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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • @Sharpixels I was consistently getting 90MB/s with Cluster V2e. @driftwood Thanks for Cluster V2. Some initial tests look good. Works fine on a SanDisc Extreme 30MB/s SD card.

  • @driftwood. Nick, I have always been a fan of Sedna A Q20 setting for 24P and I agree that nothing beats GOP1 for 24p. I have been using a Sedna A Q20-Sanity hybrid for a while but I like what I see in Cluster v2e for 1080i/HBR/720p. I was contemplating to do a Sedna A Q20-Cluster V2 and a Sedna A Q20-FM 2.01 hybrid which you call it Crossfire now. I think you can do a much better and thorough job of it than I can. When can I expect the Crossfire setting for Sedna-Clv2? I am willing to be an early adopter and test it.

  • What would the advantage of shooting Mjpeg 2K over Sedna A AQ1 24p?

  • I don't think there would be any advantage to having a quantization value of less that 4, after factoring in the scaling tables. A quantization value of 4 produces 255 possible levels, which is the most an 8 bit codec can represent. Quantization values lower than 4 really only offer an advantage with 10-bit codecs.

  • Please explain the "2K HD resolution 2048 x 1152 pixels - Highest quality MJPEG" mode! Is it 2K straight from the camera at MJPEG mode? Curious that's possible at GH2.

  • @driftwood, I think i'm going to print a t-shirt with the beginning of this page. Congratulations. Thank you for everybody's work. Your are really generous.

  • Cluster v2f released (same as v2e but with AQ4 on). Sorry I'm dumb. What will AQ4 do for me? (Currently using v2e and quite impressed.

  • v2f will just turbocharge v2e with its auto quant set to 4 (more to details) since GOP6 as a GOP is quite underpowered... Its an ages old aid developed by cbrandin to maintain low Q attempts on the fly.

  • Awesome - cheers for the reply. I've followed and used your hacks keenly from SMBU, Orion and now Cluster. Just don't quite understand all the finer tech-speak about AQ Q20 etc etc. I'm flashing with v2f now! :)

  • I spent a lot of time with Cluster V2A and Flow Motion V2,1 last night and more of today. I need to work on it a lot more..... then do the same to Cluste 2e.

    Image wise in perfect conditions they both seem about the same, Flow Motion seems to have deeper colors for the same settings. Since I do nearly 100% run and gun, performance in various conditions are key factors. At night, Flow Motion seems a lot cleaner but I think it's because it's crushing the blacks. Today while grabbing a few quick shots under a shelter, there was a lot of noise with Flow Motion and there shouldn't have been.

    So..I need to sit down and strip some channels in order to figure out what's going on. The daytime footage of Cluster 2A in the shelter is very clean.

  • @driftwood what we can expect from new ptool Ort modified quantum v9b ?? is it gonna be a quantum v9b with aq4 @ 176mbit???

  • @driftwood where are the other canis patches which you said will be released soon in your previous post.

  • @Frame No. "1080i50 and 1080p24 GOP Size" is common to all 24p modes plus 1080i50 and HBR25.

  • Question for @driftwood, @cbrandin. Auto quantisation ranges from 0-4, 0 being all to motion and 4 being all to detail. Should there be a balance between motion and detail? How does quantisation of 16 currently used in Cluster v2e rank in comparison to AQ 0-4?

  • For cluster, AQ4 seems to work well. However, after todays test I would probably drop 720 Mode to AQ3 or 2.

  • @zaven13

    AQ automatically calculates the Q value based on increase in bitrate - it can result in almost any Q value. As for balancing motion and detail - that depends on what you are shooting.

  • AQ to the max particularly works well for GOPs 6 and over.

  • Hello, sry in advance for a noob question but when I record in HBR mode with Mysterion Burst, I only get 85mbs/s? Am I doing something wrong? :/ Regards.

  • Is Ptools 3.65d backward compatible with the patches? Example: Quantum 9b will work with Ptools 3.65d? Yes/No

  • @driftwood whats the best type of sd card to use with your hacks?

  • Extreme Pros are great 30mbps upwards.

  • @driftwood would a 45mb 64gb card work great with the 176mb hack?

  • Should do. I use two 32gb 45mbps cards ok. I have a load of 64gb 90mb/s though so I barely use the older cards.

  • @driftwood would the 90mb be a better choice?

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