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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @Charpu I would try one of the low 6gop cluster settings, that's what I use for 60p, seems to match up with the intra settings best.

  • Hey, use the light and the camera, be creative. You have been given the world and you ask for more. Come on start playing with the camera, use it. It has its limits but sometimes you will be surprised, more so than not. The masters of patch (Boom! Flat 4s on 24p Intra) @vitaliy,@driftwood,@Cbrandin@the Pasadena gang,@thepalalias...Right on. English...Jack Bruce on Harp, oh yeah...small problem with edit...nothing that can't be fixed. Thanks

  • @exilenorth Fun to recognize the subway stops in this and Genesis. :)

  • GH3onaGH2v.4... Had a little time today and took a couple of close up shots of my son "I mean a couple"this guy won't sit still to save his life..I can say I like the look of this patch a lot,no artifacts that I can make out.To my eye going through my footage and comparing it to Cluster 7 soft & sharp2 it falls between them far as detail imo.Actually I like the balance on my old manual lenses.All the footage I have took with this patch looks great and seems to hold up well when manipulating colors.I haven't come across extreme banding or anything as of yet.I put a short water shot at the end of video being they are so highly regarded .Honestly I couldn't tell you if it looks good or not,someone with a better technical eye would have to be the judge.The average bit-rate in Stream Parser was at 45bps with a 90bps peak,but that may be human error on my part.The aperture was only at f2.8 on a less than ideal lens for that type of shot.Haven't tested other modes or lowlight but 24p is very stable with in camera playback.nice work @Driftwood.

  • @Driftwood I also noticed this patch has less noise than the previous version.So If I understand correct this is "DREWnet Cluster 7" with GH3 matrix?

  • Cluster GH3 setting - Based on the theories of Cluster 6 and 7 and retuned for the GH3 matrices. I have this 'hunch' that the GH3 is using an auto Quantiser alogorithm borrowed from @cbrandin. Something similar to AQ1.

    The reason being is Gh3 base/ initial Q is = 20, however once the first few seconds have passed I have seen many recordings drop into the QP range of 8-14. The result of higher bitrate, adaptive 8x8 and 4x4 transform and an AQ value is the likely reason.

    50/60fps AVCHD modes on the GH3 do NOT use CAVLC and seemingly from Elecard tests do not use scaling matrices etc. Panasonic deemed it neccessary to use CABAC entropy encoding resulting in improvements in compression of around 5-7%.

    @EYESOUL Nice demo of the setting -just teach your boy to handle those lenses properly! ;-)

  • @driftwood Yea that's why the video has no sound,didn't want to sound like a madman telling him to be careful with the lenses!

  • Thanks Nick and Vitaliy. I had a little fun witht the jello settings on the camera here. I used sedna aq1 and some nebula 6. I'm very fond of the 80%/30fps setting and these settings worked well with this (damaged) old lens, olympus om 50mm1.4

  • So got a hold of a gh2 for a few weeks (that I'll be using more in the future) and have the blessing of the owner to apply patches.

    I can't span with BOOM! on a 45MB/s card at 24H. No write errors, though. Spanning of the intra version of the GH3matrix worked fine.

    Spanning works at 24L, though. So, I have a question: between 24H and 24L, is the only difference in terms of the settings in the patch the bitrate? I modified the BOOM! patch to run at 100mb/s at 24L- spanning works without a problem. But, am I losing quality in doing so other than a lower max bitrate?

  • @DeShonDixon Cool video - cool song. Loved the opening shot panning - was absolutely pro and cool as shit. Thanks for posting.

  • Please ignore my last post, wholeheartedly.

  • i work in the clubs in berlin with the gh2. this is cluster 7 sharp2 with the voigtländer 17mm and the 12mm magic slr

  • "Rise" // Short Film

    Used the Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now - Nebula' 6 GOP Settings when it first came out. Minimal grading. Shot this over summer with some zeiss primes :-) . Enjoy!

  • Wonderful work guys and yet so diverse: @DeShonDixon @pop24 and @jokami. Great editing/grading, superb direction and filming (with so many good ideas), wicked visuals, 'n' fruity eye candy! Love 'em. :-)

  • Ok so after having some bad luck with another patch I downloaded the Quantum GH3 trial 2. It appears to work well but FCPx 10.0.6 does not like a few of the clips and says it can't read them. Tried reading the card on 2 different machines. When I rewrap the footage with Clipwrap FCPx ingests it fine. Very odd and I must confess I'm not having much luck lately with any of these new patches :(

  • @jokami Beautiful! Barber's "Adagio for Strings" brought back memories of a project I wanted to do 25 year ago.

  • AN c6 Nebula. 14mm, F2.5, flycam nano. A wedding intermezzo. It was a realy plesure for them in a middle of a summer day... Sorry for the compresion. Shoot at 1080 30p.

  • @crisvpl Nice video. Image is very smooth. Great composition of shots on the fly. Bet the couple was pleased with the results. Thanks for posting.

  • Hi Guys can someone direct me to the intravenus download ..I can find lots of references but no download

    thanks in advance


  • @powertothepeople I believe this is the link to version 1 of Intravenus. I don't think there was a version 2. If anyone knows different please chime in.

  • Just shot Day 1 daytime stuff for a PSA on Boom and I'll have to agree with the recommended usage from Driftwood. Great for Med and CU shots, not good for Wides. I had super wides and I'll post some grabs as soon as I get some time. The Med and MC shots look amazing though! On a side note, night stuff shot on CM Night rocks!!!!

  • Thanks matt_gh2

    much appreciated