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Collecting for GH3 and FZ200
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  • 2000 pennies from Lake Tahoe, CA.

  • @ipcmlr

    If you ask me, we already almost reached the goal. We'll make small reserve that we could use for extra expenses, or may be for second FZ200 body, if required.

  • 10$ more...just in case!

  • $40 to the of luck on the GH3 efforts.

  • Man, Panasonic should just send you the Cameras. Seriously, they must be aware of all the Panasonic cameras you have sold for them. I would have never even heard of the GH-1 or GH-2 if it wasn't for your work. I was a Nikon snob.

  • Still looking for a name for the hack?...maybe "White Nights"

  • I just added $20 to Kiselev Research on the GH3. Thanks Vitaliy for your effort on the project and support to this community

  • Donated thanks for your work!!

  • I'm not a pro, i just do this cause i like to. the work and effort you put into this is commendable. will definitely pick up a GH3 if you've managed to hack that. here's my $10! - happy hacked GH2 user

  • 15 dollars of France! for your great work on the GH2! hoping to see a result as pleasing with GH3

  • And another $30 for Tchaikovskiy's "Swan Lake" on the GH3 5min ago! Good luck dear Vitaliy, hack them all :-)

  • Just got paid for a gig with a couple of hacked GH2s, so here's another 20 bucks to get you playing with the GH3!

  • Never did hack my GH2 but I think your work gave birth to many of the features of the GH3. For that alone you deserve my small donation. Many thanks.

  • Wow, just found your site. So excied!

    Do you think a Bulb function can be added to the hack eventually?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    We'll make small reserve that we could use for extra expenses, or may be for second FZ200 body, if required.

    Please don't forget the LX7, which seems to have the same codec internals as the FZ200 but has f1.4 for better bokeh and video depth perception:) The fewer pixels on the sensor seems to be what gives rise to the slightly increased moire, as far as I can see :) The LX7 and FZ200 sensors seem to have the same technologies - the same noise floor discontinuity above ISO 800, for example...

    The primary hack the LX7 needs is to overcome the 29 minute record limit :) For me, the rest is icing on the cake :)

  • The LX7 actually has a slightly larger sensor than the one in the FX200.

  • @hoodlum

    Yes, but fewer pixels. Doesn't resize so nicely to 1920x1080. Seems to be the same useful max ISO, despite the slightly larger sensor area. All IMO, of course :) But the LX7 does fit into a (large) pocket.

  • $20 from Sweden, good luck

  • Yesterday I sent a little more, too :)

  • Considering LX7, we'll only be getting one after FZ200 project initial stages.

  • I know very little about hacking these things, Vitaliy, but that does sound like a sensible plan to me. Not many need a bokeh-capable FullHD camera in their pocket :-) However, once it starts to fall in price, that may change. I am carrying my LX7, as well as my FZ200. I used the LX7 inside the Moscow museums, who became upset unless we hid away the FZ200 in my wife's handbag :-) The LX7 does not attract attention, and produces excellent results :-)

  • $10 from the land of chocolate - keep up the good work!

  • Again, please consider g5... :) it`s better choice than gh3 for some people who needs nice video and has cheap budget. originally, Similar quality video with gh2, 1080x60p codec, multi aspect censor (like gh2, but unabled) and zooming lever. G5 only needs manual mode for video, 1080 x 24p. It has great potential for hack.

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