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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • Same program, but the update is not for the 2.5K, it's for the Pocket Camera. Kristian specifically said that more than once in the update thread.

    There's no reason to put that firmware on the 2.5K.

  • So why does it come up under BMCC MFT Support?

  • Ill ask Kristian if that's supposed to be under MFt support but he specifically said twice in the update thread that its a pocket camera firmware update.

  • Here's some set photos from a pilot Shain and I worked on. I posted some in the pocket thread by accident. 2.5 working it on the Rolls!

    960 x 640 - 107K
    960 x 631 - 77K
    960 x 720 - 103K
    960 x 880 - 154K
    960 x 640 - 100K
  • Day 1 was fun... Day 2 on the other hand.... longest most exhausting shoot of my career. The next morning on day 3 felt like I had a hangover, but I didn't drink... must have been the dehydration.

  • Here's a video I made using RAW and Resolve

    Best seen in full def, some of the original quality shines through:

  • Do not fear, help is on the way

  • @shian I'd still take a BM over most other cameras even with the audio problems though it seems Frank over at BMCuser has pretty much solved that issue :)

  • I just thought it was funny, and relevant... sort of.

  • @shian I did enjoy it! Looked damn good too!!!! Put me down for 2!

  • @shian ... that was indeed hilarious

  • Here is a documentary we shot for the Seoul, Our Movie contest. Most shots were with BMCC MFT with either the Voight 25mm or Tokina 11-16mm with Metabones. Enjoy!

  • Hi guys, a month ago I shot a little short film with my BMCC MFT. With this shot, there seems to be something going on with the grain or noise in the shadows... I think? I shot in prores, with the Nokton 42.5mm at 800asa. PS the shot is a bit under expose..

    Is it me? Cheers

  • @azza_act Looks fine. What did you expect? You shot prores and have underexposed areas. Try this scene on a GH2 or GH3 and compare. See which one looks better.

  • @vicharris thought so :) Just wanted to double check.

  • @azza_act Image looks damn good to me on a 17" 1440x1080 MacBookPro. Plus with this type of scene, viewer probably focused on woman, not the black corners of the screen. Overall, image looks very nice to me. I would also expect more noise on GH2 for this type of scene.

  • Nikon D5200, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Nikon D600, Canon 5D mk III, Canon C500, Sony F55, Red Epic, ARRI Alexa comparison:

  • Wow who ever did the color correction on the comparison video about did such a bad job that in every test each camera looked different than it did in another test. That video is useless.

  • I'll have to agree that these last two videos are horrible. Whatcha doing @MikeLinn, trying to make this camera look like shit? :) I saw that first one awhile back and just ignored it. Horrible. Period. Then this last one I'm almost certain is so biased, that it's ridiculous. I'm not a colorist and I can get betting looking skin tones in 2 min than this comparison. Just another skewed review. There's no reason the BM shouldn't look damn close to the Alexa since it's being used as a B cam to it often these days.

  • 'Tricksta' - An impromptu horror short film using the Black Magic Cinema Camera (ProRes 1080p).