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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • @thepalalias ah, sorry I misunderstood you. Can´t answer your question.

  • What I want to know is if 1" C-mount lenses will cover the entire sensor of the BMCC without any vignetting...don't know if there's a way to test this or will we have to wait until the camera actually comes out?

  • @kazuo

    kazuo wrote: "BMCC should have just embraced mft from the start. Think about it, pp who are used to shooting FF will have alot to consider before making the switch to BMC despite the EF mount. ..."

    FF is a tiny percentage of the video production market. Even APS-C is a relatively small part of it. Most video production is done using sensors 2/3" or smaller.

    It's true that FF video shooters need to consider a few things before switching to the BMCC. They'll probably need to consider adding an ultra-wide lens to their lens collection (such as the Tokina 11-16 or Sigma 8-16mm) if they don't already have one.

    The BMCC EF & m43 crop factor is typically not a big problem for most video production situations. For "normal" wide shooting, lenses such as the Tokina or Sigma are perfectly adequate and cost <$700 US. Obviously there can be exceptions, where better or more flexible lenses are required. In which case, use a different lens or a different camera.

    There's not 1 perfect camera for every production.

    Until BMD releases new firmware, BMCC EF shooters also need to go without IS, at least temporarily.

    Other than the above issues, people accustomed to shooting FF video get the same benefits from the BMCC as the majority of video shooters who are accustomed to smaller sensor sizes.

    As a "fully supported" (well, not quite yet) electronic lens mount, the BMCC EF offers benefits to video shooters. Plus, if BMD adds IS and other support, the BMCC EF model may become even more valuable. It doesn't matter if most video shooters don't use "auto" features most of the time. Most video shooters use auto features at least some of the time, so that makes it valuable.

    Your comment about people switching to the GH2 instead of the BMCC seems a bit odd. As a GH1 & GH2 owner I know they are less expensive & smaller than the BMCC, and their video files "more efficient" (smaller). But the BMCC's video quality (both ProRes 422 HQ and CinemaDNG), plus its software bundle, are vastly better than anything a GH1/GH2 can achieve, hacked or not.

    In my previous posts I was trying to make the point that the BMCC EF version is more valuable to me than the BMCC m43 version primarily because it will hopefully be available months earlier. I'll also use (at least occasionally) some of the "auto" features of the electronic EF mount that the BMCC m43's passive mount doesn't offer.

    If the BMCC m43 were an electronic mount, I might have decided to wait for it because I own 3 Lumix lenses. But it isn't. And I don't own any manual native m43 lenses, and won't be buying any soon. So for me, a BMCC EF in the hand is worth two BMCC m43 in the bush.

    But other people may have different reasons and situations, and thus make different decisions. That's OK. It's all good.

  • 1080p60 in BMCC would clinch the purchase for me. Even 1080p48 -- given 48p movies are being editing in avid right now, surely there is a DNXHD codec with 48p support on the horizon.

    I find slow motion is one of the most important tools in filmmaking, be it doc or drama ( -- don't agree with the entire list, but good refresher one of the most important tools in the dramatic kit.)

    I can't quite convince myself to pull the trigger on the BMCC without it. Even though I love everything I've been seeing lately. And yes, I know, I could just have a separate camera for 60p... but really, I want it in one camera. If BMCC adds this feature in firmware update -- even in some sort of time limited burst mode to prevent overheating -- then I'm in.

  • They alluded to the fact that higher framerates might be coming with a firmware update. I'd imagine 60p is doable.

  • I own a 5D mk II that I got the first day it shipped. I added GH1 hacked and then couple GH2's hacked. Use GH2's for most video work now days. Still use 5D for 2nd or 3rd camera and 98% for stills. (cell phone gets other 2%)

    I have ef lens and mft lens as well as a boat load of adapters and a few old Nikon manual lens.

    Ordered the BMCC camera the day it was announced and go back and forth whether I really need it. Probably not, but want that extra DR. I have everything I need except for the SSD's (which I have bought just 1). Have enough batteries to probably shoot for 15 or more hours, just not the storage space.

    The MFT announcement has me thinking. I wish they would have made an interchangeable mount so I could use all my lens. That not being the case, right now I'm thinking I'll stick with the EF mount. Wide will be a little of an issue, but not a deal breaker. Have the 16-25L lens. Sold my Tokina 11-16 about 6 months ago and may repurchase or go with the sigma 8-16mm. Can either use a another camera for ultra wide shots or move myself and camera back a little when space is available. Not an issue to me.

    One reason I will stick with the ef mount, is there are times when I don't want to miss or mess the shot. Sometimes auto focus can be a life saver. Call me lazy or whatever, auto focus is a feature to me.

    I know some peeps say this isn't a camera for this or that, but just like when the 5D mkII came out, I (we all) jumped through hoops to make it work and overcome some of it's shortcomings because of the image.

    The BMCC is so simple, elegant, and the DR is enough to make me believe that overcoming some a few issues is not going to be that big a deal.

  • @johnnym Thanks for sharing on the video. Looks like a fun day breaking in the new camera. How many GB's of data do you capture that day?

  • One reason I will stick with the ef mount, is there are times when I don't want to miss or mess the shot. Sometimes auto focus can be a life saver. Call me lazy or whatever, auto focus is a feature to me.

