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BlackMagic: Official $2,995 raw cinema camera topic
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  • I don't know the problem with Davinci resolve and PC. Since of the start of this year you have a fully working windows version and it is stated that you get a license for windows/mac version. DNXHD works also well with PC.

  • With hacked (flatter) film modes on the GH2, using Sedna-style settings, I think we could get pretty close to this look. :)

  • Why the need to constantly compare everything to a GH2? This is a completely different beast.

  • I will be keeping my GH2 .. it's half the price of this with a lens. And as we have seen it can be intercut with RED so I see no reason why I won't be able to intercut GH2 with the BMDC camera

  • Resolve works fine on my windows 7 machine. Dual Xeons, 12G, Quadro (Cheapest) Also runs fine on my i7 notebook with 8G (NFI what graphics card)

  • @johnbrawley As you have seen the camera can you advise if EF-S lenses will work in addition to EF.

  • @mrbill we keep talking about gh2 because everyone here is invested in it, many here have devoted huge hours to maxing it out, and because we're all weighing the question, what is my next camera, and the only way to do it is to compare it to what we got.

    On that note, gh2 advantages for me remain: - Form Factor -- way easier to use hand held. Sorry but on first look, handheld shooting with BMC is kinda like filming with a heavier iPad - Concealment -- oh the places I've been able to film with the gh2 without a permit. Even more so than a 5d. This thing looks like a toy and that is a good thing. - Replaceability -- I will take this camera places and do things with it I will not do with anything else. Stick it underwater in a $40 dicapac? Sure. Clamp it to the roof a 150 km/hr with a $250 chinese car mount (awesome, btw -- can buy from the cachit deals). Why not? Wade a mile into a hip deep cypress swamp. Ok. Mount it in all sorts of crazy places with my magic arm and get gopro versatility with pro quality. Sure. And hey, if it breaks, or gets wet, or whatever else, there's another 2 in my bag (which is also pretty handing when wanting to hose down three angles at once).

    For me, the perfect B cam is one you can break, and one that you can buy a lot of. I'll take 3 gh2s, you take one BMC.

    Now if they add slow motion and even a 4 pin hirose audio jacks, I'd revise my opinion.

  • @johndfrey

    Thanks for the link. It was nice to see the 5DIII/Blackmagic Cam overlay.

  • the only real problem I see so far is the cap touch screen. You can't use gloves with cap touch..

  • You can't use gloves with cap touch

    You can, you can find many gloves made for iPhone and similar phones :-)

  • @svart

    If you are shooting outside in the cold or just want to wear gloves just use a LANC controller.

  • Or they could have used inductive/resistive touch screens..

  • Concerning audio:

    the audio input can be switched (via internal menu) from balanced analog audio to AES/EBU digital format. Show me a DSLR that not only has two balanced analog audio inputs, but two digital audio inputs.

    I think it is the most important :-)

  • Agreed, this is a very nice feature.

  • Wow, that is a wonderful feature!

  • One other "feature" of this camera.. people will be offloading other used bodies and systems so that us "bottom feeders" and hobby shooters can snap up nice used bodies cheap, and maybe score some nice glass.. this camera will change the market in a number of different ways I think it will be a very good thing for everyone consumer wise.

  • Wow, this would be ideal with a sound devices Mixpre D which I think has a digital AES/EBU output.

  • @kavadni I've been using EF-S lenses. jb

  • I love MY Gh2 but if this is no joke...It will be my photography/Bcam If I have $3K in July

  • @leonbeas You're killing me man. Best yet.

  • Hitler ordered his 5D3 from B&H. Now that's funny.

  • Audio: In one video, the rep was talking about two stereo-jacks. Does this mean, it can record 4 channels of audio? That would be the best that could happen. I am still waiting for an affordable cam to record 4 channels.

    And - does anyone know, whether there is phantom power on the jacks?

  • Phantom power is excellent question .. I wonder if JB knows

  • Phantom power on jack plugs? tip +24 V / sleeve -24 V. Wouldn't that shortcircuit and damage your cam or mic when you plug it in?

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