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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • So to use my Olly 45mm, or my Panny 20 mm, is it possible at all by setting the focus/aperture on GH2 and then remounting the lens or is it just a no go?

  • @rockroadpix I did the same. What a pleasant surprise. I spent most of my morning opening room on my credit cards to order to BMDCC -MFT bodies. Nop - they just got the number and I was good to go. On the case of the shooting gear we are experiencing a completely different treatment. It appears that corporate production is getting stiff arrrss about brands. We get major grilling especially on the acquisition gear and then the format. It is going to be another uphill battle to introduce BMDCC to client. Early days of 5DII we were so self conscious showing up on the job with a the camera that looked like every one's uncle's camera to shoot a paying job.

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to use Apple's Thunderbolt-to-Firewire adapter with this camera (for data transfer only, I wouldn't expect it to work with UltraScope)? I ask because I have an older Mac, no TB just FW 800.

  • You can't transfer data over Thunderbolt. It's currently for Ultrascope only.

  • @rockroadpix @010101, do you know if B&H still has to verify a sufficient balance in your account before taking the preorder? Because I can certainly afford it in December 2012, but not on this particular day - would still like to get my order in the queue!

  • So, my plan is now to buy BMCC EF now, as it's so cheap and flexible, it should pay off quickly anyway. And we have plenty of quality FD and FL glass.

    I just don't want to wait for Panasonic to "bless us with" shipping any new products last to USA dealers again, 6-9 months after they "ship" it to the rest of the world...

  • Unfortunately, international orders are charged upon placing the order. No money for that goodie right now.

    Edit: at

  • @Oedipax - they verified my credit card. Wife called saying WTF???

    I figure I have 3.5 months to "soften" her up... :)

    I'll buy axs along the way to December so that my kit is ready to go- Wooden cam cage, switronix batt & a couple of SSDs

  • @010101 - I'll be shooting almost exclusively Pro Res, so my two major clients (other prod companies) are more than happy not to deal with transcode time. I'll tinker with the RAW (Maybe), but my MBPro can't handle Resolve as it is...

  • would the DNxHD have about the same quality as Pro Res ?

  • @Oedipax , the order desk took my order so fast I can't imagine they were running any balance check. That said we have a long history with B&H and perhaps they had my page open on their screen as soon as I called. Just contact them. You'll never know unless you try it.

  • @sammy, it is said that DNxHD has the same visuals quality as ProRes422-HQ. Some argue DNxHD has more efficient compression algorithms than ProRes. We use both and quite frankly I stopped giving importance to these things on the way from 2008 recovery. Nobody cares - as long as it looks good(er) on Vimeo and the audio doesn't fall off synch on YouTube.

  • Correction / Clarification. B&H is charging international orders on the spot. My son tried to place a pre-order for MFT version from Canada and they tried to charged him. Well - he said no.

  • @Brian202020, or anyone how is one suppose to offload files from the SSD if the Thunderbolt connector isn't for that purpose?

  • Someone in another thread said, "An EF BMCC in the hand is worth two m43 BMCC in the bush".

    I tend to agree.

    All things being equal, the EF BMCC may ship in "volume" weeks or months before the m43 BMCC does. Maybe. Who knows. But my guess is the EF BMCC I pre-ordered in mid-April will be in my hands and working for quite a while before m43 BMCCs are readily available.

    The EF BMCC will work great with my old manual Nikkor prime lenses (24/35/55/85, all f2.8 or faster) I already own, via the relatively inexpensive Nikon to Canon adapter I recently bought.

    The EF BMCC will work nicely with the Tokina 11-16mm I'll probably buy, once I decide to get either the Nikon (+adapter) or the EF version. Although a faster lens would be nice to have, I like the way f2.8 - f5.6 DOF looks on my GH2, so the Tokina's max. of f2.8 will be fine. I like that some of the auto features of the EF version of the Tokina are supported by the EF BMCC.

    Beyond that, there's a not-small selection of other EF-compatible glass out there, including via rentals in my town.

    If instead I got the "passive" m43 BMCC, lens choices are vast -- but what's the comparatively-priced equiv. for the Tokina 11-16mm or Sigma 8-16mm for m43 or PL? -- and I don't own them.

    If I don't get the m43 BMCC I'll "miss" not having the option of using PL cine, manual m43 & other lenses.

