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Beginners: Basic hacks questions
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  • @OSGondar
    There's never a bad time to grow balls, gender dependent I guess! I didn't read through it I'm afraid, just knew I'd seen something useful. Didn't include the how much time you've been wasting bit!
  • @feha
    I know I'm being dumb here, hence the topic! but I set the 720p as normal in the menu. I have the monitor out set to auto, but when I connect the monitor the record setting option greys out and becomes inaccessible. I need to test if I set the monitor out to 720p rather than auto if that would over ride whatever I've set as recording format, I know it makes no sense, that the monitor out would dictate the recording format but that's what seems to be happening. Someone bringing non-hacked GH2 round tomorrow to see what happens with theirs when I plug in monitor.
  • belfryman,
    Thanks for the noob proof instructions.. anyone have an idea of what the "720p30-> 720p24" option under mjpeg fps category does?
  • @eyeBOX
    Hi, they were kindly written by OSGondar and testicle enhancement was out of context! Wouldn't 30->24 just mean that? Changes the 30 frames per second to 24, though there is obviously the cinema mode available that is 24 fps?
  • Hi guys. I've been patching my hacked GH13 for a year and now I've hacked the GH2...but something's gone wrong. I installed 1.0E firmware to camera without checking anything. Left the name GH2__V10. This would be my 'base' firmware.
    Then I waited for some testers to make something stable. Vitaliy came out with 3.61 patch that looked stable and I decided to install it, checking off version increment and the few settings 'hints' he recommended. I successfully loaded it up, saved it as GH2__V11.bin and put it on my GH2. So far so good...then I saw Kae's 3 GOP patch and decided to give it a try. THIS is where things went weird.
    I can't re-install original firmware?? So then I looked at my menu Version Disp. and it still reads Body Firmware 1.0??? Shouldn't it say 0.0? On my GH1 every time I loaded up a patch my Body Firmware would say 0.0 - so I could revert back to the original firmware and load up a new patch.
    So what can I do? Any ideas? I feel like a noob, but I'm not.

    UPDATE : Discovery...Seems I cannot go 'back' to original firmware but I can go 'forward' to each new firmware I name. This means that if you want the original 1.0E firmware again, just load the GH2__V10.bin into ptool and don't check anything, but save it as latest firmware increment. This is different than GH13 as you could always load original firmware back to camera (1.32) Works for me. Hope this can helps anyone else.
  • "... but save it as latest firmware increment."
    Version increment must be cecked.
  • @pchristoph
    I had a few times when the camera didn't see the firmware on the card when i pressed the play button but not so many, sounds unlucky.
  • @feha
    it is weird, I've just tried connecting two different monitors and it's the same with both. As soon as I plug in a monitor whatever record mode I set previously I can only record 1080i and it seems it doesn't matter what I set the HDMI to either, whether it's auto, 1080 or 720 I always record 1080i. If I just plug in an HDMI cable with no monitor on the other end I'm still able to select my record mode, if I connect the other end to a monitor the rec mode option is greyed out and I record 1080i. Weird.
  • @belfryman

    Sorry I can not explain the reason, has anyone tried if it is same on un-hacked GH2 ?
  • @belfryman
    This is all known for long.
    And please, do not crosspost.
  • @Vitaliy
    OK, not known for long to me hence the question. Does this only occur with the hack, didn't notice it before? Thanks for the great work.
  • @belfryman
    Of course it is not related to hack in any way. :-)
  • @Vitaliy
    Brilliant, thanks.
  • Summit seems to be working, after a few tests and is there any sign of a proper [GUIDE - GH2 Hack - From Flashing to Camera Operation] on at least the basic findings? (PS donated, and will donate more soon). So to fellow noobs Elecard Streameye Slim reports this when you hit the 'i' button using kae's setb.ini file. Plus No record crashing on transcend 32gig type 10 cards.

    mts09_stream bitrate findings on kaies setb.txt
  • Do/can the hack effect the the photo modes in any way?

    I actually like the HYBRID factor of my GH2 and although I am a filmmaker I am getting back into photography because of this.
  • I have seen some posts in other threads which recommend saving different versions of the firmware (both original and hacked) onto separate SD cards to enable easily switching from one to another. But does this work? From what I understand the version increment must always be checked. Doesn't this mean that I cannot go back to a previous version without recreating it in ptools? Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks.
  • Me too, not sure about this increment thing!

    I have been doing this:

    first patch applied: increment checked; value 1, saved file to GH2_11.bin...

    Cam still says ver. 1.0. but patch applied.

    second patch: increment checked, value 2, saved file to GH2_12.bin

    Cam says version is 1.1.

    So now I am gonna try KAE's file. Increment checked, value 3, saved file to GH2_13.bin

    Cam updates but still says version 1.1... Haven't tested yet or checked bitrate. But I am wondering: Is this the way to go? I don't feel so confident. :/

    Someone PLEASE shed some light on this. I understand it is in HEX but I don't speak hex - hence I am not a hacker but a patcher... He he.

  • @kanintesova
    Please read hints :-) Always use 1 for increment.
  • @vitaliy

    Thanks! But I think the hint is a bit ambigious (could mean two things). I thought it meant that EACH increment should increase by one (1) everytime you apply new patch; like: 1,2,3,4 and so on.

    So it should always say value 1 (never change that?) Sorry for being stupid.

    Anyhow. I just tried KAEs patch and I used "3" as the increment number. It seems to work anyway. Streamparser topped out at 6.352.000 for I-frame. at 24H (trees and stuff)...

    edit: bits of course ;)
  • >Thanks! But I think the hint is a bit ambigious

    "Enter same increment each time. One is normally enough."
  • Could somebody tell me about GH1 patch settings - Encoder settings1/2/3, constant 6000 and Framerate related comparison. Just basic things about result of tweaking this settings. Thank you.
  • I have weird logic I think. :P
  • GH2 kack:"30min limit removal" must be checked?

    i mean...does panasonic use the same firmware for GH2 for different country??
    in other country which has no this kind laws,,does GH2 use a firmware that has no this limit?

  • @wangc

    I already answered this - read hint.
    This patch is useful for Europian PAL cameras only.
  • yes, thanks,I read the hint.
    I bought my GH2 in HongKong,So I don't need to check this patch.?
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