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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • @sohus fcpx had a hard time bringing in one hour 10 mins of spanned mts footage. It gave up on me but may well work for shorter clips. Premiere Pro handled it with ease. And I like fcpx.

  • I can use the 30 mb/s , class 10 for Quantum 9b settings ? I installed "EOSHD Unified Patch" and it is very noisy in the shadows, before was 66 mb/s GOP3 , I was pleased with the level of noise and dynamic ranges .

  • @driftwood I only checked shorter clips.

  • @thoughts2uk A lot of the Quantum settings also have very good 720p60. As in this old chestnut.

  • tried using Cluster v4 on HBR mode. Camera locked up. Any clues? Was using a Sandisk class 10

  • Is Cluster v4 pretty reliable in 60p?

  • I was recently comparing the Cluster v4 detail level on 1080P/24 and 720P/60. Here are a few samples for you guys. Handheld, fixed focus, OIS on. Standard -1 -2 +1 -2. By the way the third sample is the same 720P nicely upscaled to 1080p. 24P detail is fantastic as you can see! But 60P motion was fantastic, too :)

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    1280 x 720 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @thepalalias any recent tests???

  • @obscura made this patch out of default Sedna A matrix. This extreme Sedna A AQ4 is considered to be the most extremely detailed patch,..waiting for test results from obscura further to take this patch for pro works.

  • @rajamalik It will be great in less detailed scenarios, however why do you think I left Sedna at Q20 / AQ1? Because in higher detailed scenes the Quantisation scale will rise to greater variations in Q - this has been discussed many times before - the greater the difference in Q between one macroblock to another adjoined will show up artefacts.

    @kazuo Probably not good enough card by the sound of it. It should be fine on cards showing Extreme or greater than 30M/ps

  • @manakiin Lookin sweet. :-)

  • @driftwood

    i'm using Sandisk Extreme 30 MB/s 16GB. its my test card so i keep it small. Any clues? Btw thanks for the great effort. Really appreciate your work!

  • wow it's been a really long time since I came down here and now there's a "Quantum 9b updated & adjusted with Sedna adapted Matrix???

    Can someone explain this one to me? or how this even works with me just knowing that there was Quantum 9b and Sedna Q20 as seperate releases.

  • Love Cluster v4 but did get it to crash on one take requiring a battery removal using 16 GB Sandisk Extreme HD 30MBps card. This straight off the card clip was shot at ISO 160 in 24H mode, Carl Zeiss 85mm f1.4 @ f1.4 lens

  • @driftwood - "Its important to remember, both Cluster v4 and FlowMo v2.02 will stop recording if things get too taxing."

    Regardless of peak bitrate settings, the AVCHD encoder is indeed subject to a variety of failure patterns when stressed by brightly lit, high-detail subjects. Its reliability margins may also be reduced when shooting with Lumix auto-focus lenses, particularly in AFC and OIS modes, which require the camera to continuously readjust lens operation.

    With Flow Motion v2, I was determined to eliminate the possibility of the encoder silently degrading the quality of video clips by continuing to operate in Fallback Mode in extreme conditions. In my FM2 thread, I documented how this can occur in ordinary circumstances, even with unhacked firmware. For my purposes, I would much rather the camera stop recording than produce a coarsely encoded video file. On a practical video shoot, bad takes occur routinely for any number of reasons, and a rare camera glitch is not catastrophic. What would be far more disturbing is if I had to second-guess the image quality of a completed take, and be forced to examine all of my footage with Stream Parser to verify that it contained no technical flaws.

    In Flow Motion v2.01, I improved the reliability of PAL and NTSC FSH and SH modes with technical adjustments that reduce quantization quality by a visually imperceptible amount only in extreme conditions - typically situations of intense contrast and overexposure that most photographers would avoid. I consider this an acceptable balance of "soft failure" in exchange for increased protection against hard failures. Among all the GH2's video modes, however, 720p60 SH mode is the most prone to reliability issues, both hard and soft failures. Although it would be possible to make this mode virtually bulletproof, I couldn't justify degrading its image quality to that point, for the sole purpose of insuring that it could not fail on rare occasions in extreme conditions.