    Still, you may want to get an FF and pull your own focus, as not every shot is static. Also, no AF is 100% where you need it to be and no AF is accurate 100% of the time. Why risk ruined shots? The BMCC has a screen that is good enough to pull focus so I was just wondering why not do it? Not to mention that continuous AF in video looks horrible.

  • What is nice with the carnival movie above is that most of the time the main subject is in focus and I will call enough shallow dof. It is not as if every time he is like pumping in an out to get the subject in focus like you see in many apsc but more so ff sensor. Some shots were a little overexposed to my taste with a bit white sky, when it could have been a little less. But it was the first shot and truly run and gun.

  • @danyyyel an interesting comment and I think it holds true with tighter shots but with wider shots real care must be taken to force the lens open -- for my taste, for instance, the demo put up by john bradley (the car crash love story) had too much DOF in mediums and wides and I found myself visually distracted by the background. Not meant as a knock against him as it was all well done, just not my aesthetic so if and when I use it I'll definitely be loading up on some heavy NDs for the Matte Box.

    The carnival scene was also helped by the fact that the background was visually interesting -- but often its not and thats when you really want the shallower DOF that may be a bit more of a struggle -- although much less so now that there is that M43rds version and some nice fast glass in the 12 - 25 range.

  • @allenswrench .....Still, you may want to get an FF and pull your own focus, as not every shot is static. Also, no AF is 100% where you need it to be and no AF is accurate 100% of the time. Why risk ruined shots? The BMCC has a screen that is good enough to pull focus so I was just wondering why not do it? Not to mention that continuous AF in video looks horrible.

    I agree and that wasn't my intent. I am hoping the screen is going to be good enough to pull focus on and I have manual lens for that. I shoot 95% + with manual focus.

    I was really referring to the occasional time where a quick focus is needed. There are a few times when a quick press of a button gets me in or close to focus and I'll tweak as I shoot. Many times on a auto-focus lens I will make a quick auto-focus when I'm behind or can't see the lcd, and then turn off the auto-focus switch or knob if I have an auto-focus lens on.

  • Just saw the crop comparison image for this cam

    and really looks like a lot unless your lenses set has the 8mm or so and you are happy with them. Will be scratching my head a lot over this... Many people say they do not really need wide angles, but I do, a lot! Glad for everyone who just shoots talking heads, but my 12mm (widest I have) will look like a 35FF. This is really too tight to show off interiors and tight spaces and so many other things. I know this smaller sensor holds a lot of promise with the future update like enabling global shutter or 60p (or both), but damn it is just a little tight...especially since I am invested in lenses that will likely never have a matching 8mm or so for this sensor. Here is hoping that the next generation of BMCC will come in S35 for a bit more $$ or even a 4:3 anamorphic S35. Still, even if it doesn't, it is looking excellent as it is now, sensor size is the ONLY fault I can see. And it is a true fault if you can not use your lenses, or need to complement them with new, non existent ones.

  • @robmneilson

    Don't hold your breath for 60 FPS.


  • @allenswrench

    Your math is off: 12mm = around 26mm after the crop from MKII video, down to specs. It isn't 35mm

    That's a 16mm off the top of my head in APS-C, which is typically the widest most Cinema Lens set rentals have unless specified that wider is needed.

    So, maybe it's that you shoot landscapes and everyone else shoots people? =]

  • @kholi :) I smile but the photo suggests a tight fit. Sharper edges are no consolation, WTF? I shoot "landscapes" (I wish) as you say, mostly newly developed, generic skyscrapers that are freaking hard to fit into a frame, but I'll manage. The cam is too good to pass anyway. I might get one of the wider ones and fool myself RAW will fix it at least as colors go but.... I am of the old audio ilk that were thought to NEVER try to "fix in the mix". Also revealing is the hint not to wait for 60 fps... In my whorish corporate line of work, slo mo is great but not a deal breaker. I can do with 30 like GH2, as I mostly promote venues and not products. This cam seems to do great in both compressed and RAW. I just need to ride out the fact that a local company bought a Fantom, and ALL the adverts in Spain are now super slo mo. Once people get tired of this shit (and them not knowing how to set shutter for 240fps) BMCC might just be the ticket.

  • Just found the widest yet Nikon F-mount zoom with a manual aperture ring - Sigma 15-30mm f3.5-4.5:

  • I'm probably going to get the Sigma 8-16 with the iris control adapter. Then I'll probably get the Nokton 12mm 1.6 and re-frame when I need the stop...

  • @johnnym btw, sweet video man. I know there's a grade but still, something about the images I'm seeing feel much more organic that red footage...

  • @JDN @jfro They're not my work, i just post this shit from vimeo, because i like it so much. Everytime i see the DR my jaw drops.

  • Just curious, has anyone here pre-ordered the BMCC?

  • @cupanudles

    Bunch of guys preordered BMCC here :-) Just did not get one yet.

  • I pre-ordered the MFT version last Fri.

  • @cupanudles

    I preordered the MFT version. Some people on BMCUSER already received the EF mount version and I'm not talking about the bloggers that got them early, real users that ordered from B&H.

  • For all the German people (and others close buy) here interested in buying the MFT version. You can preorder at Teltec Shop:

    No down payment as far as I can see.