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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • @DeShonDixon a 45MB/s would not work great, it's just a maybe. I would not rely on it. If you're gonna buy a card the SanDisk 90MB/s 64GB should be your choice. If you already own one: try.

  • @peaceonearth I own a 95mb 16 right now but its terrible with the 176 hack

  • @driftwood on a 64gb 95mb/s card, how much recording time would i have with the 176mb hack

  • I own a 95mb 16 right now but its terrible with the 176 hack

    I was told that there is a difference from 64GB to others

  • Hi Guys... I don't quite understand, I'm trying to download Driftwood's Cluster V2e, but the file seems to be an image file only, not a zip file. Please help. hanks.

  • @dkins try to redownload it

  • @dkins. You need to login first, then you will be able to download.

  • @driftwood THX for thys new settings. Tried Cluster v3 on 50p, looks good with superb details but how you see in the picture below on the wall the shades (don´t remember the right name for this) are very bad. In my experience that´s happen with all GOP6 settings that are out now on 50p, but did not happen with GOP3 settings like Sedna that also gives me twice of the bit rate. I'm not complaining, I´m still happy with Sedna, I'm only reporting my experience.

    1280 x 720 - 3M
  • @Kihlian I think that is a banding issue

  • @dkins read the FAQ and dont forget to make a donation

  • Cluster 3......I just finished the rising moon over the Bay, test of 2f last night, which was a failure. I videoed beside my XA10 and the dusk video was splendid, the just dark video was wonderful and the dark with the moon rising had enough noise to wake the dead in all settings. Much more than the XA10.

    I bought a second GH2 which will come today so I can do some side by side tests and I'm loading Version 3 now.

  • @driftwood. Nick, just did a quick test of the CL v3 with fairly detailed nature scenes. Panny 14-140mm AFC, OIS in Nature mode. Image quality looks great on all modes (NTSC). The one difference between CLv2 and CLv3 is that in CLv3 with Sedna matrix 720p SH mode generates higher bitrates (above 60mb/s) that causes immediate write errors for Sandisk extreme 30mbs cards. The H mode however works fine and generates bitrates of around 50mbs. I am really looking forward to your CLv3-Sedna Crossfire with Sedna GOP1 for 24p. Thanks again for the great work.

  • @Zaven13 Thanks! At least I know what cards to take with me. I hate it when I get to where I'm going and forgot the right card...(Once in a while I forget all of them).

  • @svart As you probably are aware I spent months looking at GOP3 (thank you Kae!) [*taking Kae's idea further with my GOP3ILLA series and 132M patches of old!] before dedicating myself to discovering Intra on the GH2 and getting it working correctly. Before my discoveries I was never satisfied with the results of how 3GOP or longer GOPs opened up the full potential of the dynamic range of the GH2. We all know the GH2 isn't the best when it comes to DR but there definitely seemed a shortfall in the existing hacks - enough for me to go off in search of something better and after many sleepless nights I managed to achieve visually better DR than what I was seeing already, with my Intra stuff. However, I knew it would be costly on bitrate. AVC Intra works best at 100mbps, Pro Res gets going around 147mbps (an Intra codec) - the HQ codec is intraframe encoding which ensures consistent quality in every frame, with no artifacts from complex motion. Finally, in the NLE, Intra editing whether natively or 'Pro Res converted', speeds up the editing process. With GOP3 and longer I know the decoding of native inter frames takes longer - sometimes a lot longer. There's arguments for both IIntra and Inter frame encoding. Each have there benifits adn theres a lot of iinfo around the web and here to tell you about them.

    So we've arrived at a max of 154Mbps data rate on the Quantum series of settings. In all this time I've looked at 24p Intra - scrupulously going over and infinitely tuning bitrate sizing, frame buffers, Quantisation, DC coeffecients, deblocking, pixel peeping, gradiing, etc.. you may ask 'would I go back and do it all again or stick with GOP3 or longer?' Well, I think you know the answer - for me the proof is in the pudding with so many great films and footage out there made with Intra 24p on the GH2. Its a pleasure to work with - SOMETIMES you may get more sensor noise than you would want - but thats not to say that a hi bitrate longer GOP doesnt give you sensor noise too! (Ive seen it in GOPZILLA, Flowmo - and Ive seen it my Cluster 120mbps GOP6 setting) A lot of this is down to ISO settings and getting the lighting right - its the nature of the beast that is the GH2's m4/3 sensor. Motion artefacts are in ALL GOPs too (and most cameras) - believe.

    The battle for HBR&720p has yet to be won - even though some of us already know the limits...

    But enough spiel or technobabble - Let YOU be the judge of what you like - its your personal view - they're your eyes. If you are happy with Stock, bkmwcd GOPZILLAs, Flowmos, Quantums, cbrandins, sanity, or whatever, then you bought the GH2 for the right reason - making films.

  • @driftwood Does the Quantum 9b post mean, as of right now, I can't use the old 9b settings on the newer pTools without bricking the cam, or does it just not have all the functionality (HBR, etc...)?

  • @driftwood, thanks. As I mentioned in the other thread, I didn't mean to make it sound like a competition or to imply that either patch was better or worse. Both of you guys have really gone over and above the call of duty on this. I like both patches for different reasons. I was simply asking a specific question due to my lack of knowledge about the blocking in the shadows, trying to understand something that really seems to jump out at me.

  • @Driftwood I took a lot of very low light video tonight with Cluster V3. It's much, much better than any of the version 2's.

  • Ive always seen less blocking in the shadows on my Intra settings.

  • If I could have a wish I would wish an updated version of your "SpanMyBitchUp" settings. Its my favourite setting as it also works with many SD cards. SpanMyBitchUp is your lowest bitrate INTRA codec, isn't it? Maybe you can incorporate into it some of your new discoveries from the other settings? Thanks so much.

  • @shian both should work under the newer ptools without problem. 3.65d does indeed allow it to enjoy some of the newer facilities found in the release such as scaling tables of Sedna etc... The updated version of Quantum 9b is now on the download thread on page 1.

  • @driftwood, which of your patches have the best and most stable 720p setting for pal and ntsc in your opinion?

  • Does Cluster V3 span on 30MB/s cards in 24H, HBR, SH, ETC?

  • I have Quantum-X 4d seti loaded in GF2 and testing. Is it difficult for an individual like me, with no understanding of programming, to load Pasadena Pulse audio settings to this patch?

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