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C Mount Lenses for m43
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  • The Fujinon HE20-1 2x teleconverter is o.k. in the center, but towards the edges it's very soft with very bad chromatic aberration.

  • @balazar I did not have a chance to seriously test the teleconverter yet because the Nikon 1 is quite crippled for that, do you think that the HE20-1 is suitable to upscale 16mm lenses to super 16 for the BMPCC? It will likely cover more sensor area than needed so the softness of the edges may be no issue here because only the 1" center is used? I know I will lose light but I would like to be able to use my relatively good quality Angenieux, Schneider and Som Berthiot 16 mm lenses on the BMPCC this way. Second, does anyone have experience with its smaller brother version HE15-1

  • The following images were made with the same lens, set to 30 mm and f/4.0. To compensate for the darker image from the teleconverter, I changed only the shutter speed.

    • Image 1 is a 16 mm crop without any teleconverter

    • Image 2 is a 4/3-inch crop with the Fujinon HE20-1 2x teleconverter

    • Image 3 is a Super 16 crop with the Fujinon HE20-1 2x teleconverter

    no teleconverter,16 mm crop.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    with teleconverter, 4-3 crop.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 810K
    with teleconverter, Super 16 crop.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 893K
  • @balazer Thanks a lot for posting this! It unfortunately does not look really promising, quite soft/unequal sharpness/lack of resolving potential.... I meanwhile cheaply ordered some more of the extenders on Ebay and will see if for video they will be useable after modifying them (for fitting M4/3 C-mount adapters they must be modified, originally they are much too wide to fit, not a hard job though) and adapting them to/optimizing them for specific lenses (the C-mount is not that well defined focus wise and the teleconverter may work better on one lens than on another)......

  • my new tokina 12.5-75, f/1.2, 2/3inch, c-mount, rear flange dont fit in adapter so I used epoxy glue to stick c-mount screw on the lens forever without rear flange barrel. Extreme low light so noise is still here!

  • Does anyone know something about this lens? How much is it worth?

    553 x 318 - 42K
    542 x 710 - 68K
  • I've picked up a Pentax 25mm f1.4 c-mount for my Panasonic G6.

    It is slightly vignetting on the corners. Someone has told me that this lens did vignette on their GH2 (has a slightly smaller crop) but it does not vignette on their Panasonic G6. Does anyone have any experience using this lens on the G6? I have the C22525TH but I also see there the same one with KP on the end (instead of TH). Is one a newer model and perhaps it's the older one that vignettes??

    I see two versions on B&H, the TH is a lot lighter according to that (and a bit smaller) but I don't really know what's going on:



    Or could it be an issue with my adapter? The lens seems to focus to infinity so adapter is good there but I don't know if the adapter could have a role in the vignette? If it does I could always try another one.

    It's an excellent lens in terms of image quality (very small and light too), just that the vignetting is not appropriate for some of the videos I shoot. Thanks in advance.

  • Just tried with video and it seems to vignette much less (slightly different sort of frame than still photo). I've only checked on the camera screen yet and it may be more apparent on bigger screen--cannot really notice it on the small screen.

  • I got crazy and bought these lenses 2 Fujinon Fuji CF 50B-SND-P 1:1.4/50, 1 Canon Zoom Extender 1.5X A, 1 Panasonic Aspherical TV Lens WV-LA408C3 4.5mm 1:0.75

    I presume/hope it will be possible to take them out of the housing. Anyone knows if it is possible or I wasted some money? Thanks

  • flablo, it should be possible. I removed a Fujinon 16-160/1.4 from a similar type of housing and it works great. I had to take out a shim from the rear and also adjust the back focus to make it focus to infinity, but it should be possible to make them work. I'm not sure what sensor size these were designed for, but try to mount them on a flat/slim c-mount adapter to see if they cover whichever camera you intended to use them with.

    If they don't fit your camera, but covers S16/1", it still might be worth to take them out and sell them to someone with an Blackmagic pocket camera of the Digital Bolex.

  • @haavard thanks for the info! Well, I have a BMPCC as well, so that would be no problem. Hope I made a bargain. Very curious about the Panasonic 4.5 f0.75. Will make some tests on GH2, GH3 and BMPCC and post them here

  • Anyone know about the Cosmicar 50mm f1.8? I bought one because I have 25mm and 75mm Cosmicar lenses and really like both, but the 50 seems a little disappointing; it wont focus to infinity and has only 3 iris blades! I was wondering if it's worth getting it machined - the ring at the back looks like you could take 1, maybe 1.5 mm off it, but I'm wondering if that would be enough to get it to focus to infinity? I bought the thinnest adapter I could find, but as it stands, the lens will barely catch the thread, so ideally it needs at least 2mm taking off…

  • Answering my own question (above), I had this lens machined down and now it sits nicely in it's adapter, and whilst it wont focus to infinity wide open, it will a couple of stops down and actually it's not a bad little lens.

