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C Mount Lenses for m43
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  • @EVILTWIN, to answer your question, that would be negative. 2/3" lenses will not cover the GH2 sensor and will need to be used in ETC mode. As mentioned, 1" lenses 25mm and higher can be used without ETC, but depending on the lens 25mm might have slight vignetting in the corners. I've tried the Canon TV16 25-100mm zoom and that vignettes slightly (plus it is not parfocal). I have a cheap Rainbow 25mm f1.4, and that does better but still vignettes.

  • I've uploaded some more parfocal tests set to infinity focus(Outdoor setting).

    Rainbow 8-48mm:

    Rainbow 11.5-69mm:

    SLR Magic 12mm:

  • these are good tests, Foster. thanks!

  • Has anyone tested the model M2514-MP 25mm 1.4 2/3" lens? Any issues with GH1/2 (vignettes, tilts, etc.)?

    640 x 480 - 94K
  • It would be interesting to see some test using GF2 cameras, they have a smaller sensor ...

  • Has anyone used this lens? The 1 1/8 inch sensor is what caught my attention. There are more with that sensor size too Any info on what it would take to mount these would be appreciated.

  • It`s probably more the eye candy factor than anything, but it's 8mm 2/3 inch, and 5mp and oh so sexy

    anyone that can afford to test that lens will be my hero. Anyone with the skill to convert it to a cine lens could probably make a mint selling specially if it was converted to a M 4/3 mount.

  • I just tested a Kern Switar 10mm 1:1.6 with a C-mount adapter on the GH2. While this is a pretty nice lens for it's age, it doesn't make much sense on µFT. When you crop enough to get past vignetting, you are looking at a 15mm or longer. For the price these still fetch on Ebay, rather get a Panny 14mm, it has far better resolution and is only about one stop slower.

  • I've maybe mentioned this before, but I have seen some 1 1/3inch C mount lenses, and if I am not mistaken that means 4/3rd, so wouldn't these be the best option for a 4/3rd sensor? If not, why?

  • @fosterchen I'm a noob with GH2 and a Rainbow 8-48mm (got the DC aperture version unfortunately, so I just jammed the mechanism to keep the aperture open at what I hope is f/1.5-2). Can you help me understand what the collimator is all about and how I adjust it? Also do you have any tips for C-Mount adaptors to get?

  • Does anyone know or use c-mount Fujinon TV Zoom Lens 14-84mm f1.6? Any impressions? Vignetting?

  • Just testet the schneider kreautz 10 mm f 1.4 . It does not vignette

  • I'm not sure on the DC version of this lens, but the collimator (under the rubber seal) is to set the infinity focus of the lens once you get it to mount on your GH2 or whatever camera you use (in ETC mode). Without proper calibrating, you won't be able to keep focus while zooming in and out (you want parfocal instead of varifocal).

  • Just finished modifying my second Rainbow H6x8 II!!! Still couldn't drill precise, so again only 2 holes work...but it's still a tight locked fit! Got the version with the extra C-mount extension, so you want to unscrew that with pliers first. I believe those are specific to Datacard ID cameras that come equiped with the Rainbow zoom lens in order to take close up portrait shots for ID badges and what not.

  • @jokieone

    This is not the Schneider Cinegon 1:1.8 for Arriflex obviously. Which camera was it used for ?

  • My cine-modified Rainbow H6x8-II: using Wide Open Camera's zip tie gear belt for focus and a Lanparte gear ring for zoom. C-mount to Micro 4/3 adapter permanently attached with all 3 screw holes aligned!

    4608 x 2592 - 2M
    4608 x 2592 - 2M
  • This isn't my best lens, but it is my biggest. It weighs 6.5 pounds and the filter threads are 118 mm in diameter.

    800 x 489 - 147K
  • Does anyone know and have experience with Fujinon CCTV Lens D14x7.5B (7.5mm-105mm)?

    Also any info about Sony C Mount Zoom Lens 16-32mm f/2.5?

    Do those lens cover the sensor of GH1/GH2?

    Any comments and tests?

    640 x 480 - 55K
    640 x 640 - 59K
  • Fujinon "D" lenses are 1/2" c-mount. They just about cover the GH2's 1080 ETC mode. But I'm pretty sure that lens will need modification to achieve infinity focus and be parfocal on m43, because the rear of the lens is too big to fit in the recess of a c-mount to m43 adapter.

  • Still no one using Sony 16-32mm f/2.5 c-mount lens?!?

    It looks very interesting and rare lens.

    700 x 501 - 58K
    700 x 549 - 65K
  • Another interesting lens - Fujinon TV Z - 10.5-147mm f1.9, 2/3" C-Mount.

    Unfortunately, no any info about this model and its compability with GH1/GH1.

    640 x 480 - 34K
    640 x 480 - 61K
  • Just look at the back side. It is too big. It won't fit without modification.

  • This brand new 25mm f/1.4 TV lens (from Hong Kong, it costs $27) covers whole GHx sensor and has only a bit of vignetting and it is delivered with simple adapter for MFT cameras:

    Yet, I didn't like it so much. One has to use its mount screw to focus, and it has visible lateral CAs. The image is otherwise OK. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody else except people with extremely tight budget.

  • Anybody know if a 2X C-mount extender will effectively turn a 2/3" lens to a 4/3 lens? Will it eliminate vignette altogether?