    But I won't be able to miss it until at least "December" (or will it be Jan.?, Feb.?, Mar.? ...).

    In the meantime I can be profitably shooting with my EF BMCC.

    Or my eff'n BMCC as I may start referring to it. ;-)

    And, later maybe get a m43 BMCC as a 2nd cam next year? Something else to look forward too.


  • Couldn't some of you just rent a BMC EF in the meantime while waiting on the BMC MFT? I would think it just makes more sense to have the MUCH more flexible MFT mount version. This way no matter what glass comes out you'll have the option of using it!!! I am very curious about the new Power Zoom Sony has been packaging with the NEX EA50 and VG30. That lens seems like a nice target for a GH3 or BMC MFT.

  • @htinla The SSD is removable. Take it out of the camera and plug it into your NLE workstation.

  • @aria Sony E mount has a shorter FFD than MFT. In other words you can forget about such lenses on any MFT mount. (if that was what you meant)

  • EF vs M43 .. I have changed my camera order to m43 .. but I will still be buying predominantly EF lenses

  • @peterdv_dot_com, An iPhone 4s cam in hand is worth more than four BMDCC-MFT - because BMDCC-MFT doesn't exist yet. I pre-ordered the camera just after NAB and as you mentioned it will work most of the time like a charm. But when you have to shoot wide even that Tokina 11-16 feels like 28-35 at best. As soon as the MFT model is out this one becomes the backup camera or B-cam for us. As a reminder again, your beautiful Nikkor primes ( 24/35/55/85 ) will function as ( 58/85/135/200). Great if you are distant shooter but for me as interior shooter that is a great disadvantage. Again EF lenses are great. If you are distant shooter you are golden. Extreme wide shooters have to wait for MFT model.

  • I shoot faces primarily, so I'm good.

    With the MFT, I may reconsider getting the Pana 7-14. I'm sure that can get me some nice wides...

  • @rockroadpix

    Unfortunately, electronic m43 lenses such as the Lumix 7-14mm, or 14-140mm, or 20mm, etc. don't work on the BMCC m43's passive mount. Electronic m43 lenses require an electronic mount to enable them to focus, set aperture, IS, and zoom (if it's one of the new motorized zoom lenses).

    The BMCC m43 passive mount is primarily for use with new manual lenses like those from Voightlander, SLR Magic, etc., or PL cine lenses, or legacy lenses like Nikkor F, Canon FD, etc.

  • @ 010101

    I'm quite familiar with the BMCC's crop factor, and as longtime GH1 & GH2 user I'm comfortable working with it.

    On the BMCC, the FOV of a Tokina 11-16mm at the wide end is about equiv. to using a 18mm lens on S35 16:9, about as wide as most movies typically shoot. A lens like the Sigma 8-16mm lets you go wider, about equiv. to using a 13mm lens on S35 16:9.

    But I'm not saying the above lenses are perfect for most productions, just that they'll be very useful for many of the productions that I work on. And when they're not, we'll use something else. There's not 1 perfect camera or lens for every production.

    In any event, I think the BMCC m43 is great. For productions that need it, it'll be awesome. My point is only that it might not be the right camera for me to wait for; I'd rather get a BMCC EF as soon as possible and start working with it. But I definitely understand why other shooters want the BMCC m43 ASAP.

    Hopefully next year I'll get a BMCC m43, too. I prefer to have a backup/alternate cam for additional coverage, or as relatively inexpensive insurance for when things go wrong.


  • For me, I have changed my order.

    I don't need to buy a new set of primes, I can continue to use Minolta ROKKORs with an adapter.

    The B4-m43 adapter I ordered last night will work. Some of my C-mounts that didn't quite cover the GH2 might work a little better with BMC due to the smaller sensor. I don't need to buy extra adapters.

    I will still aspire to building a set of Rokinon Cine Primes EF, useable now with EF-m43 adapter, and hopefully they will serve my perceived upgrade path towards super35 sensor.

    I will contemplate the fast Noktons, and the SLRMagic products .. manual lenses all the way.

    There will always be feature to wish for, mostly I now hope for Genlock and PSF via the SDI.

  • @peterdv_dot_com gotcha. Crap, that's right. Yet another reason I won't buy anymore Panny glass.