    Another of my C mounts that I've recently re-discovered is the Canon V5x20, 20-100mm, f2.5 - parfocal, focusses to infinity, clickless aperture, decent contrast and colour for an old lens and the coolest retro-looking zoom lever ever! (see below). Yes, it vignettes a little, but I can live with that.

    4608 x 2592 - 1M
  • I found a cmount lens on ebay that looks good, according to the sample pictures it looks sharp at the corners ,even on an nex camera

  • It's only good in the corners when you're looking at small low resolution photos. Look at some full size photos and you'll see it's just a cheap TV lens, fine for TV formats but inappropriate for larger sensors.

  • +1 Looks like it has a light vignette in some shots. Save a little more & buy yourself a Nikkor 35mm F2 and be happy.

  • The GH4's effective sensor area in 3840 x 2160 UHD mode is 16.52 mm diagonally. Compare that to various C-mount format diagonals:

    • 1-inch: 16.00 mm. 97% coverage - an almost perfect match.

    • 16 mm: 12.70 mm. 77% coverage - crop to 2880 x 1620 in post

    • 2/3-inch: 11.00 mm. 67% coverage - crop to 2560 x 1440 in post

    • 1/2-inch: 8.00 mm. 48% coverage - use 1080 ETC mode. (same as the GH2 and GH3)

    I have all of the sensor coverage percentages in the FAQ at .

    So you get better-than-HD resolution with lots of easily found TV and cine lenses. And trust me, many of these lenses are easily delivering that resolution, at least in the center. (not always in the corners) The GH4 lets you take advantage of C-mount lenses better than any other camera.

    2/3-inch 6x zoom 12.5-75 mm f/1.8 lenses are easy to find and easy to adapt to Micro Four Thirds. Just search eBay for "12.5-75 1.8 lens". Suitable 1-inch zoom lenses are harder to find. For those not familiar, TV zoom lenses are almost all two-touch, parfocal, and have a constant f-number across the zoom range. Those are great things for shooting video. Usually you'll need to shim a C-mount lens to make it parfocal, because C-mount adapters are almost all shorter than they should be. Metabones claims their adapters have the correct flange focal distance, but I haven't tried.

  • Fantastic post, thanks @balazer

  • Thanks @balazer for the very helpful info!! Do you have a GH4 and various C-mount lenses to test with?
    I would love to see samples of the 2.5K using 2/3" lenses!
    I have the Canon J6x11-II 11.5-69mm f1.4 that I've been wondering how it would work on the GH4.
    And I just acquired a Canon J10x11 11-110mm F1.6 that I'm more excited about now!

    Plus my Rainbow 8-48 f1.0 will still work great in ETC mode!

  • I don't have a GH4. The GH2, GH3, and GH4 all have the same pixel pitch, so you can test on any of them by shooting stills and cropping.

    The Canon Canon J6x11-II is a cheap CCTV lens, made by Spacecom I'm guessing. (same as Rainbow zooms). The Spacecom/Rainbow zoom lenses are o.k. - not great.

    I don't have the Canon J10x11 f/1.6, but I do have its brother, the J10x11 f/1.8. It's a very good lens. They are for 2/3-inch single-tube Sony shoulder cameras, circa 1980. Look for a macro ring on your lens. If it has one, it can be used as a backfocus adjustment so you don't need to shim. But you may still need to remove shims and/or o-rings from under the mount so that it will screw down far enough to allow room for a Micro Four Thirds adapter.

  • FOR SALE!!

    Schneider Variogon 10-100 f/1.8 C-Mount Lens MACRO ZOOM. Get as close as 1 inch away!!!

    In mint condition, all rings turn smooth, glass is pristine, no fungus, haze or cleaning marks unlike some junk on ebay.

    Ideal for the GH4 and BMPCC.(vignette lightly or use a 1.5x adapter which comes with it as well as the C-M4/3 adapter)

    Comes with 77mm lens hood. Can ship worldwide. Would like $300 for this fabulous lens.

    Test footage here

    PM me for serious buyers only cheers

    Camera not included.

    852 x 1278 - 541K
  • Hi guys, does anybody know if c-mount, 8mm Angenieux 13.5x6B t1:1.2 (6-80mm) is good?