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BlackMagic: Official $2,995 raw cinema camera topic
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  • Doesn't this camera walk all over the 1DC? I mean even with Canon 4k... it's compressed, I'd rather have 2.5k raw. That, and every other spec seems to throw dirt all over the Canon with the exception of the sensor size... but @ 5x the cost for a larger sensor...? Plus the magic cam looks far more like film to my eyes.

  • @Chaos123x, the 5D Mk3 is still in very specific look and feel niche of it's own along with the Nikon D800 to some extent. At this price point no single camera can cover all bases. It's just another affordable tool for a specific purpose. I think in the end people on the lower end that want to have the ability to be even more creative can make use of the 5D3, D800, GH2, Nex 7 or 5n and BMCC and get a TON of really unique and interesting capabilities that cover a wide range.

    I think this is a very exciting time in the creative market. I'm just curious to see how well a BMCC can be intercut with any of these other cameras.

  • the only shit that really bothers me is the fact that the camera it is mac oriented. The SSD have to be mac file structure, and the software for monitoring is also for mac. There is far more PC user in the real production world than mac users around the globe. The should accept FAT, NTFS or the new exFAT for flash drives. Why only HSF+?????

  • Yes, i've been thinking about this. Would Apple be involved? I don't mind Thunderbird instead of USB 3.0 but it isn't really logical as a first and only option is it?

  • I only know one editor in the real world (besides people online) that prefers PC.

    Pretty much everyone I know uses a Mac.

    But making it FAT32 would be awful. I don't see why installing Mac Drive on your computer is that big of a deal anyway.

    Besides not like many windows computers even have Thunderbolt yet.

    Why should Mac users always get the shit end of the stick?

  • I ordered cam yesterday and am even more excited today. HFS on pc won't be a big deal and I am hoping Black Magic will bundle the needed software for us PC users. It's a big world out there and I doubt if they are going to place all their hopes on just Mac users. I'm also hoping they will make and include a thunderbolt to hdmi 12-18" cable so that our Small HD hdmi monitors will work.....

  • @johnbrawley

    Thanks for posting.
    We'll be waiting for more stuff as they'll be improving calibrations and algorithms.

  • I use BlackMagic Hyperdecks, I don't have a Mac. MacDrive works well for me in windows seven. I tried demos of three windows apps to allow read/write and format HFS+ .. Macdrive was the only issue free application for me .. it's $50

  • @johnbrawley Beautiful skintones!

  • @johnnym Looks just as good as GH2 !

  • @johnbrawley "A new clip is up here..."

    Oh wow!!! Amazing! Super impressed with just the HD option from the embedded file!

    This camera really is really looking like a $3000 Alexa. I really don't see any DR difference between the two. This was a great clip to show that aspect off. Nice job! Skin tones look better that Red also. But we'll have to see a few more vid first to make final judgments. Very excited though!

    Any 1080p download option yet?

    @jhero "Looks just as good as GH2 !"

    Yep... motion and detail looks just as good here. DR looks to be in the Alexa range... 2-3 stops over GH2. GH2 will still be great for a 60fps until they (hopefully) update the BMD cam.

  • now its close to crime to spend 35000$ on canon c500 ... buy DMB and give rest money to charity...

  • That sample footage looks good, pretty impresses with BMD, I have many of their products already. I hope the people in other camps are scrambling to drop some price points on there products to compete, this could be a great battle of the pixel vs dollar drop.

  • @johnbrawley That test looks incredibly impressive. Have you shot greenscreen tests with it? I'd be very interested in this. I'm in Melbourne too, are Lemac going to be getting these in?

  • @johnbrawley THAT is what I expected the footage to look like from the specs! Very nice, dude.

  • My only real question at this point is... What are all the pro-gear monster-tuck camera guys going to say to justify not using the BMDcc for "professional" shoots? ;)

    You know all "those guys" must be feverishly working around the clock to find tests and flaws to slam this camera upon arrival...

  • Warning: long, boring personal view ahead! @johnbrawley this looks really nice. Could you please share what your workflow was, that is to say acquisition format, lighting, cc etc. Was that window jelled? It sure looks like an interesting cam specwise, if they iron out what the users are most concerned about could be amazing (sensor certainly has great promise).

