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C Mount Lenses for m43
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  • So I managed to drill 3 holes into the c mount adapter, but one hole was off so only 2 screws fit in. Still feels pretty tight on. To get the adapter to go on the GH2 completely you need to grind down the metal so the small screw heads don't stick out and get caught. That takes careful grinding. If I had to do this again, I would use a table drill and clamps to get better results...maybe even get better measuring tools so all holes will match up. Pictures to come!

  • Here's the result. With only 2 screws the adapter seems to hold pretty tight on the lens.

    2592 x 1944 - 1M
  • @fosterchen

    More and more modifications. This is interesting but what's the purpose of the drilled holes? How does making the adaptor hug the camera snugly help in yr work? I had this canon lens as well, my frustration was that it became a varifocal lens on the GH2, meaning whenever i zoomed in or out, the focus changed. I know of pp who have successfully made such lenses parfocal, but it takes time and money. Given that c mounts are not the easiest glass to use on m4/3, with all the modification which can be a hassle, I think it's more expedient to go for full frame 35mm glass.

    One clarification though: c mount glass built for one inch sensors are fantastic on GH2. Check out the Navitar 75mm, or Cosmicar.

  • The glue thing works great, I used fast setting epoxy as it is not runny and sets quickly so no issue with it running into the back focus adjustment parts.

  • The holes are for the 3 screws that hold the adapter to the lens housing, otherwise the whole thing would fall out. The original metal ring on the Rainbow H6x8II lens is what's keeping the c mount part on the lens. The H6x8 plastic version has a plastic piece instead of metal. Please watch the vimeo video that details this so you can get an idea. If I have time I'll see about making my own video.

  • GH2 w/ modified Rainbow H6x8II.

    2592 x 1944 - 1M
  • Can anyone provide a list of C-mount lenses that work with GH2 , full image, not ETC ?

  • are there any? i'm not sure even the 1" c-mounts get a full image unless there are some special ones that again, need to be deeply modified and also will be extra heavy.

  • I know of at least one (because I own it): the Fujian 35mm. Fun, funky lens. No vignetting (but heavily blurred at the edges--which is why you buy it).

  • I use to work with a modified Pentax Cosmicar 1,2 - 6mm in lowlight situations .

    A very "filmic" lense used on EX-Tele its ca.30mm.

    A Nokton 0.95 displaced it at the moment. Maybe ill sell it.

  • The Fujian 35mm is OK for shallow DOF shots, not wide shots. Closed down it's gets sharper at the edges.

    One of the best C-mounts I've seen is the Fujinan 12mm f1.4: Video by Geopaca I'm not sure if vignettes in video mode but It can be modified for full 4:3 coverage.

  • I own two C-mount lenses, wich I use on a GH2 for lowlight shooting.

    First one is a Schneider-Kreuznach Xenoplan f1.9 25mm. It has a full m43 coverage and fits the adapter without modification. There is a thread here about this lens. (I am the one, who shot the winter video, linked in this thread)

    The other one is a Computar f1.3 25mm. It covers the sensor with only a very slight vignetting. I had to file down the rear barrel to get infinity focus.

    Both lenses are sharp wide open.

  • Ok, I'm unclear on several things.

    1. GH2 EX Tele Crop Factor FOV equivalent to fullframe: is it really only 2.6X FOV compared to full frame, or is it more? by this, a 20mm lens would be 52mm equiv. FOV (as opposed to 40mm equiv. on whole GH2 frame)?

    2. Which lenses work in EX Tele mode with full coverage? 1"? 2/3"? 1/2"? 1/3"?

  • sale on 5-100mm, i just got mine and its pretty fun and very useable esp for $15 w shipping

  • Rainbow H6x8 II Zoom Lens on GH2 - Parfocal Test

    Rainbow S6x11 Zoom Lens on GH2 - Parfocal Test

  • @berndimax

    Winter in Graz, beautiful video!

  • @jleo

    Thank you. This was the first test of the very small Xenoplan. I was surprised by the quality of that lens: sharp and very little flare when there is a strong light in the scene.

  • @fosterchen-

    in the H6x8 footage it had some trouble keeping the focus. it seemed that the focal point changed place while zooming in/out.

    however, in the S6x11 s footage it looked fine.

    funny 'cause you said you didn't like the S6x11 so much. why was that?

  • @rozroz, I guess maybe it just felt cheap to me because it is the plastic version, and since I actually took apart the H6x8-II entirely, I feel like I know it better as a lens and all its parts.

    The S6x11 was harder to adjust the back focus, for some reason the only way i could adjust it after loosening the collimation screw was to pry the whole part back and forth with a flat head screwdriver until it seemed in focus...don't know if I have a faulty lens or I'm missing parts. Anyhow, I got it to focus, so I'm not touching that anymore!

  • @fosterchen, but did you check why your H6x8 is changing it's focal point while you zoom? did you notice that? it's very obvious when you focus on the lens in the video and zoom out, the focal point changes a bit closer to us, to the surface of the table, so the lens behind are not focused anymore. and when you zoom back into the lens they regain focus again..

  • haha no more c mounts for me.

  • C mounts are for the poor. what's wrong with that?

  • @rozroz

    Notice i didn't say no more poor people for me.

    Have you tried out c mounts extensively? If you have, like me, then you would have arrived at similar conclusions, and that is, if you want proper cinematography with a GH2, you're better off using SLR lenses. My decision is informed and personal. I am not casting aspersions on anything or anyone, just learning from the blooming mistakes I made arising from bad investments in quite alot of c mount lenses.

  • @kazuo, i agree on the hassle involved with C-mounts on M4/3. but if someone's really in need of a fast PARFOCAL zoom, nothing can beat the price. (that is of course, if ETC is something you can live with).

    i see no need for C-mounts instead of prime lens anyway.. unless you tend to use very wide angles, so they might get pricier.

  • Will a c mount lens designed for 2/3" sensors work on a GH2 without the use of ETC mode? I was looking to buy cctv zoom lenses that might work with a GH2 without sacrificing the distance. Also looking for affordable 2/3' or 1" size zoom lenses that have decent quality without modifying for GH2.