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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • PBloom is reporting that : The ProRes is beautiful. Sharp, flat as hell (very log-c alexa like) and way easier workflow than raw on the BMD cam. good enough for me.

    ...sounds great! Still crossing fingers for that ProRes 1080p 60fps option update!

    If not though... the GH3/BMCC combo is sounding amazing! ... and both for under the price of a FS100/AF-100 when they were first released. We're getting spoiled!

  • Yeah, if I could afford it I'd grab a BMC and use it 90% of the time in ProRes mode. I'd save RAW for the tough shots that have lots of contrast, or VFX shots. Alas my bank accounts says 'not at this time.' It is excited to see the developments in this space though. :)

  • Did not like the last two shots at all. The German one was an overuse of camera traveling, motion etc. Felt very video like also. Lighting was not good at all. Too much wide angle shots with typical deformation mostly on the side. The second one was just flat. Never good to work with a white background if you have just a flat lighting and no grade no raw is going to change that. It is good they chose somebody like John brawley to make there first promo, it was miles better.

    I see it coming, I see it coming ................................................ 13 stop raw junk, in quantity.

  • Well just goes to show no matter what kind of gear you have - you can't polish a turd. I wouldn't jump to conclusions because of these lame examples :-)

  • The German film is bad. They took too much noise out. Looks too video now because of it. Bloom's stuff looks great.

  • no comments of content quality from my side to these films. German film shows the potential of dynamic range and imho it's very promising. I have no idea what is special from boxing training clip? My first thought that you could do it with a GH2 too.

    In general I am not shure in my opion about daily benefit of this camera. I suppose in RAW shooting there will be a lot of follow-up cost to install a smooth RAW workflow especially for us people coming from the GH2. 1sec > 100MB means for 5min almost 40GB... you will have to hande, edit and back up these amounts. Nevertheless I am still impressed about quality

    And in ProRes the lack of manual white balance, adjusting WB only in quite rough steps, no detailed ISO setting will, no higher frame rates can become a disadvantage for your daily jobs compared to a cheaper GH2 or higher priced FS 100/700. Mr. Bloom's beach clip is not suitable to jugde whether the ProRes workflow is usefull for shots I mostly do: testimonials, image short clips, technical tutorials etc.

    Most attractive is the price and as my location is some hours away from next rental station I ordered one also - in addition to a FS 700 ;-)

  • I must say i love the image. The colours of the BMCC keep amazing me. To me it really feels like going to the movies. And it seems the image could be easily combined with that from a GH2.

  • Phil Bloom's BM review is now up.

  • Phil Bloom's BM review is now up.

    Think want you want about Mr. Bloom, but he brought it to the point. Beside his review I was impressed about the image quality of the C300 this review were shot with: very nice natural skin tones, sharp and clear image. Unfortunately the C300 is way overpriced.

  • A point of fact from Mr. Bloom: 240GB SSD will hold 35 mins of RAW footage or 3 HOURS of ProRes footage. Choose wisely. :)

  • I've seen what can be done with a flat ProRes conversion of the DNG files to know that if the ProRes files coming out of the cam have the reported LOG quality, there should be little reason to use RAW.

  • Agreed. It seems like ProRes would be good for most things, with RAW as the emergency backup for tough shots. Now if I could only afford the camera! LOL

  • @shian do you not think the extra 60-ish % resolution will be a good reason? Or will it not be that noticeable?

  • I am curious to see skin tones shot with ProRes

  • I thought what was interesting about PB review was the long list of the good and the bad. If the bad leads off with "wrong lens mount", well, that really says something. No. 2 is bad rolling shutter. A few more things jump out at me. One is "good but not great LL" and the other is the fact that he does not mention moire issues. The pink highlights I assume can be fixed with a firmware upgrade. LL, IS, lens mount, rolling shutter--enough issues that I will wait and see the GH3, but not necessarily a deal-breaker. I do need good low light for on location work. In the studio, just crank up the lights. PB does say that even though the list of minuses is long, the plusses are massive. Personally, I would be all over a m4/3 version of this cam like a toad on an Aussie freeway.

  • Loving coming here and watching the gossip - as far as film "film" makers go (as it isn't on film, and sure 90 % of you never seen it, I am a (feature) film mixer, editor etc, whatever you call me this week,,,) educated in the old fashioned way holding a pole and placing mics on a super 16 unit , 6 in the morning day in and out for many years in my youth - v lucky - been in a discussion today inadvertently about delivery (i.e. no tape SR etc) and it's absolitely going to be the norm very soon in the biggest prod companies - spurious link to the RAW workflow mooted here - wether we love it or not if it's expensive - MTV NAT GEO etc blah have no money to accommodate ingesting RAW full - stop I can tell you that now - aspiration is lovely but work 365 for these guys (where it may shine next year) no budget - zero - oh did I say zero - yes zero - flim flam away lenses IQ etc they dont give a fuck - no nothing, sat next to a PM now who follows development - im pausing for effect - oh - he and all his colleagues dont care - and FYI he hires you me and that strange bloke on internship that will never work, who after 40k given to the SAE mogul - end result sadly is you need to be totally retrained - soz! We#re desperate for audio post future mixers - sadly most of them submit CVs saying went to SAE and IM a mixer -what a shame My advice after spending 10s of Ks is dont put SAE on your CV if you want a leg up - tought by students - forever students - sound is fun and nothing to do with books and everything to do with people.

  • Dr Dave do you live in Brighton btw? :)

  • There is theoretically an advantage.

    I'm here at IBC and was talking directly to the head of the Resolve development team about this.

    He was telling me that the Debayering in Resolve will be better than what's done in the camera, so the transform in camera that happens before being changed into ProRes Vs doing it in Post means there is more CPU power to throw at the image.

    That and the fact it's 12 BIT Vs 10 of course.

    Is it enough to make a visible difference ? I haven't tested for it. But I agree, that ProRes will be bloody awesome enough for most.

    Nice to have the choice though.


  • @soundgh2 No, but there is a terrific music room in Brighton in the Royal Pavilion with jellyfish chandeliers and the whole three meters, always wanted to do a gig there. I can see twenty-four mics and twenty-four fiddlers. I can see it! Or maybe Brandenburg 3 with one on a part and a Decca Tree. And video of course.

  • Blackmagic Cinema camera now available in m4/3 ! Available from December.



    From our IBC topic (via John twitter)

  • Thanks for the news Vitaliy.. this does put the cat amongst the pigeons! It's probably a good idea time wise, to show this before the GH3 arrives, but it might make our choice difficult!

  • @matthere

    Generally it contradicts with all the previous interviews of BM staff. They constantly told that we won't see any other mounts in this version.

    Choice is not difficult, as GH3 and BMCC are different cameras.

  • Too bad that it's passive MFT. At least, you can get many different mounts on that thing with adapters. And those Voigtlander Noktons are tasty. I think this mount maybe a better starting point for this sensor than the Canon mount. It does make investment in those Noktons more worthwhile as a Panasonic GH user -- so if one does get a BMCC down the road, you have something compatible.

  • Wow, what news!

    @vitaliy_kiselev I think the decision not to announce other mounts is purely commercial. In an ideal world they would have developed and announced both in the same time frame. Assuming that wasn't possible, then they absolutely needed to release EF first to guarantee volumes. Announcing mFT as a delayed choice might have hurt pre-sales.

    I think they've been smart, and I'm so happy to see the mFT mount. Just checking it isn't a late April fools :-)