    In demanding situations where absolute reliability is required, I've provided a high-quality 720p alternative in FM2's 60Mbps H mode, which also spans reliably with 30MB/sec Class 10 SD cards. For those using 95MB/sec cards, both H and SH 720p modes will span reliably in either PAL or NTSC frame rates.

  • @LPowell Thanks for the explanation. My scene was quite backlit which probably explains the one stoppage I encountered. I agree, I'd rather have a 5 sec delay while I pop the battery and re-power up knowing that all the written clips look good.

  • Lee is absolutely correct. Once again I reiterate, I am not prepared to lose quality to accomodate guarantees of 100%. I have spent many days preparing matrices for each setting and 720p has been one of the hardest taks.

    There is a new variatiion in the continuation of the Cluster series supporting standard 12/15 GOP (coming out shortly) which will be more accomodating to slower cards...

  • @driftwood I'm a little bit confused: what is the difference between SpanMyBithUp v2 and SpanMyGOPUp? I had thought that SpanMyGOPUp was the v2 of SpanMyBitchUp but now I see on this thread SpanMyBitchUp has its own version two.

    Thank you @driftwood for your hard work, you've made this documentary I'm shooting possible.

  • @shrigg Not the case if your are filming a performance and you need to have the whole thing. Worst if you are filming something and you cannot make restart for various reasons - camera is set to a further place, you are part of the performance,its a very quiet moment and other similar has happened to me and it is simply not fun. So unfortunately highest quality and 100% reliability in gh2 are not very compatible.

  • Orion v4b and Mysteron.

  • @jazzwalker Top behaviour! Well done.

    @andyvia1968 Very good work, I love the slightly over exposed look of the music video it really works.

  • @rajamalik No recent tests - been too busy composing music and shooting stills.

    Shot some for Gaby Moreno with a 50D and GH1.

    I shot over 1600 at the last concert and it has been taking a lot of time sorting, editing, etc.

    Here, this is less than 200 of them (all shot with a GH1) of the ones that were just her with one lens on one camera (nevermind the rest of the band or the second camera, etc.) and that is after I got rid of more of them than I kept.

    It's always fun shooting for an artist that beloved because the response is a lot more than on my solo projects. Over 700 people hav "liked" the photos on Facebook and we only put them up yesterday. :)

  • @driftwood Thank you! Means alot. I want to use the GH2 for all my productions. The new patches Vitally and you have created just makes the GH2 a new camera everytime I use it. It's amazing! Thank you for that. Be looking forward to many donations from me my friends.

  • CLUSTER PACK! Well here is the cluster of GOPs you can now pick and choose between.

    1/ Cluster v4 - 3 GOP variation Q20. Good results at lower bitrate. All settings are 3 GOP. 24p 100M 1080i/HBR 40M (this can be pushed further to AQ2 if required.) 720 modes nearly 80M

    2/ Cluster v4 - 6 GOP variation AQ on 1080 modes plus Q20 on 720p Aggressive 6 GOP bringing 116M 24p files. 68M 720 modes 50-60M 1080i/HBR modes

    3/ Cluster v4 12/15GOP variation The classic GOP setting. Featuring longer recordings and durable spanning & which should work on most decent type 10 cards. 'Cluster12/15 GOP' For long duration recordings and failsafe operation using standard PAL 12 GOP and NTSC 15. GOP sizes. 90M 24p H Mode Long GOP 15/12(NTSC/PAL), 50M 24p L Mode Long GOP 15/12(NTSC/PAL), 60M FH/SH 720 Long GOP 15/12 (NTSC/PAL), 40M+ 1080i/HBR Long GOP 15/12 (NTSC/PAL), 36M F/H 1080i/HBR/720 Long GOP 15/12 (NTSC/PAL), Should work ok on 30MB/s cards or lower.

    Canis Majoris final GOP1 settings being finished off at the moment.

    Cluster v4 (All 3 GOP) variation -
    Cluster v4 6 GOP -
    Cluster v4 12-15 GOP variation (PAL-NTSC) Long Recordings -
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