently shot a lot of 24L when I needed great reliability. Yesterday though I was shooting some 29.97 footage with my GH4 and really liked what I got. Now I'm hopeful about the prospects of the FSH/HBR (?) on Moon T8 for B-cam use. :)

    I'll report back -- Thanks Nick!!!

  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB, 24H, Lumix 14mm, AFC, Smooth -2 -2 -2 -2 (i-Dyn/Res off) iso 320, shooting the top of a large tree (from 10-40ft away) in the breeze out my 4th-storey window on this sunny day, spanned and filled the whole card (no internal playback), here's a stream parser screen shot. Excellent work, thanks @driftwood

    Edit: same settings, but with Sandisk 32GB Extreme Pro SD card, similar results, just no spanning.

    Moon T8.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 442K
  • In my first quick test, I could see that Moon T8 seems to render skin tones in a nice way and noise performance in high ISO is improved. The only thing I did not like is the fact that, differently from Moon T7, in-camera playback is not possible.

  • To have Moon T8 is a great news for 2014. We are still waiting for PTOOL Update from Vitaliy. I believe that it is not to far away. I hope it will liberates GF2 Video Manual Control. Does this Moon T8 compatible with GF2 FSH/SH Mode? If so, I will try it with my GF2 + 32GB Sandisk Extreme 45Mb/s during this weekend. I will report back to you. Thank you Driftwood.

  • Great to see that more innovative setting are still being released by driftwood.

  • This Hack is for Panasonic GH2?

  • shame really that we can not see in the cam shots taken! The only thing I did not like is the fact that, differently from Moon T7, in-camera playback is not possible.

  • Yes, I admit that I was a bit sad with this "bug" of not being able to have in-camera playback, since I have been using T7.

  • For some reasons, mine in-camera playback it is working with this Moon8. Looks awesome. Thanks Nick!! Look forward to shoot during the daylight and will report back.

  • Some will playback after a switch off/on/take a small recoding. Depends on bitrate consumed.

  • Many thanks for your work. I've tested Moon T8 with Sandisk 45mb/s without issues, spanning as well, Nebula and Moon T7 also works flawlessly in 24L (24H wont work)

    The only exception is DREWnet - V6,T6,T9 - all wont work with my card 45mb/s card, currently i'm using sanity for the smaller file size (V6 seems to be most reliable, but it does not span)

    Can you please release a smaller filesize/longer gop versions of Moon T8? I'd love to be able to utilize the new matrix (but still maintain a ~40mbs bitrate) DREWnet seems unreliable for some reason.


  • No Moon T8 with 25p ? :)

  • I thought MoonT7 was the peak, but would love to see what T8 will bring to the GH2. I hope to compare T8 with the GH4 this weekend!

  • 25p works in HBR mode..@kritzresn

    Has anyone tried out Spizz T7 yet? Extremely good HBR modes /720 modes etc and lovely fine low/hi freq matrix - plus moon t8 matrix on 24p

  • @driftwood FWIW Moon T8 clips throw errors during FCPX 10.1.2 importing using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s 64GB SD, with the following msg:

          "Import Failed
          The following clip encountered an error during import and is still referencing media on the camera:
          Clip Name: Clip #2
          Event: test
          Original Name: Clip #2
          Volume: Untitled"

    The clip may be added to a project and edited but it remains on the SD card. If I rewrap the MTS to H.264 with ClipWrap, FCPX has no problem importing it.

    I am not transcoding during import, just having FCPX copy over the native files and analyze for color.

    Initial eyeballing looks good, and T8 spans on this 95MB/s Sandisk SD. But FYI something seems to be preventing T8 clips from importing as usual with FCPX, at least on my i7-3770K Hackintosh.

  • Thanks @Shaveblog. Ill take a look on my identical hackintosh. Did you copy the entire Private folder over to your hard disk first?

  • Thanks Nick. I tried copying the Private folder over to the desktop and importing from there, but it behaves no differently than importing right off the card via the usual USB 3.0 media reader which has never given me issues with FCPX importing your earlier patches.

    FYI when you choose, as I do, to untick "optimize footage" during import, FCPX refrains from transcoding the files to ProRes but it does rewrap them to H.264 before copying the files to your library. I'm wondering if perhaps Apple's rewrap implementation is less happy with T8 clips than ClipWrap's seems to be.

    I'm running a 3 drive setup with my system, with an SSD OS/boot drive and two Hitachi 2TB drives in a RAID-0 array for the home folder. This gives me SSD speed across the board, so I don't think that's the bottleneck. I'll do some more testing on my end.

  • @driftwood Since Spizz T7 has the same Moon T8 matrix when using 24P, does that mean the image will look similar? That would be good, because then we can get the look of Moon T8, but still get in-camera playback, by using Spizz T7 on 24P. Thanks.

  • FCPX import issues aside, I'm getting in-cam playback of all my T8 test clips. I'm using the recommended Sandisk 64GB 95MB/s SD card. I'm wondering if the guys having problems with in-cam playback and/or spanning are using the recommended higher speed SD cards.

    The fact that I'm getting in-cam playback may also have to do with the fact that I removed all traces of the "Pasadena" audio hack in PTool before saving the new patch file. I don't feel the "Pasadena" hacks do anything to improve the in-cam audio, but they do seem to prevent in-cam playback, so I untick all the audio boxes in PTool before saving a new patch.