    On the other hand, I must agree it is very mac-centric, I mean just look at the design. In that regard I have to agree with Vitaly- many hipsters will buy this as the design matches their mac book airs, but disappointed or not, make no mistake, they will suffer through the new workflow to be fashionable. I think this cool, pale look will replace a lot of the space that was occupied by 5DMKII in the last few years.

    I have personally made a pledge to myself to wait and see if it delivers, at least 3 months from real availability. If the firmware eventually allows global shutter and 60p, that would be hard to ignore at this price point. Other issue I have is the EF mount and it's flange distance since I have FD primes I would like to keep using. Do not get me wrong, this cam looks like it's made for Samyangs, and I was also thinking about having a Samyang set for greater choice of looks (especially for corporate clients), but neither do I really need it right now nor does Samyang has a full set of primes for this sensor size.

    I was really enjoying reading this thread for the past few days exactely because you can see what everyone's needs vs wishes are. This cam pretty much delivers (on paper) the wildest dreams that people here have been salivating about and expecting from a GH2 hack :) the big thing-like :) so I guess that brought out all the built up energy and frustrations. It all boils down to what you REALLY need. I own 2 GH2s, but I have a job tomorrow and have rented 4 Sony HDR-FX1s for it! They were cheap, and they will do a grand job for what the client needs. I could never do it with my GH2s and FD lenses. Besides, HDV edits ultrafast, and this stupid job will be delivered and paid for quick. On monday I start another gig and I will actually use the GH2 partially. For this I have rented a Canon XF105. I think it's great for interviews during a conference, and I can use a GH2 as a B-cam. Now, the client wants some footage of the conference venue and social events and for this I am planning to use only the GH2. They are all just tools, so best to choose what will do the job without a fuckup and keep your client happy. Besides, a variety of looks keeps them coming back to you.

    So, yeah, I would love this Blackmagic to be great, and I would love to use it on sliders and jibs and in the studio and any controlled situation. But I would not use it for interviews, run and gun and I am really not looking forward to "handheld RAW!!! MBL'd CCd test of my cat/baby/car"! In any case, this can only be a good thing - a nice new tool. My 2 cents.

  • Who knows - buy it - use it and report - love the fact they're actually doing something about moving the turgid DSLR forum die hards (not ours) and the eternal nob- jockeys on from their immovable positions - like sound, picture is going through a great transformation - enjoy it, don't start wearing flares and throbbing over the old days - good times!

  • Just woke up .. I've been thinking.

    I wonder what BMD have planned for the remote port .. of course I want zoom/focus and apperture on my tripod handles .. they say they have full control over the lenses so this should be possible.

    I wonder if they'll bring out a head only .. I would like a cheaper version .. no SSD .. no Resolve .. dare I say not even RAW, if they came out at $1200-$1500 I would use with my blackmagic switcher.

    Yes a BMD fanboy with a lot of investment and faith in the company .. I am sure they are building this with their other products in mind. Looking at their new Hyperdeck Studio Pro 4:4:4 recording .. I assume they will be creating a camera to feed those devices, so I expect higher priced cameras also.

    I think I'll make a countdown calender with a chocolate every day .. it's like waiting for xmas. I just delayed a green screen music video until late August .. was going to be shot this month.

  • @allenswrench fully agree with your philosphy. I own EX1, GH2 and an MC50e and 3 x GF2 all have their uses and place.

    I will multicam and edit by hiring extra EX Camera .. up to 5. Or with 3 x static mounted GF2 and my EX1.

    It all depends on client requirements, budget, location and lighting

  • @johnbrawley, thanks for posting. I really love the look of the footage. It's got a smooth and flat look and a naturalness to the Dynamic Range. I hope that you might consider making a video Tutorial of how to use the camera and deal with the work flow.

  • @kavadni yes, completely brand/format agnostic. All the manufacturers are corporations, not my friends/partners. Whatever works, delivers and is easily available. GH2 is actually the cam I used the least for jobs, it is my hobby baby, but it still can make money with it for some jobs. This BMC looks just like that to me, a great little tool. But to pay 3K for a toy to me is crazy, if you will just film your plants, pets and kids, better use the money for a nice vacation or, if you are zerohedge kind of guy, to buy guns and canned food :)

  • Kavadni goes looking through some old boxes for his Minolta MD -> Canon EF adapter.

  • @johnbrawley Thank you for taking the time and sharing your experience with this new camera. I'm sold.

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