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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • Are there any 43 or M43 lenses wider than 10mm that are neither fisheye nor focus-by-wire? Or will the use of UWA lenses require an active mount?

    The passive M43 mount seems like great news for lens variety and fast lenses in particular, I was just hoping that we could get access to the even wider lenses (not fisheye) for the mount at the same time.

    Either way, this may be the tipping point for many buyers and I think BM will sell even more of them now.

  • @itimjim It's all very good to call them "stupid" when they dind't know if they'd even make a succesful product before they announced. Hindsight is great when you're not the one risking millions on the launch.

    They wanted to dip their toe in the water. The launch was very successful and they've made a quick response to one of the main sticking points for those that were sitting on the fence.

    Canon have sold 80 million EF lenses. They wanted to appeal t the widest possible market and they saw this camera as a good alternative to a 5Dmk2 shooter who wanted something better in terms of DR and gradability.


  • @010101 EF isn't stupid at all. There's tonnes of cinematographers out there that have invested in EF glass and the Canon system. The stupid decision was not to release both at the same time, but they've addressed that very quickly.

  • Blackmagic change it up with a passive m43 mount.

    This one deserve a new discussion thread. Finally ! I have been acting like a mad man on this from the time BMD camera was announced. That EF lens mount was/is stupid, considering the sensor size. Read the news here :

  • As long as the mount can be adapted to mft, anything fits, but its the image circle that will be in question. What's OCT's image circle? If you can fit it on Gh2 and get a reasonable image with little vignetting, then chances are BMC can take it as well. C mounts and the like were designed for 16mm film, which is much smaller than both GH2 and BMC sensors.

  • Big news. Anyone know if this new version will work with MFT-adapted Lomo OCT-18s?

  • @rockroadpix, from a broadcast trade seller. (Vizcom in Western Australia).

    It's a email and telephone affair, they are 5kms away

  • @kavadni - where did you order?

    B&H has no mention of the MFT version.

  • @kavadni Having no investment in EF, it's the right decision :-)

  • Anyway a 10mm S16 FOV is around 62° about the same as 30mm on FF ,that's not so wiiiiiide :s Back to scratch... :p

  • I just changed my order to m4/3 .. I am glad .. and sad .. will have to wait another 4 months

  • @itimjim Thanks for the great chart!

  • @Faudel thanks for the info

  • Got this in a newsletter...

    Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT

    Since the Blackmagic Cinema Camera was announced we have been overwhelmed by the fantastic response. We have also been extremely happy with the response to the first shipments and have already seen some wonderful work done on them.

    We started shipping a few weeks ago, however the Cinema Camera is a highly advanced piece of equipment and it uses a large amount of high quality precision parts to build it. Some components are coming into our factory slower than we expected and this has caused the manufacturing of the cameras to slow.

    We expect to have this sorted out over the next few weeks and then can speed up and get more cameras delivered. In the mean time, our engineering has not been slowed down at all and we are continuing to develop the next software update with new features for release very soon.

    We have also been working on a Passive Micro Four Thirds model of the camera. People have been asking for this as there are a lot of nice high end manually operated MFT lenses on the market, and the MFT mount can also be easily adapted to PL and other lens mounts using third party adapters.

    The new Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT is expected to ship in December, and will be the same price as the original model. It’s identical in features as they are both the same camera, just with different lens mounts. The price will also be the same at $2,995. We will be working with our dealers to help people change their orders if they want.

  • I just saw this on my email. My voigtlanders just got more expensive:D

  • @Faudel you can easily adapt m43 to c-mount. Plenty of good and cheap adapters exist today. The lack of in-cam correction will anyway only apply to lenses that rely heavily on that - in other words, modern lenses out of which many are likely to have focus by wire / electronically controlled aperture and can´t be used anyway.

    However, like with m43 s16 lenses will start to vignette at some point. I´d guess you won´t get really wide angle with those either.

  • 12mm Oly won't work either?

  • Here's an example


  • Although on closer inspection the BMD sensor size is: 15.81mm x 8.88mm and Super 16 is: 12.52mm x 7.41mm

    Unless that extra space is used as "look around" space, outside of the taking area of the frame, I suspect there may be vignetting on some S16mm wide angle glass.

    (Sources: and

  • @faudel I believe s16 lenses will work over 25mm, although it will be slightly different lens to lens. I didn't realise the projected image circle changes so much with FL.

  • Woke up, checked my email and BAM (!)... email from BMD makes it like Christmas morning as a kid. I still have all my S16mm glass! Whooo hoo! They are listening!

  • @gib Keep in mind it's passive mft mount, no auto-corrected Distorsion and CA.... @johnbrawley ,I dont know if the sensor design can allow it but a nice move imho is to bring a c-mount, a real one with the right flange distance and a sensor fully usable with S16mm lenses with no vigneting ,no cropping ,the wide angle problem will be solved :p, a true D-16 camera :p After all, it's a cinema camera.... Time to run on some cheap 16mm angenieux lenses....

  • @john_farragut Yep, hence the need to set the aperture on my GH2 beforehand. A bit fiddly, but still possible to get reasonably wide shot

  • @gib Well, that 7mm-14mm lumix won't do, because this mount is passive.

  • Superb news, the BMD with my 25mm Voigtlander and 7mm-14mm lumix lenses would be capable of some fantastic footage.

    I would have to use it alongside my GH2 and hopefully a new shiny GH3 to change the aperture on the lumix lenses