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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • This one has a real nice look. Love the combo of Blackmagic+filmLUT...

  • yeah, gotta agree on the ludovicio camera test. I thought many of the images from several cameras looked horrible. Makes me question if anyone in the test had a clue what they were doing.

  • Dueling Black Magics :) Yep, it's a rats nest but I wasn't there to look pretty!

    1440 x 1080 - 357K
    1280 x 960 - 333K
  • Awesome @vicharris! Is that the updated SLR Magic 12mm on your BMCC? Would love to see footage shot with that one.

  • @cbm32221 Yep, might be the first real footage shot with it :) Regrettably this footage is for a theatrical feature and I can't release it but I'm going to shoot a bunch of stuff for myself on the way out of the desert. The optics are the same so there really won't be any surprises there but it's built much better.

  • Nice. Hopefully you'll get the chance to upload your personal footage.

  • Evening all. Wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction. I'm using a Lilliput monitor with a cheap SDI-HDMI converter.

    I'm not getting an image on the Lilliput. I'm set to 29.97FPS and no SDI overlays. I've seen an image once for one second but thats it.

    Any thoughts ?

  • Which monitor is that and which converter? The different Lilliput models have quite different input support, some only support a couple of settings while others seems to take anything you their at it.

  • @haavard Its a 7" Wide Screen --- I can't see any other useful markings.

    So to answer my own question

    It appears to be about the quality of the cable. I tried with a short length of RG58 and it all worked. A long length of 'CCTV' cable didn't work. I'm going to do a little research on the right impedance for SDI cables.

  • @andyharris I am using the BlackMagic SDI to HDMI converter, and have had no luck getting the HDMI to work with a Lilliput or similar, yet it works just fine with a 55" Samsung TV and my Zacuto EVF, so I'm not sure if the cable is the answer.

  • I'm using the Lilliput 5Dii/o 7" with both the Blackmagic Cinema camera and the Pocket camera, no problems. I'm using a dirt cheap HDMI/SDI converter from eBay powered from the screen's USB port and stuck on the back of the screen with Velcro.

    With regards to cables, you need a double shielded RG6 type cable, I think they are 75ohms.

  • And here's some of the same shots from the pocket desert video but shot with the 2.5K, the SLR Magic 12mm MKII and some long shots with the Rokinon 85mm t1.5

    The last clip was left in even though it looks completely different to demonstrate how you can really screw yourself mixing IRNDs and a CP. Color was so different I couldn't get the grade the same even though all the same steps were used. Good lesson learned :)

    Oh, and there's a 2K HD version available so that's why the shift to youtube.

  • @bozfx Looks nice. Really liked some of that train footage - reminded me of that Denzel movie with the runaway train.

  • @vicharris excellent mate. I wish I had something as scenic at my doorstep. Well at least one where it wasn't bloody raining all the time.

  • Very Silly Star Wars Parody - Your Empire Needs You

    All kinds of wrong with this, as it was unplanned. Director asks for a dolly shot, all I've got is my shoulder, hang on no monitor, can't see the screen, ok hold it in your hands get the picture. Shot at 5600k under tungsten, with other florescent and halogens spilling into the shot...anyway, good fun.

    Shot BMCC MFT 2.5K, MFT > FD SpeedBooster, Canon FD 28/2, Sound in camera using JuicedLink BMC388. Edited in PP CC, grade in SG CC, FX in AE CC, all round tripped without intermediate renders - nice!

  • Love the color work there, @vicharris

  • Just a little test shoot from today shooting prores

  • @rockroadpix @itimjim

    Thanks guys. I'm just trying to figure out resolve and this is actually just a LUT I made up that plays on the whole American/Micheal Bay/orange-teal look. I know it's a little overboard and would probably never use it for narative work but it works well for landscapes. Works better in daylight since I built it to crush the hell out of the blacks.

    It's just for fun :)

  • Little christmas greeting we made on the black magic. One shot - all night!

  • Just some stills taken from a shoot on the weekend using the bmcc in PRORES. Using the Nokton 17.5mm and the 42.5mm lens. Using the captain Hook LUT

    SR 56.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 821K
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    SF 493.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • @azza_act Very nice images. I liked the last one in particular. Looks better than most still camera shots.

  • @azza_act Nice, clear, sharp footage.

  • Thanks guys!

  • @azza_act - looks great. Prores is so underestimated! Great job and thanks for the mention! :)

  • Oh shit! Didn't even see the Prores part. Even better than! I take it you had the Voights stopped down a bit then. 2.8-4ish?